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  1. Built4CZ

    ApexKO combined guide for everyone

    can someone update this to add rosetta @twostars
  2. Built4CZ

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    oldies pm me or rick
  3. Built4CZ


    how much is a +11 rev gabs ada in kc and how much is a +14 Holy Animor in kc and a +11 Krowaz set priest in kc
  4. Built4CZ

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    u should get him in discord and hello xD
  5. Built4CZ

    Wings on Achieve

    yea make it non tradeable sold or stored
  6. Built4CZ

    ALLANOOOON leaving

  7. Built4CZ

    lag issue

  8. Built4CZ

    about PUS

  9. Built4CZ

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    yea and a few more priests would be nice hehe
  10. Built4CZ

    just a question on a items worth ty

    ok ty all
  11. Built4CZ

    just a question on a items worth ty

    ty mate
  12. just a small question can someone tell me what a +0 heros valor is worth thank you
  13. Built4CZ


    i never lag in ko and im Aussie ! and last provider for me was fine also apart from pus this new dedi has epic lag for me and a lot so i've removed all effects in game still doesn't help i hope u guys can look into this lag its 90% of the server getting them thank you
  14. Built4CZ

    power up store broken still?

    no its not that Nexuslee it was down but it now up again 2nd night in a row i messaged serra ages ago he pmd twoey its fixed now try pus again now TY