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  1. 5.500 KC PM: MERET ... in the game or on the forum.
  2. MERET

    we know same us ko but maybe

    I think @avarr53 is wrong. A success of critical point is %200! What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind?
  3. MERET

    TS & Stun & Slow

    As I said before magician and priest class take advantage of this by using skills quickly but other class cannot. That's why I offered a suggestion. Serially heal; nova skills and so forth.
  4. MERET

    TS & Stun & Slow

    I'll try to record a video about the issue but need a clue which program I never record video. Btw, I can't access your sharing link cus of not safe.
  5. MERET

    TS & Stun & Slow

    My pc is really bad. I can't record video and also I can't take what you want us to give information when I focus on PK. GM maybe helps us about this issue. I am not the only telling that, you know.
  6. MERET

    TS & Stun & Slow

    By the way, you always focus on one sentence within all sentences and according to that you answer all the time. Let me write again expect you're answering the question. Plus, how do mages receive more HP damage with Halloween Cane as well as required fewer skill points? Also other skills... YOU MUST DO PK IN FORCE FOR ONE HOUR AT LEAST. THEREBY, YOU CAN UNDERSTAND BUGS AND US!
  7. MERET

    TS & Stun & Slow

    TS upsets the balances in the war. Magician and priest class take advantage of this by using skills quickly but other class cannot. It is an unfair affair. Please don't repeat yourself several times like the same Official KO. We all know that countless things are not the same such as Official KO. You should innovate like duration, undy scroll and so on. Even if you explained it never gonna be before -but you removed this topic on the forum- if you really maintain a so-called balance. I think transformation scroll, totem, and gem should be removed in this server. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The effective range of magician class staff skill is overrange and abnormal. Please fix this bug. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A success rate of ice and stun are too much than normal. I get plenty of resistance but it doesn't work. Please fix this bug. Regards...
  8. MERET

    Teleport 'bounce-back' bug

  9. MERET


    Hoş geldiniz. Bifrost,PK olumsuz yönde etkilediği için sözde kısa bir süreliğine kapatıldı. Umuyoruz ki yeni bir değişiklik ile yeniden etkin bir hale getirilecektir. Oyun yöneticileri nadir olsa da "GM Kill Event" yapmakta. Ancak bu tatmin edici değil tabii. Siz yine de önerinizi yapın. Undy SC, Duration gibi eşyalarının olmama nedeni ise oyun içi dengeleri bozuyor olması. Ancak yakın bir zamanda bu eşyalar da oyuna getirilirse şaşırmam. İyi oyunlar, YARGILAYICI
  10. MERET

    Teleport 'bounce-back' bug

    A magician is summoned member in a party at the close range, this member firstly retrieves from there and suddenly turns back the same location then goes to the location of magician again on my screen. In addition to that, I saw the same situation when one of magician uses "calling friend scroll" at CSW. This issue occurs within a second.
  11. MERET

    About CSW / King, Tax Rate % Money.

    The CSW victorious just taxes items at Maradon and Delos. The king not only collects tax on items at El Morad & Luferson Castle but also the king collects tax on Delos by 10% as the royal tax if CSW owner and the king are same nation. Battlefields taxes are the same for everyone at Official KO. So no way!
  12. MERET

    Sick's Buying / Selling

    1 coin. Take it or leave.
  13. MERET

    Sick's Buying / Selling

    1 coin