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    kebabs vs falafels
  2. SkyKing NPT

    Seens if i use another lvl of english half of kebab nation wont understand me
  3. SkyKing NPT

    seens to be hard to play with 2 priest
  4. Another turk using macro for a warrior...its trendy there to see how ur char does pk alone or ...?
  5. im not a camera man as u, also dont need to proof anything lol, i know it and u know so its far enuf
  6. next time we shall report u for nps transfer, u were giving em for free
  7. i gotta problem reversing my level

    the problem persists
  8. u did seen us, same as i seen ya kissing da floor untill u left cz
  9. the post u just quoted was made a long after ur bann, u got banned for tbl as all server now, why u even try to say its fake now ? cheater and lier lol, deal with it, learn to combo or use priest class, apologize rest of ppl for be a dumb cheater and maybe we will consider to threat u as a player
  10. lol turks are like walls, oké go kýll all with macro yu pro seerber nab ok. maybe ur kebab mind will get the point now
  11. Same as we did to u, pointless argument, ill repeat it to u again lets see if know u can understand like this : u're not able to talk about nobody since u're just a bot, u exist because rest of players need some bots around to play with, no more
  12. u're who cant talk here retard lol, u have been banned for use tbl, stay in silence while players talk, ure just a bot so pls dont annoy
  13. "Just play ur game" lol, if we would let u play ur game as u say u prolly would be a warrior spamming novas so kebab pls...be serious