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  1. Lycaons

    Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan

    I'll solo your pussy
  2. Lycaons

    How To Boost Frames Per Second

    Or you could play on a computer that isn't a toaster
  3. Lycaons

    Krowaz gear for isi time !

    Gear won't solve that issue. The reason those clans get isiloon is because of coordination. A random party won't steal it from a coordinated party. It's that simple.
  4. Lycaons

    Best player ingame !

    When I use a transformation scroll, I'm the best Glyptodont in the server
  5. Lycaons

    Selling & Buying List

    Buying Amulet of Dexterity +0 or +1 Priest Pendants +0 or +1 Legionarre Bands +0 or +1 Selling Cold-Hearted Dagger +8 Exceptional Raptor Rebirth +8 (198 AP) Normal Raptor Rebirth +11 (205 AP) Warrior Dragon Scale Boots +8
  6. Lycaons

    Selling & Buying List

  7. Lycaons

    Selling/Trading Priest Items

    Lillime's Enticement +0 Glass Belt Accepting In-Game Items (Preferably Mage) & GB's. PM me here, or ingame (Titus)
  8. Lycaons

    Selling/Trading Priest Items

  9. Lycaons

    Selling/Trading Priest Items

  10. Lycaons

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    You're acting like it can do these skills back, to back, to back, to back dude
  11. Lycaons

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    And you're one of the "nerf kurian guys". I'm just saying, just because Kurians have something that makes them viable, doesn't make them OP. You're like one of those LoL kids who say every new champion is op, just because they can do something another champion can't && I play as a sin, why would I want them to nerf the class I play? Lulz
  12. Lycaons

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    So is critical point, beast hiding, blinding, curing yourself, light feet, stealth, spike (600% dmg? lulz), minor heal (with pedals + hp pots), & weapon cancellation
  13. Lycaons

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    It's strong, but not over powered.
  14. Lycaons

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    Lol. You do know it can't spam all of it's op skills at once because of Stamina or w/e it's called. They aren't op, just a good class. You're complaining about it being tanky and stuns and all that crap, when sins have much more under their utility (Aside for being tanky).
  15. Lycaons

    iSirIggy PK Movie [This Is Your Final Destination]

    You guys have too much pride and end up fighting over the littlest shit. Just play KO. & SirIggy, don't mind them, One hitting naked people in CZ doesn't make you a noob
  16. Lycaons

    iSirIggy PK Movie [This Is Your Final Destination]

    But, pretty much everyone in this thread raids farm spots too
  17. Either leave a reply here or pm me ingame, name is "Titus"
  18. Lycaons

    Pedal rogues

    Pedals have been in KO since the dawn of time.
  19. Lycaons

    Making Free Signatures

    So, since I had some free time, and I don't feel like jerking off, I decided to make random signatures. Just drop a reply here, or PM me that you want a signature (Provide a picture if you want, and tell me if you want specific things on it such as name, clan name, etc;). Going to post my examples/works here. First Attempt (Image Quality Destroyed, because saving as a .GIF tends to do that a lot with me...): The Second Attempt (Black and White): Synesthesia:
  20. Lycaons

    Genie- should it be free?

    I think what people are forgetting is that Apex won't be as hard of a grind as USKO (EXP wise). Genie isn't really a necessity for players, even if they don't have a lot of time to play. They have some alternatives if they cannot be active, such as sharing or even staying level 59. Of course they won't be neck and neck with the people who will grind for 10 hours + daily, but it doesn't make the server unplayable for them.
  21. Lycaons

    Launcher Suggestion

    [#580] Just wondering, is it possible to prevent it from closing after it downloads a patch? Rather than closing, can't it just say Update Complete? Or does it have to close?
  22. Lycaons

    Poll regarding PUS/game content

    Most of the people who oppose defense armors are the ones who just want to run around spiking people 1k. With all the new skills in 80+ servers, weapon defense should be included. Especially with skills such as Eskrima/Armor Cancellation and all these other skills that have special effects, weapon defenses should be accessible.
  23. Lycaons

    Premium types feedback.

    I doubt anybody is stupid enough to reskill while they're still EXPing unless they really want to change jobs. Reskilling is like, 20-40m of noahs. Could be used for something way better at that point in time.
  24. Lycaons

    Recruiting Americans.....

    The internet breeds keyboard warriors bruh. I would join (Since I'm American), but I'm not making any (Final) decisions on what clans I'm going to.