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    Castle Siege WAR

    Last Castle Siege WAR, no one actually partcipate on that Event, Expect IRebeLLioNI and some Rome's Members. How about making Castellan Weapons Upgradeable to+14Reverse. Atm we are only making Books and it's impossible to sell them. Perhaps it's will make other items more vauleable and worth to farm them aswell, and make Castle Siege WAR more interesting. An Faun/Fulitol+11Reverse has 155 AP & Curse. -> Book of Wisdom+14Reverse 158Ap (+17HP) [No Curse]. An Raum+11Reverse has 126Ap & Curse. -> Same As Castellan Dagger+14Reverse (+9HP) [No Curse]. An Chaos Baal+11Reverse has 207Ap (+9HP) & Curse. - > Castellan Sword+14Reverse 211AP (+9HP) [No Curse]. An Chaos Wirinom+11Reverse has 209Ap (+9Str) & Curse. -> Castellan Sword+14Reverse 211AP (+9HP) [No Curse]. An Leonard+11Reverse Has 152Ap (+16Str) & Curse. -> Castellan techings+14Reverse 158Ap (+9HP) [No Curse]. @Edited, forgot about the BOW. An Determined decision+11Reverse -> 150Ap (+9Dex) [No Curse]. An Determined decision+14Reverse -> 156Ap (+9Dex) [No Curse]. An Windforce+11Reverse has -> 151Ap (+17Dex] & Curse.
  2. Melody

    Animosity PK Video #2

    Animosity PK Video #2
  3. Melody

    Animosity PK Video #1

    Animosity PK Video, from last Sunday! Sorry for the Quality & For not Editing it, didn't had much time to Edit it.
  4. Melody

    Gab's Adamant Curse [BUG]

    @Aesteris Then isnt working. Because yesterday I played on mage with my friends as meele party. And I couldnt tp them while the gab ada curse was on. JewishAngel and HUKING.
  5. Melody

    Gab's Adamant Curse [BUG]

    I rememeber that I already reported the bug with the Gab's Adamant Curse. But anyways I have a proof now, so it should be it. USKO -> Manes. You can check this video at 09:45 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1knHAZl-8oE The Mage got the Gab's Adamant Curse ON! also the Priest, at the same time. and the Mage could TP him. 1) right now on ApexKO I don't think that the mage can TP anyone while the Curse is ON [himself] or use any other skill, but I'm not sure about that. 2) but I'm sure 100% that the mage can't tp anyone that got the Gab's Adamant Curse ON! a Warrior / Priest / Mage or any other class. Also Warrior can't decent while the Curse is ON! even tho it should WORK, to Decent or to get tped by a Mage... As I remember ON USKO Servers just Gab's Blessing Curse couldn't Decent or get tped by a Mage. Greets, Eden || Melody
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    @Aesteris @twostars @Vivaldi If I see you will take my suggestions seriously, they're more to come for sure. I'll explain later on.
  7. Melody


    Hello there, So basically we all know that the PK activity in Coloy Zone is only during Ultima & Felankor. And during the weekends just in RLB Wars, Lunar WARS & Castle Siege War. I think that for once and good, you should organised and make the Events more interesting... Ultima: So right now we've Ultima spawns 2 times a day which we all know when they spawn... Which it solved the problem with Ultima not been killed, also because it more rewarded. Felankor: We've Felankor which it spawn randomly everyday betweens 8 hours to 10 hours, I guess?.. Which mean basically the people that actually killed first Felankor they will try their best to be there for the next respawn because they need the money ('farm' or want the 'chest') then they will log to most active side and kill Felankor ASAP. 1) It's not hard to kill Felankor, basically just few rogues and few mages can kill it. 2) They care about 'Felankor Chest' which is more rewarded than 'Ultima Chest' Also the DROP from Felankor is more rewarded than Ultima DROP. 3) Right now, Felankor respawns a little bit more than twice a day. Caslte Siege WAR: CSW is the most enjoyable & favorite Event I ever enjoyed. At least it was for me, till I lost a little bit from the excitement of the GAME. A part to Clans Tournament which I had played on USKO Servers. So CSW is more rewarded than ever in my opinion more than the 5K Apex Points reward. Because every single clan can partcipate and it gives opportunity to every single clan to win CSW and reward 2 Days of a Set Holy Knight Amors+11Reverse.. Broder Defense War: So basically BDW isn't that interesting anymore, but what I about to come with might be sound a little bit crazy for many but look at the positive side. With that been said. My suggestions: 1) About Ultima & Felankor: Add a time to Felankor make something like Ultima, 30mins before Ultima and Then Ultima. Or First Ultima and Than Felankor since Felankor is easier to kill and more rewarded.. So better to keep the cherry to the end. So the PK will last at least for 1 hour, twice a day with a Good Activity. It makes it a lot more interesting at least for my part of view. 2) About CSW: You can just add another CSW a week, like Sunday & Wednesday or Wedensday & Saturday. You can make a poll for that when it comes to that. A. CSW become a little bit activer in the past few weeks because of the reward.. B. Since the reward last just for 2 days and not been so usefull because of no Events during weekdays [WARS or any other Events]. 3) About BDW: Right now BDW based on lucky you've, if did you get in or not. in the first place :P. And if you are lucky enough to have even a single priest in your party not to speak about 2 priests or a cuber, in that case :P. A. In my opinion you should make BDW Nation VS Nation. of course to take in mind the exactly mount of players of each Nation. So basically PPL will have the opportunity to make their own Party. and be prepared before it even starts. What we could ask for more? Small MAP, Nation VS Nation LOTS of PK!. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * I didn't had much time to open that topic, so I open with no time. but there is a lot more to improve, but let's start with those suggestions. * My request from the community please KEEP OUT anything that not related to this subjects [Events , Activity in CZ]. I'm usually not making topics like never, so please respect my request. Greets, Eden || Melody.
  8. Melody

    Melody's Selling & Buying List

    Bring Up My Post.
  9. Buying Apex Points As Many As Possible. Staffs: Aztec Gold Faun+11Reverse Aztec Gold Fulitol+11Reverse Accessorize: Dual Leech King's Earrings+3 S.S.S Intelligence Glass Belt+3 Armors: Rosetta Mage Helmet+11Reverse Rosetta Mage Robe+11Reverse Rosetta Mage Pants+11Reverse Rosetta Mage Boots+11Reverse Rosetta Mage Gauntlets+11Reverse
  10. Melody

    Melody's Selling Chaos Wirinom+11Reverse

    Bring Up My Post
  11. Melody

    Melody's Selling Chaos Wirinom+11Reverse

    Bring Up My Post
  12. Melody

    #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.

    Any date when it might happen? @Vivaldi Because I heared about the UTC Expansion, already months ago.
  13. Melody

    #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.

    1) As a Mage Commander it's improtant to have curse staff even all the loss. 2) I don't agree with that, it should be for all jobs: Fire,Lightning and Ice. 3) A. Krowaz +8 mage is cheap atm because they're not any mage teams right now, but we all know once ppl see mage teams are coming back, they'll buy EVERYTHING from merchant, even it couldn't even sell before >.<. to make a big profit from it. So it can be 600M each piece now, but we are talking about over then 10 mage teams it's around 70 mages that would need those mage krowaz+8 So it won't be anymore for 600M lol >.< it will be sell for a lot more, for no good reason. B. this is true Mage don't even use the entire set, because they gain more HP & MP bonus. so mostly likely they'll use Rosetta Helmet&Gauntlets+8 and 3X Mage Krowaz+8 [Robe&Pants&Boots], but we can't tell. some might prefer to run with a full set for more Defense. C. if they want to have more Defense, they would have to farm Holy Knight Helmet&Gauntlets instead of Rosetta.
  14. Melody

    #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.

    1) A, As you know only owners of CSW can farm it. B, the curse effect it's improtant on PK even tho you lose some DMG and defense. 2) I agree with you, somehow ppl getting cancel/fail - heals only by staffs which it shouldn't happen. Only by stun rate or as a normal "R" - combo, but not by getting hitted by staff. 3) As I said already, Mage Accessorize right now damn cheap and no one actually buy them because there aren't any mage team in the server. Expect my team, which we are already full geared. [as I said earlier, we 100% support that] even our accessorize won't have any value after the patch. Right now: Dual LKP+3 roughly goes for 1.2K KC and this is the most 'expensive' accessorize here that might actually can be sell. Dual Imir Ring+3 ~ 7GB's same with Dual Flame Rings+3. And don't talk about EP & LBOL that no one actually buy them, need them. once again because they're not any mage teams in the server >.<. I'll add that, I do really think that would bring some mage teams back with my experince. but of course it won't be right after the patch or 'puff' after the patch. It need to be adv on every way - turkish forum on ApexKO FB and so on. And that would do the JOB. And honestly I don't see any reason why not add this? if the mage merchant is already dead and no one buy them. Also there a lot of gainning out of this. don't imagine all the mage teams that it will bring back how crowded the CZ would be. Plus there won't be needed of dropping anymore mage accessorize instead of that you'll have higher chance to drop other accessorize for other classes.
  15. Hello Everyone, First of all I want to start and welcome all ApexKO players to Feedback & Suggestions about this subject. Any comments that are added to this topic that are not related to my topic will be ignored and are not needed, so please keep out unrelated subjects. As a Commander an old player of KO, since the passion came out mages basically don't have any chance agaisn't meeles that it's facts and everyone know it, no one can deny this, specially when they run with 3 priests. [In USKO they are even Stronger]. As the only mage team right now on ApexKO with full geared and PUS Items we barely can stand agaisn't meeles. And as I said we are fully geared you can check on website: https://apexko.com/clan/17890 Right now Mages Items are pretty cheap and kind of useless no one buy them. I think opening the +8 krowaz +8 cursed +3 Accessorize to gear merchant will bring mage teams back So my first Suggestion will be, to add 'Gear Despencer': Dual LKP+3 & EP+3 & LBOL+3 & Dual FR+3 & Mage Krowaz Set+8 & Curse Items+8. So even me and my team that had to buy those items and had to farm those items we support that. Second Suggestion would be, to add Blue Potion to Sundries for a amount of money like 1 Million since it's just for 10mins. or make it 30mins and then sell it for a reasonable price, again to incrase mage defense. Third suggestion would be, to add an NPC to exchange NPS for KC. Since ppl want a new start and there won't be a new server and they're already millions of NPS on the accounts. Like 100K NPS ~ 100KC, 500K NPS ~ 500KC and 1M NPS ~ 1K KC. + That would add a value to PK more and make the PVP more active. @twostars @Aesteris @Vivaldi Greets, Eden || Melody.