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  1. KINGS Vs SmallBrain/Cartel

    who won?
  2. i can confirm he love sending letters ^^
  3. Well, my friends were busy last few months, now it my time to busy too, so we have no time to spend on KO anymore. In my opinion this server is worth to play more than official KO for now. I will be back if i have time in future. Thanks to Apex where i have some new friends. Thanks to whoever played and have fun with me as well as whoever blame me in letter or in PM, just get over it, just a fun game ^^.
  4. Stun rate going crazy again

    stop talking about mages, they are fine . Btw when you complain about a class, just try to play it one day. There's one thing people often say: "when i play warrior i never scream any1 but when i play rogue i got screamed alot and blah blah, same for stun and other " . About the rate, for example it's 10% doesn't mean if someone hit u 10 times you get exactly stunt 1 time. Sometimes it will be 2 times even 3 times, sometimes 10 hit and no stun at all.
  5. yeah, mages gone, MP kurian gone, archers gone too i guess, any class that has a range attack should be removed from server, not a big deal for me xD Not totally remove, but maybe make it disappear after 1 hour or so if no one kill, like eslant bosses.
  6. Server population is not enough for it for now i supposed. it walk around in bowl nearly whole day, since people need 2.5 organised parties atleast without enemy disturb to kill it, which seem rarely happen here, and with a very big body, its really annoying with blocking range skills.
  7. Dont watse your time on usko, after finishing exping and go to cz, you will see either some guys bright like christmas trees with 1 hit 1 kill or an empty cz since new server come out xD.
  8. Minotour bug in Juraid

    its still considered a bug even i can choose a certain position to shoot while i dont have to do that to other mobs.Especially when there are many other mobs around.
  9. Minotour bug in Juraid

    Archers cant do shit with it, arrow shower never hit full arrow, only 2-3 arrow hit the mob even i stand inside it .And no, there's no other dying mob block the shot. 40% of time no damage at all. Only happen to minotour.
  10. whats wrong to mages ?o.O i rarely see a mage in cz actually, and they are always the first target. Leave them alone >.<
  11. There's something i dont understand why you make it like that. -Why 99% of fragment of avarice turn into nightmare crystal? -Why 99% garges chess turn into garges staff? -Why 99% of garges staff is ice? -Why war krowaz, chaos sword/baal/gab adamant easier to be burnt when u upgrade it to +6. So, why you make some items have the difference rate from other? Shouldnt they be the same? =.=
  12. btw, whats problem with multi accounts? i think only multiclients in same PC is illegal right?
  13. About 3, try to cure with and without patrick scroll and move right after that not just cast skill and not moving. In cz u cure the u have to run right away before getting raped xD. You will see that with patrick scroll time to cast cure skill is longer, if you do the same as without scroll it fail, same for lupin.
  14. i find out that after moving to other zone, scroll gone, but when i back to cz and a sin use a skill on me (idk what skill) that damn patrick scroll come back to me >.<
  15. i havent tested on other scroll so idk if they r the same. I just use it bz i found a pack in inn but it really sux. -lup fail, cure fail. -when i delete it i have to mvoe to other zone to be back to normal. ->wasted of KC