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    Sotakone reacted to ScreameR in Melee passion   
    Are you guys all out of your god dam minds? including those admins that have never actually played KO?
    Warrior AOE skills are supposed to deal alot of dmg on the Cry echo AOE skill. It has been like that in USKO and it should be like that in here, there's no need to nerf them at all.
    Warrior cry echo SINGLE target skill deals 300% + 200 bonus dmg, the Cry echo AOE skill (Strongest AOE skill of warrior) deals 300% damage without the 200 additional bonus, so this means it should hit 200 less than the single target echo which is in my opinion the case right now, the strongest blade of hell skill does 250%, those skills are only slightly weaker than cry echo and that's what they are when i hit people with it aswell
    The AOE's are not OP, they are the way they should be. Can all of you retards please stop getting me so much cancer all the time and play the game? You are just crying because you are dying to 6 warriors that time their AOE's right with a torment, learn to counterplay and use your party cure for once so the damage will be useless again. Get your facts straight and stop whining.
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    Sotakone reacted to blackaq in Melee passion   
    on official mages know how to play against melees though. haven't seen a single mage pt with 2 priests here so far
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    Sotakone reacted to BENSUPERESTEST in Melee passion   
    Put undying scroll to pus.
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    Sotakone reacted to Manhattan in Our thoughts on improving the server   
    Aesteris, what you are trying to do is good but it still won't help. Here's what you have to do to in order to have a full server again (and this is the only move):
    1) Announce this as a new stage in the server with video saying that a new phase will start. A full PK phase, make a big fuss about it. This has to be spammed in every single forum;
    2) Everyone should get for free the following items (all untradable, of course)
    - Rosetta set +8/15
    - Full set of accessories +1, including iron set but +0, yes.
    - About weapons: this will be quite tricky because of the alredy existing +9s so the right thing to do would be to provide all high class weapons +9 as well
    3) With that being followed all the farming aspect of the game will be focused only on krowaz weapons and armors and accessories +2, all the events drop table have to be re-done to drop those. Everyone will want to join Juraid,BDW and Chaos if the goal is to get materials for krowaz items.
    4) Enable the website so the players can see what other player's items are.
    A few players will be lost but the server will gain hundreds. Once they see how great, well managed, bug free and balanced this server is. Providing the gear that OP mentioned won't help at all.
    There is no half-term here either you go all-in or do nothing at all and watch this die, again.
    PS.: For the people who farmed and are complaining that all their hardwork will be lost: all your hardwork would be lost anyway if there's no players. You alredy made use of the items you acquired and are ahead of everyone else. Ahead of all the new players who would join, so use your head.
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    Sotakone got a reaction from Dwarf in Make elite items non-tradeable   
    maybe make it like when put on, then it becomes nontradeable.
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    Sotakone got a reaction from Dwarf in Make elite items non-tradeable   
    There has been a trend of people selling elite items like irons and superior weapons/armors for real money.
    This has been going on at apexko v1 aswell as v2, im suggesting a simple idea of how to make this impossible and so better the gameplay and have people stay at the server.
    Just make all irons and elite weaps/armors (above +8) absolutely non tradeable, this simple thing would fix alot of current problems with people quiting and selling clan rewarded items for real money.
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    Sotakone reacted to Mr DooM in Give us the old anvil back!   
    while were at it give us the shouting orc back aswell
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    Sotakone got a reaction from Cornflakes in Weekend PK Server   
    no way.