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  1. Built4CZ

    Winter IS COMING!

    dude it starts at 4am my time it is possible sexyko did it make it 3 or 4 hours longer
  2. Built4CZ

    Winter IS COMING!

    well i am Australian and its almost summer here and my timezone is gmt +10:00 Brisbane CSW is at 4am my time and i can never go to it i think it needs to be fair for all timezones and it is possible.
  3. Built4CZ

    Buying Eagle eye

  4. Built4CZ

    Buying Eagle eye

    Buying Eagle eye +14 or +11 will pay 700 kc 800kc PM Built4CZ
  5. Built4CZ

    SELLING +5 rev warrior Krowaz Helmet

    Or i will l trade it for a EE +11 OR +14
  6. SELLING +5 rev warrior Krowaz Helmet for 20gbs or 500kc PM me in game Built4CZ
  7. Built4CZ

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    we are human now
  8. Built4CZ

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    atm we are orc but thinking of going human
  9. Built4CZ

    Well Needed Suggestions

    well i got faith in your abilities Twoey and want to thank you for your hard work mate . i know you will sort out everything as it comes so keep up the good work mate.
  10. Built4CZ

    Well Needed Suggestions

    i understand, makes sense .
  11. Built4CZ

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Group complete Healing 10k Heal to Party , Group Massive Healing 960 heal to party , Complete Healing Single 10k heal then for db its malice gets canceled , Torment, Subside , Parasite, Surpiour parasite . sometimes it will take a few tries to get the skills to work but sometimes it will end up causing Death to party Members or us Priests if we can not cast . EDIT: i have noticed also that archers 70 skill single arrow can stop it all also i have noticed Arrow Shower Will Stop Heals duffs as well
  12. Built4CZ

    portu ların (party) 75 sikili

    there is already topics all about this and more no need to keep making new ones
  13. Built4CZ

    Well Needed Suggestions

    when he makes the extra logs he will be able to find the root cause anyway incase it is more than that