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  1. Melody

    About CSW / King, Tax Rate % Money.

    Anyways u guys are going a way off from the subject. All I said that there should be also tax at CZ as to official, but I'm not sure who were getting those GB's either the King or CSW's owners. But in that case I would say; raise the taxes at Lufferson & EMC to 20% and add also taxes to CZ, 20%. @Aesteris @twostars ...
  2. There is an list where we can see how many users have to be online at the same and what bonus we get as clan?. If there isnt, could u make a guide about this? Thanks.. Edited @Aesteris @twostars
  3. Melody

    About CSW / King, Tax Rate % Money.

    I disagree with you, before when CZ was opened during the CSW no body bother to go to CSW. And so it is just 1 Hour Event per week, why u so care lol? +1 they should add this.
  4. Melody

    NP Increase Scroll Bug

    NP Increase Scroll Bug; Basically it happened to me already 2 times. That I used the NP Increase Scroll but in the middle of it removed [ I didn't delete it ]. I guess but I'm not sure it got removed after I die by NPs / EXP. #Edited, I also remember that Razor had the same problem back then, when he used to play.
  5. Melody

    About CSW / King, Tax Rate % Money.

    There is Tax on Official. what I meant is, I'm not sure if the King of the same nation or the CSW's Holders get it.
  6. As is it for now, no one has talk about it. Basically for now CSW Owners Controls Moradon Money at 20%. And the King's Controls of EMC/Lufferson Only at max 10%... And about CZ they're not Tax at all, I'm not sure how is it on Official but I supposed one of those should get the tax from CZ [20%] either the CSW Owners or the Kings from the same nations. So as is it now, need to changed the Tax rate at King spot to 20%. And add Tax in CZ, because as right now. PPL Buying from CZ without Tax than buy it from CSW's Owners / King's. And this is way they're not much GB's in there..
  7. Melody

    Sunday's Ultima after CSW.

  8. Melody

    Well Needed Suggestions

    the reason they weren't added it's because ppl was complain that it will be come like USKO -> Pay 2 Win. It's been 3 months since I made the topic about Undy / 400 Ac / Duration / Red / Blue / Ibex / Crisis Potions. and nothing has been made since then this is the main reason why I stop replaying or bother about new feature. Simple answer: just add those already on Sundries, And you will see the players reaction about it. This is the players WANTED! The players want this changed more than ever. Players already on point where they want to Quit the Server already, Trust me on this. And also I guess it takes no effort to do it this changed. but we never know usually you guys fix 1 ~ 2 Simple Things but causing another 4 ~ 5 Big Problems. By Simple Things I mean not Important than the other 4 ~ 5 Big Problems that u caused.. As is it Now. 1) CZ chat isn't working for already more than 2 months. 2) Chaos "R" still not working for all players. 3) From the last patch also Instantly Magic keep failing also Blink, lots of time. 4) Also from the last patch more skills keep failing or their animation is too fast. 5) Also from the last patch [ changed hosts ] Lag Issues really bad. as for it now, I can go through trees / walls in CZ Lmao! [If u want come online and I show you].. Those Problems need to be fixed really fast ASAP! And AS TO LR & ICE PROBLEM, Me As A Mage Player - Commander. Suggestions: Since Lots of Players already crying about the Stun / Ice problem, just put it at low rate for now. Till you figure out what to do about it. Before we will be left with no players in CZ / Server.
  9. [Question] what's the most clan bonus you can get per clanmates online?
  10. Melody

    Melody's Selling List [For All Classes]

    Bring Up My Post
  11. Melody

    Melody's Selling List [For All Classes]

    Bring Up My Post
  12. Melody

    Melody's Selling List [For All Classes]

    Bring Up My Post
  13. Melody

    Sunday's Ultima after CSW.

    Basically right now, Ultima spawns during the half of Castle Siege WAR, and it Disappear 5 Mins after CSW Ends. Which mean everyone after CSW going to Coloy Zone to kill Ultima and then the PK ends. So my suggestion is to delay the Ultima Spwans 20mins after Castle Siege WAR Ends, like you did for Friday's Ultima after 2md UTC. @PS, Could be nice if you could do this changed from this week. @[email protected] Greets, Eden || Melody.