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  1. HELP ME

    At request of Loaaaa player... He forgot seal password. Also he didn't access to login his e-mail address.
  2. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    Withing 72 hours !
  3. Öyle bir duyuru yapılmadı. O çar GM karakteri. Onu neden baz aldın ki ?
  4. Yalnız bunlar Dark Knight silahları. UTC ile aynı değil diye biliyorum.
  5. It is a translation. By the way, I strongly disagree ! Many clan want admin to open new server(or reset) and they are sick of waste servers. We anticipate it about 23-24 clan. We don’t wanna start here reason of not coming ApexKO, that is to say reason of being long-standing, having more points and elit items. We can’t touch old school players. They’d rather play USKO than labour ApexKO. In my view, they’re right. In my opinion, admin can generate 2nd server. Thus, new players or players who begin there can start 2nd server. Also, players who be against for that can play 1nd server. Or admin can reset database. No one start here under these condition no matter what admin does. In brief, everybody knows there is no server such a quality. I tried to resume or make a new start for ppl but they left here within a week because of points and elit items. There is no problem for me because I have already full geared character in game.
  6. Ne demek istiyorsan Türkçe olarak yazar mısın? Çeviri yapalım. Hem de derdini anlatmış olursun. Yorumlara bakmadım henüz.
  7. Getting started with newcomer's package, farm respectively New player will receive a Newcomer's package which include a Name Change Scroll. It must be used within 24 hours. I don't understand why it is limited. No expiration like cospre items pls ! Admin added armour drops to CZ: Falcon drop is Mythril armour Titan drops are both Dragon Scale & Trial armour. Evil Wizard drop is Rons armour I think admin can delete unneccessary or useless items such as any shell armours +1 and some scrolls. This monsters should merely drop armour as Evil Wizard Ultima spawns in CZ twice a day but it have to kill within 30 minutes. First of all, Ultima should be removed in Ronark Land. If players wanna kill it, they should join bifrost event three times a day but its drops are not good even though it is hard to kill. You know, Ultima killing is harder than other monsters. That's why admin has to draw us attention to alter sth. The side has a right to enter bifrost and other side can't enter bifrost in 30 minutes when one side destroys Bifrost Monument. For example, Bifrost event should over within an hour. Players wanna try hunting it if admin adds good item for ultima drops. Maybe admin shorten this 30 minutes to 20 minutes or less. Also admin can revive by adding good drops for Ego monster. Therefore players not only can farm they also pk in Bifrost at event time. Felankor generally respawns after 8,9 or 10 hours. This process can be changed as random. Because people take note of respawn time and just enter to cz this time. PK finishes when felankor is dead.
  8. Oyun karakteri envanteri boş mu olmalı? Gerek yokmuş. Yüzük basmadan önce karakterin üzerinde herhangi bir eşya veya para bulunmalı mı? Tamamıyla satılabilirmiş. Alıcı farklı ırktan ise ne olur? Aynı ırktan olmak zorundaymış. Özetle, oyun karakterinin üzerindeki para ve eşyalar ile satabiliriz. Hesabında bir tane karakter var. Oyun karakteri satın almak istiyorsun. Kilitli eşyayı nasıl kullanmalıyım? Oyun karakteri yeterli mi yoksa en az iki tane oyun karakteri mi olmalı?
  9. For instance, one character is created so I have just one character regardless of where spot in this account. There is a problem? I can fulfil it? So what are conditions in order to use cyhper ring?
  10. So I can sell my character whole items on character, also at inventory, right?
  11. Our inventory of contents of the items must be empty? Has it any items or coins on character or inventory before we take action? What if receiver is different nation ? Nevertheless, receiver can do it ?
  12. Thanks very much. I really appreciate your guide but you think it is lack of more information ?
  13. Hi Can admin add feature which is deleting side characters ? Maybe in return of inexpensive KC. Some player can take account of sharing own char. info with their own friends. Admin should always take the precautions of avoiding problems. That's why we can delete own side char. by using seal password if admin brings a new thing.
  14. Hello As we know, commanders or king has the power over players by using commands such as greeting&provoke or space. The whole command affect players when they use skills. At least, admin can disable that at war time
  15. Clan & Alliance