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  1. Yo all are stupid bitches for fighting over ancient ko knowladge huaha cyka.
  2. Yo i am looking for a clan as well. DO NOT invite me unless you can be present 8 people to hunt worms on moradon. Thanks. I am a very good tp priest.
  3. Melee saçmalığı

    Cry baby. Sende haklısın ama ele göre cure almak falan zor cidden. Sen şey yap pus 1 2 3 BAS BAS BAS. HUAA MAGOYUZ.
  4. Melee saçmalığı

    He is right aoe is everything. Its like uh who am i kidding back to killing worms..
  5. YouGotPwndByMyAss vs llDarkSlayerSGll

    Its strange guys like darkslayer can run around and call people noob. Man i remember this guy playing sin rofl mao.
  6. Yan Charı Silmek İstiyorum

  7. That killed pudge for me forever.
  8. I would sell for 20k kc.
  9. S> undef baal +11

    550 zimbabwe dolars.
  10. Wowowow we have a badass over here. Did you google translate this as well?

    Ban him man, he actually makes you look bad..
  12. Fucking hell get this man a translator this made my eyes bleed. Why cant google code this translate shit better smh.

    Corruption as always. GM's should not be this close with players. You should check adonis. Unprofessional and unethical this behaviour. Looks like more of a circus than a pro run server to me everyday. Check lostbalance for any injected items as well he must be hiding them in his kulot.
  14. Who doesnt man. He is like a pudge who keeps constantly hooking the creep. Lovin that dude.

    That you use to kick people you dont like? Yeah i got the memo.
  16. Mhystic Vs LoL

    Hey drew lighten up mate, use an autoaim bot to kill lostcontrol fag and make a video please. +10000 Ban lostcontrol for no scope blaze it 420 action but leave the mages. Its all ibo from here.
  17. I am so glad i finally found a priest on my level. Can we be friends?

    New server is honestly the dumbest suggestion of all. The server has a real easy catch up system. Basically if you have a good team with you, you get the free items which are given to you (they are okey in the hands of a good 8 man party, you might have problems facing of really gg itemed dudes but nothing that cannot be looked past to) go to cz and store np medals. The system itself makes you earn items by attending events and pking. I agree reward that comes from the events are shit and should be modified. They should solve the problem of afkers in every frickin event and they are good to go. Maybe come up with a kick system? Launching a new server woudnt make a difference since people who are noobs now still will be noobs when the new server comes. So can we look past the delusional turkish dream of ''gotta catch em all'' every new server launch? We all know people who are bottom will end up on bottom and people who are on top now will float to top. Dont make me write serious comments here guys ruins my reputition that i want to believe i have..
  19. Great ideas i am going to add some more: 1)Make golden rod drop apex chest with a rate of %20 2)Make golden mattock drop apex chest with a rate of %25 3)I liked the idea with the AOC 4)Put more orc bandit leader we need to add more of them because 3-4 of them on bowl is clearly not enough i want to see bloodline cry more about them. 5)Buff mages and kurians, nerf sins they are too powerful with dual jamadar+11. Thans keep up the good work fam your ideas could really turn this pk server back into a deep dark pit that is farm server. But i am lovin it.
  20. Aziz macro god, black macro god, benbestes literally the worst priest ever maybe even worse than me. Bunch of clowns crying about a true player man. Get gud or gtfo.
  21. Mhystic Vs LoL

    I was going to say nice movie till i saw lostcontrol on the party list. Obviously tbl, koxp, glitch, wallhack, speedhack, maphack, auto aim.. Athena ban please. I know now lostcontrol will say proof? Ok i give you a proof. Do you see the guy clicking on restore symbol and deleting it? I dont see a difference putting a cool down to restore or reversing back the skill to original usko version.
  22. LaTroupe polemik np

    Aziz come makas?
  23. LaTroupe polemik np

    Fuck yaz okulu fransada staja gidicektim fransızcam olmadıgını fark ettim oglum :D:D Bir ts belirleyinde arada muhabet edelim böyle olmaz.
  24. LaTroupe polemik np

    Bakınız beyefendi ben buraya ibrahim beye olan sevgimi göstermeye gelmiş bulunmaktayım. Lütfen problem çıkarmayınız yoksa ünlü makas hareketlerimi kullanmaktan çekinmeyeceğim. Bilgilerinize arz ederim. #1Brookforpresident
  25. LaTroupe polemik np

    Özledik ibo başkan