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  1. Many people have PMed me asking for Item's , I always reply say I won't help you as it's unfair to other user and I can't spawn any items in as i the command is blocked for me In the respect of the GM events i do , the items are given to me by @Aesteris and I personally advise him of the winners of said prizes , he is more than welcome to check the logs. Everything we as GM's do is Logged , I'm sure @Aesteris Checks the logs on a regular basis
  2. BloodLine Clan War

  3. I myself issue mutes when It is brought to my attention / or if i'm actually in moradon. Hope you don't mind but i've moved your thread into the Feedback and Suggestions
  4. Hi, Can you confirm the suspect name is DeNeK?
  5. LostHeaven Tribute

    Please don't post any links/name of the video, We have spoken to a GM who has advised us that the music is alarming to our members from Turkey , let alone several Private messages I have had regarding the video
  6. Whats your In-Game Name? I need your in-game name to disconnect you from the server
  7. New Player

    Welcome Back! Have you found a Clan yet ?
  8. I think it's best locking this til Alpha/Aesteris look into this in more details , and the outcome is known As Alpha has already stated you are under investigation If you havn't cheated you have nothing to worry about, right ?
  9. A Fun Screenshot

    Thread Locked - Alpha will post when he's looked at the report and reply as necessary if you have any further images etc with the accused in action - send it to Alpha
  10. best afk

    I wasn't about otherwise I would've sorted this for you.