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  1. Chayni

    About kurian class

    i do believe kurian got a huge ass buff on official server im totally against this. but kurians got a major buff on official servers Gonna update this with : if you make kurians like that you should probally do the same for warriors/sins
  2. Chayni

    Looking for helpful clan

    -> resurrectionofdivine
  3. Chayni

    Power over player at war

    just remove it, it kinda useless so
  4. Chayni

    Be careful fake char

    ey maybe your english is this bad, or you're both monkeys but... KEEP IT IN ENGLISH ENGLISH NOT TURKISH ENGLISH ignorant bastards
  5. Chayni

    B> Elite Warrrior items

    how much
  6. Chayni

    Orcs left bdw, we lost.

    they wopt your ass hahahahaha
  7. Chayni

    Be careful fake char

    like you can trust the real cordelia
  8. Chayni

    B< String of skulls+3

    B< String of skulls+3 pm me here on ingame -> Chayni
  9. Chayni

    Futuristic Clan PK MOVİE APEXKO## BEST TEAM ##

    you're the biggest moron ever. if chris doesn't know how to follow party then no one in this server can. you fucking moron
  10. ItzMDMA/LauraWells= Easy Player TY 10.000KC
  11. Chayni

    Give Kurians a free class change scrol

    Pull works for 5% (if even that) on usko rush should work quite often kurians aren't supposed to do the same dmg as warrior
  12. Chayni


    buff kurians, buff ice mages
  13. Chayni

    DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    ez player
  14. Chayni

    Using Macro's

    and still thats to hard for most Dylan>SalakMonsterito
  15. Chayni

    Using Macro's

    retards still think macro makes a diff