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  1. lPraAnkI

    Assassin Skills Fail

    u might be pressing it fast, assasin power is way too low in this server, try use'em slowly
  2. Alpha review lPraAnkl ingame chats if you can, coz i talked him once, and he accepted it was him...Peace
  3. lPraAnkI

    lPraAnkl (Buying/Selling list)

  4. lPraAnkI

    Soapy Soapy

    B>Soap.. <3
  5. With this new patch and its critera with the premium thing..u are just making the server too expensive to play...This server is paving the way same as Steam...buy prem or get doomed..
  6. And here u said always open..change it to the contrary once for the non premium users and always open for the premium as a fact if u remember..according to ur post :-)
  7. Ok i got it now,Yeah but the fact still persist..regarding the gear up for the premium users and farmers...
  8. Like this everyone will get a fair and equal chance to play all events..this Is what I am talking about..fair game play
  9. Just limit the caps to the entry to the event for 150 or 200 players ..I think that would work fine...coz this sounds fair game play..coz a couple of seats shall be reserved for the prem users if u implement this criteria.
  10. But still..the fact remains the same...that the premium users will be able to gear up more faster than the non-prem....
  11. Besides if you are activating premium service on certain events,it will let the farmers to simply to be beaten off from the cz and besides the one who spend more money for kc would be able to make the gear faster than that of the players who rather farm to make gears..thus it will make power to mobilized on concentrated hands making it unproductive for the new players..Apex has been alive coz of its unqiueness as it is able maintain a balance between farming and baba -shopping, thats the reason why it was able to pull of more than 9 months and it going to be an year as well...i have played this server since it got started, i am not a big fan of private servers but when i played apex i remembered my old USKO days on C-West, that was the main reason i was able able to stick with Apex since so long, i have seen apex to edge of falling and rise eventually coz of the right decisions which were taken when it was demanded.. however because of some of the players and wrong decision server population got declined drastically..So before implementing like premium service think about all the players not just handful of turks and some english players who are ready to pool down their $ for KC and stuffs besides $ rates are kinda high in some countries thus affording kc and stuffs is kinda hard for them..so please rethink while implementing all these stuffs
  12. I dont like the premium thing that the players without premium can join 1 time per day and with premium 3 times, if apex is looking for serious player's this strategy doesn't looks fine..coz new players aint gnna spend much..for the premium thing..besides they will play first and look into the server how is it going on top of that if they add premium service on certain events...it might create a bad impression among players...coz many players left Steam KO coz of the cash flow which the server demanded from the players..making it quite expensive to be played..as a result..population declined...think about the premium service before implementing this stuff again pls
  13. lPraAnkI

    CrazyTime warriors range

    Mahaveer made a new account on forums xD, this guy wont quit...