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  1. Trading List (21/11/2017)

    your in game name for pm
  2. i dont have any reply of any of my topics suggestion of the APEX staff P.D. All is cool all is fine
  3. Hello my suggestion is if is possible add Exceptional Dragon fly+7, Exceptional Trial+7, Exceptional Mithrill+7 & Exceptional Rons+7 in the drop of the FT Chest and the other class of chest coz is imposible made this armors and remove the olds +5 and the useless items example normal shell +8 and other useless weapons example mirage dagger, glave, haldberg, etc thanks,
  4. An epithet for beginners

    im live in peru but i only see in game this class of master of the keyboard
  5. Forum account

    i dont ask u anything stfu
  6. Forum account

    u r a apex staff? no right pls stfu
  7. Forum account

    24 hours and any reply of the english forum master Sierra and he is online yesterday all the times that i login in the forum
  8. Forum account

    i remember perfectly why i receive the ban, the reason is coz omega kick me from ft when he is talking with me in pm and he ask me why i dont attack and i tell him coz i havent party and my seeking is open waiting for party, seconds later he kick me of the ft and when im ask him why he told me coz im afk how is possible that im afk when i answer all his pms, well my patience is very short and i tell him some offensive things coz im very angry with him coz for me he havent the reason and he ban my priest, after that i log in forum with my current forum account and i say where are the gms when we need for the kick the real afkers that never help and always is the same ppl, after that i log the second forum account coz some1 mute me here and i write "sell brain exclusive for gms" and now i know that u ban this account, and for finish the history about why i use a second forum account is not a secret and more of the users know that LockJaw is me and i use this account when i made a topic with problems that i have with my char LockJaw, idk what u try to say with "i dont see a point of having a second account", is my right and im not a child that use this account for cheat or whatever you think. P.D. If the gms want to be impartial log in game in invisible mode for that nobody knows that they are online and they can see who help and who are the real afkers
  9. Forum account

    hello my second forum account LockJaw is banned long time and i dont receive any answer about that, pls un banned thanks
  10. Character seal scroll dont work

    that fix my problem i never think that this cause the problem thanks, dont forget unban my forum account lockjaw pls thanks again
  11. Character seal scroll dont work

    if i put back the ring in other account i can use the scroll then? and about my second forum account what happen with that?