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  1. Elior&Chris vs AnyRetard&HANGOVER 30.000KC Challenge

    Easy player -> Oguz
  2. not to forget, in this video Slap priest is 83/0 without achievement
  3. S< Rogue kro set+11 Diet raum+11 Ets+11 Eme+3 Dex set+3 Draki SSS (DEX) B< Pri kro set +11 Gab ada+11 SSE+3 DRAKI SSS int
  4. Elior&Chris 2vs2 DixieKyrai&ItzMDMA

  5. What is my AP?

    and still don't make kills
  6. What is my AP?

  7. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    i got no idea what is happening
  8. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    so FakeTaxi 2v2 ?..... daddy is always down to slap
  9. S< Warrior items

  10. TheGANG New Video

    screw you
  11. TheGANG New Video

    pm ingame