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  1. Zulu

    AdonisTR İFŞA & Disclosure of AdonisTR

    Many people have PMed me asking for Item's , I always reply say I won't help you as it's unfair to other user and I can't spawn any items in as i the command is blocked for me In the respect of the GM events i do , the items are given to me by @Aesteris and I personally advise him of the winners of said prizes , he is more than welcome to check the logs. Everything we as GM's do is Logged , I'm sure @Aesteris Checks the logs on a regular basis
  2. Zulu

    ICity Starting

  3. I myself issue mutes when It is brought to my attention / or if i'm actually in moradon. Hope you don't mind but i've moved your thread into the Feedback and Suggestions
  4. Zulu

    Mage Hack Manes+Staff+Speed Hack

    User Banned by Vivaldi
  5. Zulu

    Mage Hack Manes+Staff+Speed Hack

    Hi, Can you confirm the suspect name is DeNeK?
  6. Zulu

    LostHeaven Tribute

    Please don't post any links/name of the video, We have spoken to a GM who has advised us that the music is alarming to our members from Turkey , let alone several Private messages I have had regarding the video
  7. Zulu

    Char Askıda Kaldı

    Whats your In-Game Name? I need your in-game name to disconnect you from the server
  8. Zulu

    New Player

    Welcome Back! Have you found a Clan yet ?
  9. I think it's best locking this til Alpha/Aesteris look into this in more details , and the outcome is known As Alpha has already stated you are under investigation If you havn't cheated you have nothing to worry about, right ?
  10. Zulu

    A Fun Screenshot

    Thread Locked - Alpha will post when he's looked at the report and reply as necessary if you have any further images etc with the accused in action - send it to Alpha
  11. Zulu

    best afk

    I wasn't about otherwise I would've sorted this for you.
  12. Hi DHC, Thanks for reporting this issue to us, I have managed to replicate the issue and I have forwarded this to our Development team