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    BlackBolt reacted to Baked in .   
    I think its safe to say that over 90% of the population believes that GM Omega is CORRUPT/LAZY. I would like anyone that has any screenshots of this CORRUPT/ LAZY gm to upload it to this forum post. Here is some of the photos i can provide that shows hes corrupt, although i could have screen shotted much more in the past although i didn't. (Hes lucky i don't have some of his team speak recordings). 
    SS #1- Being threatened on his personal character after i killed him in CZ. (This character is no longer active so it is not exposing his real identity.) - https://gyazo.com/082a874c759ac00f5f4d7e425dcf5d9b
    SS#2- Him telling me he will get my kc back from the person who scammed me for 10k kc, if i stop posting a gyazo of him on forums (SS #1) / help him with his combo. - https://gyazo.com/85e4e803220f54a34584c78f0ae4b4ad
    SS#3- Continuation of SS #2- In this photo he gave me a "Early Unmute for Good Behavior" as a reward for not posting SS#1 to the forums. I was muted for spamming in moradon by Sierra for 24 hours. I guess being on good behavior for 15 minutes is enough to get unmuted on apexko? - https://gyazo.com/6a114baec396227884018631e553518d 
    Whatever differences we have, leave them out of this topic. This topic is dedicated for everyone uniting together to provide proof to Twostars/ Aesteris that GM Omega is corrupt. 
    This topic was approved by Vivaldi to be posted ( this is not an accusation, but has proof behind it.)  - https://gyazo.com/e598c495fc64c869b43f300ae275b744
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    BlackBolt reacted to BulletClub in Undefeatable Curse   
    Undef also stops the descent skill of warrior 
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from BulletClub in Gear Dispenser   
    No1 Work here?
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from BulletClub in Gear Dispenser   
    Hello can u add warrior rosetta set+8 with magic power, agate earring+1 or +2 too thanks
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    BlackBolt reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Undefeatable Curse   
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    BlackBolt reacted to Marshmallow in Undefeatable Curse   
    That's a good question, I always thought it only blocks mages TP that's why it's a cheap curse but if it blocks more than that then it's awesome.
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    BlackBolt reacted to Maaz in Undefeatable Curse   
    Undefeatable - enemy can't be tped and can't do /town
    Bombastic Giant - makes an enemy bigger (like he used bezoar) and makes him lose 10% def
    Sweet Kiss - takes off HP buff - works like Reverse Life, so if enemy's scrolled then it suck badly (takes his sc off for 1s and then he gets that 2k HP back :P)
    Chaos - blocks enemy's skillbar (like Shock Stun, with that difference that you can run)
    Restricted Diet - enemy can't use HP pots (except for 1080hp pots) 
    Lousy Pickpocket - takes off enemy's weapon (not shield)
    Fire Rain - aoe attack, no idea how it works...
    Kaul - turns enemy into Kaul pet (can only run and pot) 
    Aztec Gold - enemy gets curse, that if he get healed, he loses 2k HP instead (works for heals, minor and probably pots)
    Mean - blinds enemy
    Adamant - enemy (and NPCs) can't attack you with meele attacks. You can NOT use pots, be debuffed by a single skill (malice, parasite, etc.) and use single buffs and heals 
    Blessing - enemy (and NPCs) can't attack you with magic attacks. You CAN use pots, can't be debuffed by a single skill (malice, parasite, etc.) and use single buffs and heals
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    BlackBolt reacted to mrhankey in Biffrost/Ultima/Felankor/Other Subjects #Destroying Server   
    just remove yougotcheatedbymyass and we all have a rest...
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    BlackBolt reacted to BroOk in Biffrost/Ultima/Felankor/Other Subjects #Destroying Server   
    agree almost with everything.
    1. im 1 of those who going genie on bifrost always every day almost. nd i rare see party fulls there.. nowdays theres 1 max 3 people farming bifrost and chinese partys just going there to kill ultima then again afk..im pretty sure bifrost not killing pk right now . the problem is big bosses and people farmers etc realize theres and easy way to get items just by leeching side.
    keep bifrost alive not gonna kill pk u cant force every single player to 'pk here thats never gonna happen and if u see people doing farm u can just go and disturb there and geting nps .. but as i said doubt this kiling pk theres really max 3 players farming nowdays since bifrost drop nps.
    2. ultima / felo.
    already said and suggest on my topic they need to have random time not respawn after / btw 8 hour - 10 hours.. thats so stupid ofc.. big boses supposed to stay alive alot not dying in 5 min . noticed they increase felankor HP but nothing change is stil diying so fast .
    ultima respawn on bifrost. thats another no sense. saw chinese clans going there with 20 player to kill it every day . that  means in mornings low action in cz they just farm quite. this ultima kill the pk in the mornings ofc.
    wondering why is so hard to make random respawn time like every day change the respawn time..
    3. GMS. ya they are so inactive in game. and the real excuse will be we are working on new patch.
    actually i can say who cares about patch ill like to see low progress on work patch and more active gm active on cz doing boss events np events help player every day etc..but seems this not  gonna happen anymore.
    4. kurian class . agree pull is too much rate. same as ice cube 100% np.
    warrior kurian server . thats apexko nowdays.
    still waiting they do something to make priest able to pk alone but nothing . theres alot topics about mages also and nothing. the answer will be always we are working on patch.
    already give up to give ideas and suggest ,rather  troll players and farm riotes atross in bowl .
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    BlackBolt reacted to JoeglacheL in S>   
    -1 Sick person.
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from Sacrilegious in ItzMDMA Special <3   
    really draki dex on me priest? u havent better idea for try of provoke me? u know what is karma? well im sure that u know now what is that, im not agree with the scam but im enjoy that u receive a punish coz u r a idiot
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    BlackBolt reacted to BroOk in CZ or Go kill bosses then spam mora 24 - 7 ?   
    nowdays seems felo and ultima just killing the pk on cz instead to keep it alive and bring more players to fight.. ultima its strong enough and with the lats changes since is just 30 min up is still possible to have some decent pk for this shotr time..
    about felankor mmmm i dont remember  when is the last time i saw this boss alive for more then 5 min... people just login to kill it fast  to have dayly quest done then rage quit to chaos generator to drop rof everywhere... kinda agree  with : daily quest can be ksed by last hit nation .. and drop will b takend by the party which make most dmg on it.... but still felo is diying so fast .
    imo you should give more resistant felo +  make some % drop ROF +0 instead to drop alot of randoms items + daily quest felankor they shoudnt drop at all rof. lot of people just login 50x character to get dayly done then leech items not good but well thats something we cant do nothing against.
    and more important . change the time of respawn big bosses .. cant be possible they respawn always early on morning or afternoon after bdw and before bf .. ??? what else? its not enough to have kings spaming on each side FELO UP gel help cz to get some items -.- change it already god...
    ps: can we make battle priest alive once on this kurian warrior server? .. + bring mages back already...
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    BlackBolt reacted to BroOk in MaskuLiN Is a SCAMMER   
    Hey sell items only to brook never scam np
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    BlackBolt reacted to XxxKingRazoRxxX in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    Not sure why this is upvoted. Melody's cool and all but those ideas are horrendous lol.
    First of all, +3s in the gear dispenser? When the respective +1 or +2 versions don't even exist? (talking about EP, LKP, etc). Why? So what you do as a mage is log in, get the BiS items from Gear Dispenser and just pk your heart out? With no real sense of progression they would leave just as quickly, especially considering that NP symbols (a big factor for mages) are practically not available to them.
    Second, blue potion huh? Because every single melee wouldn't also buy this? But I guess it doesn't matter because mage damage ignores defense.
    Third, a bad idea as it is. KC is a currency not attainable by any means except big events and your credit card so it doesn't make sense to arbitrarily introduce it as a bandaid fix to appease those that happen to own high NP accounts. However, at that value it wouldn't really hurt because it's kind of a joke (1M nps for 1k kc, you could probably sell the character for higher than $10) it seems way off tbh. It just doesn't make sense imo.
    If it was up to me, I... actually, not gonna say anything because APEXLUL.
    Good luck getting any features to come out, Melody. You'll need it!
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from BulletClub in Using Macro's   
    i know i know
    all is cool all is fine 
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Buy & Sell List (12/01/2018)   
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in What is ApexKO rules of conduct?   
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Buy & Sell List (12/01/2018)   
    Bump bump BUMPLAR! 
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Miguan PK Moive   
    hmm some1 teach me to setup my macro razer synapse 
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Miguan PK Moive   
    more videos killing papaya pls (MDMA), and dont put in your video my sexy mage 
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Party Heals Fail Upon Teleportation   
    all priest have the same problem
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Miguan PK Moive   
    more videos killing papaya pls (MDMA), and dont put in your video my sexy mage 
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Entertainment have g4life   
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    BlackBolt got a reaction from LockJaw in Entertainment have g4life   
    kid? me? im making stupids topics provoking ppl coz havent other thig to do? no right? u don know me and im sure that im more old that u, i try to open your eyes for that u stop with your useless topics or u dont read that all the users start to attack u? really buy u a normal life kid we r boring of u