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    xHomiee got a reaction from IBabaYaga in DC AGAIN DURING CSW!   
    @twostars when you get dced it says would you like to report it i said yes , but we cant take the crystal at all.
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    xHomiee reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in xHomie's Selling items   
    Was fun playing with you man. good luck where ever you go mate.
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    xHomiee reacted to NerfArchersPls in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine   
    I understand why karim made this topic. ResurrectionOfDivine called Karim a scammer for using me as his warrior but there was no rule (clan only) but i remember he didn't want to polemic them before the vs just record and see how he play but getting spam pm'd getting called scammer i understand why Karim is mad
    PS: i didn't record it at all just joined because Jonas/Underestimated/MrsSerises funny talk.
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    xHomiee reacted to BroOk in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan   
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    xHomiee reacted to blackaq in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan   
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    xHomiee reacted to GOLDCOINFORGM in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan   
    Only If you give me back that „god damn bow”
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    xHomiee reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan   
    Goodluck @xHomiee 
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    xHomiee got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan   
    Hello apexko, We are PurpleFuzzyUnicorns and we are an English speaking clan and we are looking for some geared english priests and warriors/kurians mostly with teamspeak 3.
    We pk all day long and we just need more players to play with if you are interested please send me a pm ASAP!
    We play to have fun nothing too serious we have a laugh and we are close friends and help each other always.
    Pm me in game or here Amori.
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    xHomiee reacted to AgainComeBack in My clan again back Apex :)   
    Hello there, Whistle again back Apex PvP i see UTC so good. Surprise also 1 party mage again back i say I'll make it manny people come back again for the server  I see mage damage increased and i communicated with mage team's and I'm sure 3-4 mage party will come in 2-3 days
    Good luck everyone!
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    xHomiee reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO   
    Dear Admins and Gms,
    I believe this would be the ideal time to capitalize on ApexKO with youtube. Not only would it promote advertisement for the upcoming UTC expansion but it's also another venue to provide a small cash income source for ApexKO. Another benefit of youtube is that you can do livestreams which coupled with GM events will bring A LOT of views and subscribers.
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    xHomiee got a reaction from novas7 in Solar Tattoo   
    This should happen already it will be better for all server !
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    xHomiee reacted to NerfArchersPls in Solar Tattoo   
    Hello Everyone.
    Solar Tattoo is 10GB's for 7 days I think 10gb's is a bit too much for only 7 days. And it is especially annoying for new players who have just started ApexKO. Because newer players have to use their gbs to buy scrolls from the sundries and to buy uniques + 0, Upgrade able items from the merchants. And for players who have played on ApexKO for a long time it is no difference. Because they already have almost top gear so they have nothing to lose. Whether it is 5 GB or 10 GB, they remain very strong. So I think it's better to halve the price so it will be 5GB'S so that the newer players can buy it and I think it should stay on 5GB'S and not lower otherwise there will be too many GB's in the game and then the KC Voucher price will be very expensive.
    This was my suggestion, 
    Let me know what you guys think about it. And especially the staff: @twostars @Aesteris @Vivaldi
    Kind Regards,
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    xHomiee got a reaction from NerfArchersPls in Solar Tattoo   
    I agree
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    xHomiee got a reaction from NerfArchersPls in Solar Tattoo   
    I agree
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    xHomiee got a reaction from NerfArchersPls in Solar Tattoo   
    I agree
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    xHomiee got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in ServiceWoman's Selling/Buying List Updated   
    Selling/Buying List:
    S< 2x Gabs Adamant+5 Rev
    S< Krowaz Priest Pauldron+11& 4 Parts +5 REV
    S< 2x SSE+3& 2x Rols+3& 2x Pe+3
    B<Holy Animor+11
    S<Chaos Wiri+11
    Pm me here or in game ServiceWoman/Mercenary.
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    xHomiee reacted to MON5TER in TheGANG New Video   
    I can see everyones comeback skills havnt improved. Dylan, buy me a fully geared account ty bb
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    xHomiee reacted to Jinxxy in TheGANG New Video   
    Very iyi gecele video I’m coming back who needs a sharer?
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    xHomiee reacted to Jinxxy in TheGANG New Video   
    Very cancerous maybe get fraps for free very easy to find .... ask Turk friend plx 
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    xHomiee reacted to TheMadOne in TheGANG New Video   
    whats up habibis nice video sadly joe is debuffing on the side which kind of messed up the vs if anything but ya was even for a while ya sadly 1 too many kurians plus two peeps on starter gear gotta make do what you have XD was fun see ya in cz salty pat dont quit bdw pls and killian go change char thx
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    xHomiee reacted to MON5TER in TheGANG New Video   
    The clan names in this server are something else. I expect better from you karim. Tisk tisk.