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  1. Forum Account

    I just convey message of players to staff. Where is Turkish GM?
  2. Good idea but I still have doubt about benefit or not.
  3. Forum Account

    Neither use shoutbox nor create topic. So nothing
  4. Forum Account

    Hi Newbie members don't use the shoutbox and creat any topic at forum.
  5. Pride Not Dropping Frags

    +1 fix bugs
  6. Remaning Timing

    What does that have to do with anything?
  7. Pride Not Dropping Frags

    I coudn't agree more that drop rate is very low. Alternatively, there is other option to drop fragment. You can obtain fragment via mining at Luferson&El Morad Castle but it takes time and no one recommends mining.
  8. Remaning Timing

    Guys, I talk about the duration time of this skill not to use this skill distance .What are you all talking about? I just reported the game bug ! That's it.
  9. Remaning Timing

    Bug in progress.
  10. Xp Quest Ronarkland

  11. Remaning Timing

    Hi Glacier magician class skill that is [Freezing Distance] remaining time is 15 seconds right now. Duration of this skill must have been during 10 seconds.
  12. Drop rate is low. I agree with you. You should try hunting Antares by using dc premium and flash at least.
  13. You can hunt Antares which can drop Scorpion Scythe at El Morad&Luferson Castle. Possible but not necessarily to obtain it from Abyss Gem or Superior or Old Draki Supply Box via NPC [Operator] Moira. If you rank as top of Chaos Dungeon, you can obtain Red, Green and Blue Treasure Chest.
  14. I got it but it doesn't work. Usefull material anymore.
  15. If you mean dark fragment, you must wait bifrost event