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  1. This went too far. Topic closed and infractions given. We can't do much on what goes on in private messages and direct flaming specific against a person, but generally name calling, flaming and bashing a whole nation and religion on "all chat" will lead to a mute so actions will be taken by the staff.
  2. idea for pk

    Hello KUMARBAZ, First of all, thanks for creating this thread filled with suggestions. I'll adress some of your points and also give everyone some perspective on what's coming. - About the boss wars: I'm sorry but it's nice to have a change of PK zones every now and then, it breaks the routine and it's only one day of the week after all. - Ultima: we'll update its drops before NERFing the mob. - Felankor: Telling the time for every boss is not good. It's part of the game to camp CZ and wait for it. This also provides a longer stay in the zone. - Turkish GM: We are and have always been looking for one but it is extremely hard. We can't find one that speaks both english and turkish with fluency and also has a personality that matches our way of doing things. - Turkish community: the amount of support we receive from them is amazing. If you could only see how much compliments we receive on facebook and even here in the forums every now and then. The problem is that they all have one thing in common which is asking for a new server. Our facebook's page inbox is filled with messages asking for that, they all want a fresh start which is something that we can not give them. But with that being said, we are currently working on a new expansion, and this one will be big. From improving the beginner gear to releasing UTC and lots and lots of new and original features. All this will be properly advertised when the time comes
  3. I apologize for the very late answer in this thread. The thing is, we don't want to NERF this mob based on this reason. We feel like it's part of the PvE to gather people and add efforts to take down a big boss. With that being said, we'll work on improving its drops (including ultima's chest exchanges) asap. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  4. Hello Dragon, we will still use the Darkness Weapons but in other forms. There won't be any farming for that we will reward them straight up at +11 and with expiration times just like it was on halloween event. One small example is we'll automatically add them for players who're top ranked on the last day of the month. Also for weekly manual events that GMs will run and many other ways that we'll implement. This will all come in our next expansion. Stay tuned!
  5. Let's not mistreat other people's suggestion, please. Ouss, we understand that it can be frustrating to join an old server but as you know we strive to bring KO players a long lasting, stable, secure and, most of all, trustworthy server. Not only that but there's still much to come to ApexKO. We got Castellan coming and after that UTC expansion so we have no plans to relaunch or launch a parallel server. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  6. It's already removed for that specific time. Pending on a server restart to take effect.
  7. 1) Name change was only added on our last small expansion as a gift to bring mage clans back to help them add their name tags, which is something that they enjoy. That is not something for people to count on to use whenever they want, it was an incentive for them log and come back seeing that there was a deadline added to it. 2) There is no need to delete unecessary drops, they don't replace the drop rate of their main items. They are separated into groups and the drop rate is stable and fixated at 35%. 3) Ultima will never be removed. The effect of adding that to bowl was extremely positive. The amount of PK it generates is really good. And also, Ultima in bifrost is still there, so it does not depend on the one in bowl. People can still go to bifrost and hunt it in peace. 4) As soon as we release the new client I got some new ideas ligned up for bifrost already. 5) About felankor, it's not that people only enter CZ when it's felankor time it's actually that MORE people enter cz on felankor time. Both Felankor and Ultima increase the average activity of CZ. They concentrate large amount of players around those times, which is great. Without it, it wouldn't be concentrated and crowded but just spreaded throughout the day and therefore lower. Only thing I can think of to change is randomize Ultima to spawn randomly in the course of an hour but that may cause conflicts with events. EDIT: About NTs, those who say that right now is bad is because they didn't see how it was in the past when controled by GMs. It was a huge mess and constantly unbalanced. People need to understand that it's not easy to have a server balanced 24/7. It's practically impossible. A party of 8 that decides to join at a random time have the power to completely shift it. I'll raise its cost to 16 gbs though to see if it helps. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  8. Since it's just a screenshot I can't really tell for how long they were there and also it's just something minor for being the first time. Still, if they repeat this I'll instantly take action. Thanks for your report, if they repeat this abuse I'll apply a temporary ban.
  9. Added the answers in bold text.
  10. Not really, everything is there.
  11. Hello Apexians, in this tutorial I'll cover the use of "Character Seal Scroll". This scroll is an item that you can get at our Power Up Store and is used to select one of your characters to be put inside a "Cypher Ring". With this done you'll be able to move, trade or merchant your character as you wish. In order to use it you'll have to go through these basic steps: 1) Acquire the scroll that is located at the Power Up Store, on the 4th page of the "Power-up" tab or simply type its name on the search box to quickly access it. 2) After purchasing the scroll and receiving the letter containing it, go to an Inn Hostess and select the option "Character Seal / Cancel" 3) The following window will then pop-up. Click "Seal" to start the process of sealing the character you want. Note that you can not seal the character you are currently online, only the side ones! 4) Put your Character Seal Scroll in the designated spot and hit "ok". 5) The following window will pop-up. In this window you will choose which of your side characters you'll want to seal. After selecting your desired option click "seel" and then enter your seal code (same one you use to normally seal items) and press "Confirm". 6) The character you opted to seal will be now inside a new item called "Cypher Ring". If you right click it it will show what is inside it. The whole description of the character inside including the contents of its inventory as displayed below: Your character is now successfully sealed. 7) To unseal it just follow step "3" again but pressing "Unseal" instead. That's all there is to it. A very simple process. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  12. What would YOU like to see next?

    This is a good idea, I'll mention it to twostars to check if he finds it viable. Note that right now only the clan leader and assist have control over clan bank which is just a way for the leaders to have more control over it. Nath, the way I thought about this is that Warriors and Priests are a bad class to solo mobs for farm but they fit perfectly well when put together and with this in mind I made sure that the drops are the same exact rate as if they were alone in the the mob. What I mean is, having those different drops in the same mob doesn't supersede the other so this actually help both classes. This thread is quite old so I'm locking it, you can keep sending suggestions on the proper section. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  13. Yet another d3d9.dll Error

    Nath, I forwarded your issue to our admin. We'll sort it out asap.
  14. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    I understand. Aesteris just wasn't aware about that case since it was twostars who had solved it. So he simply didn't have knowledge about that one. Ok then, topic locked now.