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    I kill him on 1vs1 that is the reason. and i letter him Nice town, Nice run and 1 time he said to me Nice town it was because he had chaos curse:) go ask him to show his letters u wont see any curse also the gms/admins can check them:) also want to add this one:https://gyazo.com/2e13e6c14c4e42f10cab5ac182505082
  2. ScreameR


    BLANKA is cursing and he is a racist. and he is also cursing Chayni. https://gyazo.com/76a5f30469be1a92e80594f9c4609abe https://gyazo.com/9bace31ea5d99388966a9192317be440 https://gyazo.com/d626161278016ed0eeedf55e4e8876e2 https://gyazo.com/c253f3d88d96066492fb049af3826bc7 https://gyazo.com/0a3a9c1524d4100b3243fb50e6dab595 https://gyazo.com/a08d76ce8ca8081009fa807e31584d7c https://gyazo.com/ad146d8f198f30639e002ff50e3a6417 https://gyazo.com/9949a0970562ff2829a3c3ed3f7a96a9 https://gyazo.com/76efdfb850a91cc43fcf211c77756f81 https://gyazo.com/a93720b4b864d9f9f2f4a4fc2ed9f26a https://gyazo.com/35f4ec55617b6b4eb9b2ac33679d8432 https://gyazo.com/6d36d9ba09eff7d0ec7aded11c2129ee
  3. ScreameR


    https://gyazo.com/174789daf12e64a0ead3453a5a4d79b0 https://gyazo.com/f456cb13563f65e1b631db9ffbb162cc https://gyazo.com/b920e6cb0a59ff2c45005c22c3041e9a https://gyazo.com/cba1158609db5d4d6b18ffc7c9102a7c why is this guy not muted yet?
  4. ScreameR

    Alpha Goodbye

    Good bye Alpha, take care. i didn't ever really get along with the staff of Apex that often, but atleast you showed me honesty and professionality. Thumbs up for the most respectful staff member of Apex, i hope we'll see you again someday. good luck with whatever your path leads you to, i'm sure you'll follow the right steps. cheers robin
  5. what about under the castle? utc expansion got released way before the useless draki one, hello?
  6. ScreameR

    5k bett.. but.. notting reward i get.. :D

    isn't he saying that the 8v8 was still going on? or didn't even end up with a winner and somehow got canceled? anyway, want to 8v8? 5k kc?
  7. ScreameR

    Balanced warrior AOE Proofs

    Without torment i used all 4 of my AoE's and i barely dropped his HP. That's what i am saying, we actually have to time our skills with debuff to deal serious damage. But as you can see in the video, if the priest times his party cure with the torment and the other priests uses the skill subside there's no dmg left. And that will result into an useless wave of AoE's and the mages can kill them easily as i've shown in the video, they ended up running.
  8. ScreameR

    Balanced warrior AOE Proofs

    it's called not dying to aoe, like you guys always complain about and how to counter warrior parties. it was requested by other players and game master.
  9. ScreameR

    Melee passion

    well said TheDude, glad to see there's atleast someone in this server that knows how the game should be. Can't agree more.
  10. ScreameR

    Balanced warrior AOE Proofs

    the reason i posted the videos about surviiving against melee parties with a mage party is to show it isn't hard at all to outplay a melee party since every mage player keeps on saying that they are way to op and can't be counterplayed. By showing these videos we've proven that it is possible to counter melee's and their damage on AoE, by timing priest skills perfectly.
  11. ScreameR

    Balanced warrior AOE Proofs

    i want to know what he next steps will be. we spend our entire evening collecting footage to show how not OP warrior AoE's are, and in our opinion the people that whine about them are the people that don't know how to play against them. We are far from experienced mage players, especially me and we were able to pull off a fight and made alot of NP's during the pk. I didn't have any troubles dealing with warrior parties, and keeping myself at a distance.
  12. ScreameR

    Balanced warrior AOE Proofs

    note that all the mages in the party were using full starter gear from the gear dispenser NPC, with 2 priests in your party it's still possible to kill people and you can survive full warrior parties AOEing you. We don't main mage, and even we can manage to not fuck up as mages. Warriors aren't to op, and i had a great time fighting against them. Another video will come where we straight up 8v8 a warrior party and end up winning it. The warrior party had 4 warriors, 3 priests and 1 support mage. Our party consisted of 6 mages a party cure and debuff priest. EDIT: here's the clip of fighting a 8v8 melee party fair & square with starter mages, ending up winning the fight hard; made them run.
  13. ScreameR

    Melee passion

    please do me a favor, go play a myko server