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  1. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    lol 1920 is good also there there is another 10k heal superior restore so he has failed lol.
  2. Also i added a Mage Guide To forums from my forum hope it helps !!
  3. In-game titles

    very nice
  4. Yet another d3d9.dll Error

    did you try and download the dll from the net? Have you googled this issue?
  5. 1. Maybe Add To Mobs in CZ on a low rate (low chance * to get apex or krowaz chest Ultima isi * Fele Chests low chance . 2. Maybe add some Quests to the CZ ones already there that you get so many kills or w.e and you can Get KC 3. Maybe Add a NPC where you Can Exchange Nation and Ladder Points For Chests/kc/ anything of your choosing 4. please add pet system to game 5. Maybe Have a Quest where you Can Earn 1x 1x Trina &Tear a Day 6. maybe add new boss's mob's or quests to luff/emc towns Just a few ideas hope people like it
  6. yes i saw him do that yesterday i wanted to have a go at him and i am Australian
  7. keep the suggestions coming good ones so far
  8. hi well just my idea is can you find another way to let people into bifrost as the monument doesn't always get killed and many people including me would like to get into bf so can you find a way to have it open cuz no one hardly kills the monument if any ty
  9. inbox is full problem.

    yeah its working now for me ty twoey
  10. inbox is full problem.

  11. sounds good to me and gtz man i am proud of u
  12. yeah we playing bro u should join us on discord also man just pm me in game ill clan u <3
  13. inbox is full problem.

    still waiting for it to be fixed?
  14. yeah that also but really would be nice to get into bf also lol