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    poker12 reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in We killed the Ultima one but where is the drop?   
    ultima got enough of you guys logging in just for his drop
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    poker12 reacted to ferni144 in A suggestion. :D!   
    goo day to all,
    As a suggestion should improve the drops of the medals. nowadaysthe server is already advanced and i think it would be good if the medals that you change by nps could drop Apex point 100, felankor chest, tears, trina, pathos for 3 or 5 days, wings anything  to insentiate the market or the pk.
    it is a humble suggestion, i hope i can contribute something to improve things. i hope this  does no affect the servers economy.
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    poker12 got a reaction from Archeage in Hello GM   
    hello gm pls fix skill archer ice n lightning it 99% stun working wthex 
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    poker12 got a reaction from Humburger in APEXKO BEST NOP WARYOR KATAKURİ   
    KraussMaffei need holy set +31 ahahahahhaa , ez