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  1. They need to update Bifrost to make it worth going too!
  2. Make Biforst GREAT again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sucks at the moment..
  3. Welcome back BEN! I started playing again about 3 months ago!!! saleen
  4. Maybe even make the monsters in the bowl drop them aswell.
  5. I think this is a wonderful idea. It would encourage people to pk for sure. I know lots of people have 100s saved up. I for one would love this. Adding more options like this is always a good idea for the server.
  6. wrong purchase from the pus

    Did u get it fixed ??? U can sell that for a lot of gold btw!
  7. Unique Upgrades to +2

    I broke something for the first time today :() Lost 1.4ish B
  8. I'm wondering if you guys have access somehow to this engine? If so is it possible to make new zones, objects and brand new raids? I know knight online uses a very old engine... But just wondering!!! Lvl 85 and a new "eslant" lvling zone would be interesting.
  9. Basic Colony Zone Drop List

    Great update. You guy should also increase Stone golems high class upgrade scrolls. Lots of people are them for exp rebirthing. Also trolls should be increased aswell. DTC are still not farmed much even after the update as they have a lot of Hp.
  10. A couple other spots in CZ this happens. The worst is at cards on orc side. Always getting stuck on that damn tree!!!! I don't think they will delete them though.
  11. Server is fine. Just need more events. Should NEVER restart the server.
  12. Looking to buy a STR SSS for my warrior! pm me here or ingame at saleen1! Thanks
  13. Is not it time to bring something new?

    The server has been in 10x worse shape then it currently is. People keep spending USD on it including myslelf. The LAST thing we need is a relaunch.
  14. Is not it time to bring something new?

    Server is NOT dead... Not even close... Turkish peak times is great!
  15. Is not it time to bring something new?

    Add more farming option!!!
  16. Please release a update about each premium and what it does. For example, For DC premium, does adding 5 dc flashes up drop rate or just increase money drop rate ect.. Currently I can't find any good information... Even the PUS have the wording cut off half way. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for the info Meret. I was just wondering about the PUS info. But that would be interesting to know aswell black.
  18. Hey guys and gals. I'm a old player from this server returning and looking for a english speaking clan. I'm from Canada. Ingame name is Saleen1.
  19. It's all about the shitty Vancouver Canucks!!! ...
  20. thanks so much! Very helpful
  21. Seems like the Noah is getting back to normal! Bought 2 Wp in merchant this week!