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  1. Sa Click (they wanted me this post)

    Firstly We don't fraps everything like if we would , the whole server would leave the server. 2ndly We killed arts more than they killed us. 3rdly Even with our " bad computers" we can beat u guys easily. Peace and Love
  2. LostHeaven Special Movie

    #LostTBL #LostFAIL #NovaFail
  3. HeroesofEarth and Apophis İnsible Koxper

    This is lagg %100
  4. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    Yes thats what I'm telling you , you are using it no1 else is minoring you and where is the "using minor healing" the yellow one ?? Lagg lagg aq I've lag amk 1 using minor healing and then 4 minors 4 sp used nice one !
  5. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    so when someone else minors you , you get 100 sp used ? We aren't talking about after the 0:15 just check StarGazers video on 0:40 and u'll understand what we mean. This would never happen even not on the BIGGEST LAGG , and on the movie he has 0 lagg. Peace And Love <3
  6. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    He'z bezt player faztezt minor ever !
  7. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    you do realize you look like an idiot now, right? Farewell.
  8. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    A mix would be fine Like TBL + KOXP. Or lets ask Manhattan which one is better
  9. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    Black this is an example of pking with koxp. There's no info about "using hellish" minor heal or whatever. But manhattan's info's is following like this 1 "using minor healing" and then 60 hp recovered 100 sp used 60 hp recovered 100 sp used .. This shows that he's tbling for 100% even if he lagged it must spam nonstop " using minor healing "
  10. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    Yeah Manhattan really you lagg so much I'm just curious whats now your next excuse
  11. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    LMAO This is the biggest excuse because you don't even lagg there
  12. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    R.I.P Manhattan
  13. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    GG speed of minor.
  14. Deep Manhattan Tactics

    Manhattan ýs back ?
  15. Deep Turkish Techniques

    This doesn't show that you didn't abused the tbl