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  1. Selling/Buying List: S< 2x Gabs Adamant+5 Rev S< Krowaz Priest Pauldron+11& 4 Parts +5 REV S< 2x SSE+3& 2x Rols+3& 2x Pe+3 B< Lobo Hammer+8& Holy Animor+11 S<Chaos Wiri+11 Pm me here or in game ServiceWoman/Mercenary.
  2. Elior&Chris vs AnyRetard&HANGOVER 30.000KC Challenge

    ofc he cant win without chaos
  3. TheGANG New Video

    ur so funny i cant stop laughing AHAHAHAH
  4. TheGANG New Video

    dude u cry so much i dont care about quality why dont you go away already :S
  5. TheGANG New Video

    The video is for fun lol
  6. TheGANG New Video

    heal is not needed
  7. TheGANG New Video

    It was not a vs actually we were just pking an actual verse would be with a gm watching etc..
  8. KINGS Short Pk Video

  9. Oguz/ItzMad/HANGOVER

    nice kairi kanka full run in cz sad
  10. Oguz/ItzMad/HANGOVER

  11. again we werent able to kill it lol comeon please do something about it.
  12. honestly we just had 3 pts on orc side and we couldnt kill it i agree with what bulletclub is saying tbh .
  13. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

  14. Revolution vs kings 2v2

    xd i love u making me famous kanka!
  15. KINGS Clan Pk Movie Vol1 .

    cry more pls
  16. KINGS Clan Pk Movie Vol1 .

    no sorry not possible , maybe cry more?
  17. Hey guys , we are an English Mage / Melee Clan 2nd rank in apex ko , we have our mage team ready to pk at any time , but we are looking for a couple of melees to join our melees !! Required Classes : Between 3 to 5 Warriors ( Berseker) OR Kurians ! : Between 2 to 3 priests (Cure party mostly ) ! : Between 1 to 2 Assassins ( Skilled Only ) ! We also require you to have TeamSpeak3 and have a Mic. We need ONLY English players that are skilled and willing to gear up ASAP . We will help you gear up if needed , and we pk all everyday also . If you are interested please Pm us in game : iHomie / AerQ . Thank you !
  18. Hello apex players, we have a clan PurpleFuzzyUnicorns we were once a big clan but most of us quit to go to another game , but me and a couple of friends stayed and we are looking for some new english speaking melees and priests that use teamspeak 3 . We don't look at what gear you are playing with , we need skilled players that always follow the commander and respects other fellow clan members and don't cause any drama in the clan ! If you are interested you could send me a pm right here or you could pm me (GuardOfGRUMPY) in game or the other clan leader (Vapor)(NecessaryEvil). Rules To Join Clan : 1-English Speaking! 2-Have TeamSpeak 3 3-Respect other members 4-Following The Commander 5-Always be in teamspeak 3 if you want a really good party in CSW / War / Cz ... ETC.. 6-Willing to help other clan members to gear up / farming 7-Always be active 8-If you are offline for more than 5-6 days and you haven't informed the leader you will be kicked out of the clan . Thank you , hope we get some good melees !