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  1. well pm me on here or in game , havent been in game much lately havent been feeling to good
  2. Recruiting members for clan, I have a teamspeak channel. must be active , can speak/type in English and be friendly to other members in the clan PM me in game or on here in the forums - WreckItRalph
  3. 6k kc nothing higher pm me on here or in game -wreckitralph
  4. It's time to say goodbye for me too!

    so long man , never seen you on but take care .
  5. Some curse (i'm guessing sweetkiss) deletes scrolls

    well me and HenkaN are testing this now to see if its real , but soo far on a +8 sk baal curse hasnt proc'd yet
  6. quiting warrior going rogue just need to trade my rocs for rols and my pe's for eme's all +2 pm me on forums or in game name WreckItJagger thank you
  7. Mr Doom is your name Justin by a chance ?
  8. i have nothing against the scream rate , i think its fine where its at , but when i played archer for a bit i noticed ice shot and light shot never slowed or stunned anyone ever but mages stun rates are a bit high. but all and all scream rate is fine just need to fix rogue ice shot light shot rates and lower mages stuns