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  1. Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan

    I'll solo your pussy
  2. My best list, or your? :) and authorized

    Warrior: Bloodzilla the Black Guy Rogue: Titus the Black Guy Priest: Either Bloodzilla or Titus the Black Guy Mage: A Black Guy
  3. How To Boost Frames Per Second

    Or you could play on a computer that isn't a toaster
  4. Krowaz gear for isi time !

    Gear won't solve that issue. The reason those clans get isiloon is because of coordination. A random party won't steal it from a coordinated party. It's that simple.
  5. Best player ingame !

    When I use a transformation scroll, I'm the best Glyptodont in the server
  6. Selling & Buying List

  7. Selling & Buying List

    Buying Amulet of Dexterity +0 or +1 Priest Pendants +0 or +1 Legionarre Bands +0 or +1 Selling Cold-Hearted Dagger +8 Exceptional Raptor Rebirth +8 (198 AP) Normal Raptor Rebirth +11 (205 AP) Warrior Dragon Scale Boots +8
  8. Selling/Trading Priest Items

  9. Selling/Trading Priest Items

  10. Selling/Trading Priest Items

    Lillime's Enticement +0 Glass Belt Accepting In-Game Items (Preferably Mage) & GB's. PM me here, or ingame (Titus)
  11. Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    You're acting like it can do these skills back, to back, to back, to back dude
  12. Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    And you're one of the "nerf kurian guys". I'm just saying, just because Kurians have something that makes them viable, doesn't make them OP. You're like one of those LoL kids who say every new champion is op, just because they can do something another champion can't && I play as a sin, why would I want them to nerf the class I play? Lulz
  13. Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    So is critical point, beast hiding, blinding, curing yourself, light feet, stealth, spike (600% dmg? lulz), minor heal (with pedals + hp pots), & weapon cancellation
  14. Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    It's strong, but not over powered.
  15. Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    Lol. You do know it can't spam all of it's op skills at once because of Stamina or w/e it's called. They aren't op, just a good class. You're complaining about it being tanky and stuns and all that crap, when sins have much more under their utility (Aside for being tanky).