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  1. Selling List Ron Set+11Reverse Kaul Fulitol+11Reverse Aztec Gold Faun+11Reverse - Dual Imir Ring+3. Book of Wisdom Flame+11Reverse You can PM Me HERE. Or In Game Name: JewishAnqel / MQKQKQKQ.
  2. This topic can be closed.
  3. Thanks, Good Week.
  4. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Well I don't care about this b.s - drama. I wish you could've kept me out of this, I don't know why you involed me in the first place, without any prof or what so ever. 1) just to finish this 'sad story' ur words, I would like to VS anyone on 2 VS 2 For any amount of KC. anyday. But if you already said I lost to that guy in VS then it would be a free KC, right?
  5. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    You said that you admited that we should not have helped in that case and we won't ever again. And Aesteris said that he neither root never help in these kind of cases, that's my point. nothing else. @P.S that when I told him about that he denied it.
  6. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    We have never and will never help in these kinds of cases. Cases we have helped in involve ingame items on BOTH sides in the same trade. I have no idea who Schism is, nor Brad, and seeing twostars and me are the only ones having access to fix these problems to begin with, I feel as if you are mistaking when it comes down to what we did or did not do...
  7. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    Ehm and I pmed him from other character and Look what he said to me, He just buried himself xD. I laught when he said to me that "they added me to pt we killed felankor and we got rof+1, I got it and didn't want to sharer" Lol XD LMFAO. Before I even mention about the topic on forum about him XD :P. 1) he clamied to scam a rof+1 and didn't want to sharer, I don't care if it's true or not but at least that's why he tells to people. 2) he clamied that he bought the Ron Set+11Reverse from TukeOwnz for 10k KC. * While I bought it personally from TukeOwnz , here TukeOwnz verified that. 3) he claim that he is from Russia, maybe the Admins can verifed that? *Hopefully the Admins will do something about it now,. ASAP because he is trying to sell all his items. @[email protected]@Vivaldi
  8. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    Here my friend just pmed him and Look what he said to him xD
  9. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    As Razor said, He played on one of our Mage account ("MOKQKOKO") with everything sealed but apparently he said to me that he want to play on his own account, so he wanted me to borrow him just the Ron Set+11Reverse. to his own account because he said he already had a staff +11 and other items And he would give me his info incase if we need a mage. I was stupid that I trusted him on first place, I guess I just was to nice. "You probably asking yourself why I would borrow someone a Ron Set+11Reverse", Because he were from Israel too and he played with us for few weeks and I thought he was a friend, but I was totally wrong cuz he planned it since 08/01/2017 while he was stilling playing on our Mage account. And it happened last week at 08/08, why I only post it now? because I thought the admins would help me but once again I was wrong. And once he had the chance he did what he did... BTW he didn't just scammed me the Ron Set+11Reverse he also had others clan members info, which he also took everything that wasn't sealed and valuable GB's, Apex Points ETC.
  10. I'm posting this I just want to inform everyone that Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud) scammed a Full Set of Ron's +11Reverse. We let him play with us (MOKQKOKO mage) and he repaid us this way. Be warned. Good Luck on the server. Eden || Melody.
  11. Clan War - 8 VS 8.

    Greets, Eden || Melody.
  12. *Check Price* Would like to know the prices of the items on the list.