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  1. 1. If you encounter a bug, report it on the forums. In case it is gamebreaking, please send a PM to an admin directly to prevent abuse. Depending on its level, it could get you rewarded niftily. Ingame Rules - Bug abuse = 999 ban. IAmJohnWick was twitching to catch up on me when he raid me and i was trying to run. A few minutes later he did it again. This twitching to catch a rogue is a BIG BIG abuse of bugs. I have some screenshots of his confession on him knowing its a bug. When i first thought he was cheating, what he maybe still is . His reply to me saying hes cheating. I responded that on bug abuse is the same 999 ban and i will report it if he doesnt. and some more "its a bug" It has to be looked at and something has to be done!!!