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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from xHomiee in Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO   
    Dear Admins and Gms,
    I believe this would be the ideal time to capitalize on ApexKO with youtube. Not only would it promote advertisement for the upcoming UTC expansion but it's also another venue to provide a small cash income source for ApexKO. Another benefit of youtube is that you can do livestreams which coupled with GM events will bring A LOT of views and subscribers.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO   
    Yeah, we definitely need to be doing more Facebook promotions.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO   
    I just want to preface this by saying we'll consider it.
    With that having said, I think it would be something that's nice to have but not something that would actually help with advertisement (at least, right now).
    The reason for that is we're not really reaching out to a particular audience by doing so. We're still advertising through regular channels (forums, Facebook), which is where they'd come across this video and not YouTube itself. Essentially just complementing the advert in the same way we include images (just... moving images!).
    Additionally, the videos I've seen of private Knight Online servers are pretty much all cringey as all hell. I really don't see this as actually helping people consider playing the server.
    It would be nice to have, if it were established and showcasing activity & events and such (as in, multiple videos over time), and if we actually had someone who could make this happen (I don't think any of the current staff are comfortable with doing this). But for the sole purpose of advertising the server right now, I personally feel like it wouldn't contribute all that much.

    Edit: Just to be clear, they're just my own personal thoughts. We'll talk about it. 
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Jinxxy in [B]KC - Knight Cash!   
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from AgainComeBack in My clan again back Apex :)   
    More players = More pk = More fun.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to AgainComeBack in My clan again back Apex :)   
    Hello there, Whistle again back Apex PvP i see UTC so good. Surprise also 1 party mage again back i say I'll make it manny people come back again for the server  I see mage damage increased and i communicated with mage team's and I'm sure 3-4 mage party will come in 2-3 days
    Good luck everyone!
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Under the Castle expansion   

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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Under the Castle expansion   
    Dear Knight Online and Apex KO lovers,
    We are extremely happy to finally announce the release date for our next expansion: Under The Castle.
    As anyone could’ve guessed by now, we’ll be releasing the expansion Soon™
    Kidding aside though, the expansion will be released on the 9th of March 2018, so make sure to be there! With the addition of the Under the Castle event, we’re taking a big step forward in the development of our server as it provides the perfect opportunity for anyone to join Apex KO! It empowers newcomers (and returning players!) by improving theBeginner Gear, new methods of light-farming, new quests, and new items. All of this enables everyone to put up a fair fight and enjoy the server to the fullest!
    What’s coming with this expansion?
    1) The Under the Castle event – it’s completely scripted and works like official, and it’s rewards include Secret Armor, Under the Castle Weapons, and materials to make both – simply participating in the event already gets you rewards, whether you’re solo or in a party!
    2) Improved Beginner Gear:  enables you to get right in the action!
    3) Addition of “Spirit of Logos” in CZ: giving you something extra to hunt;
    4) Improved CSW rewards: all that effort needs to be properly rewarded;
    5) Monthly rewards for our top 4 ladder rank players:  5 days of Darkness Weapons and Holy Armors;
    6) Increased drop rate on Super Shells, and farming of Rosetta Armors;
    7) Mage damage increase: matching the official servers;
    8) Offline merchants: no need to leave your computers on anymore to hustle Moradon;
    9) 5 days of Cospre items (Valkyrie, pathos, etc) as a gift for new accounts;
    10) One time opportunity to name change for free (expires in 24 hours);

    We’d also like to express our appreciation to all our supporters and the countless messages we receive daily asking for a new opportunity to join our server and say that this is your chance!
    Ever wished to join Apex KO but were scared of being unable to put up a fight as a newcomer?
    Now is the perfect time to join our great community –the improved beginner gear put’s you right at the gates to start kicking ass, and enables you to participate in everything the server has to offer, right out of the box!
    Join us on our journey to bring Knight Online players the highest quality, longest lasting, most stable, most secure and, most of all, most trustworthy server!
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Under the Castle expansion   
    Sevgili Knight Online ve Apex KO hayranları,
    Sonunda yeni gelecek olan genleşme yamamızı duyurmaktan son derece mutluluk duyuyoruz : Under the Castle (UTC)
    Genleşme yaması 9 Mart tarihinde yayınlanacak, orada olduğundan emin ol! Under the Castle (UTC) etkinliğini ekleyerek, sunucumuzun gelişiminde ileriye doğru büyük bir adım atıyoruz: bu da herkese Apex KO'ya katılmak için mükemmel bir fırsat sağlar! Yeni başlayan oyuncuları(ve sunucumuza geri dönen oyuncuları!) güçlendirmek için, başlangıç donanımı gelişecek, yeni hafif-farm yöntemleri, yeni görevler ve yeni donanımlar gelecek.
    Tüm bunlarla herkese adil bir kapışmada ne yapabildiğini gösterme fırsatı sağlıyoruz!
    Peki yenilikler neler mi?
    1) Under the Castle (UTC) etkinliği-tamamen yazılmış ve resmi sunuculardaki gibi çalışıyor, ve ödüller arasında Secret Zırhı,Under the Castle Silahları ve her ikisinide yapmak için materyaller bulunuyor – yalnızca etkinliğe katılmanız size ödülleri kazandır, ister yalnız olun, ister partide;
    2) Yeni başlayanların zırhları gelişti : yeni gelen oyunculara eşitlik sağlandı;
    3) CZ'ye "Spirit of Logos" eklendi : size avlamak için ekstra bir şey;
    4) CSW ödülleri arttı : tüm bu çabanın doğru bir şekilde ödüllendirilmesi gerekli;
    5) Aylık sıralamada ilk 4 sıradaki oyunculara ödüller : 5 günlük Darkness silahları ve Holy zırhları;
    6) Super Shell'in düşme oranı arttı ve Rosetta zırhını artık farm yaparak elde edebileceksiniz;
    7) Büyücünün hasarı arttı : resmi sunuculara eşit olarak;
    8) Çevrimdışı Pazar: artık bir hesabınız pazar yaparken siz başka hesabınızla oyunu oynayabilirsiniz;
    9) Yeni hesaplara 5 günlük Cospre donanımı (Valkyrie,pathos vs.) hediye;
    10) Ücretsiz olarak bir kez isim değiştirme fırsatı (24 saat içinde sona eriyor)
    Ayrıca tüm bizi destekleyen ve her gün sunucumuza katılmak için yeni bir fırsat arayan oyunculardan gelen sayısız mesajları takdir ederiz ve bunun sizin için iyi bir fırsat olduğunu söylemek isteriz.
    Şimdi katılmak için tam zamanı – geliştirilmiş başlangıç donanımı, imha etmeye başlamanızı sağlar ve sunucumuzun size sunabileceği her şeye katılmanızı sağlar!
    Knight Online oyuncularına, yüksek kalitede, uzun ömürlü, istikrarlı, güvenli ve en önemlisi güvenilir bir sunucu sunmak için bize katılın.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (23/02/2018)   
    Fixed a bug with clan leader handovers as a result of the rework we did on this system a little while back Fixed up all clans that were affected by the aforementioned bug (whether they were aware or not) Implemented offline merchants, which we're excited to be testing this weekend, and are scheduled to go live with the Under the Castle expansion.
    More information on how to use this new feature this weekend can be found here Fixed all bugs found with UTC during the last testing round Finished implementation of UTC and surrounding systems (the expansion announcement will be hitting later today) Added Teleport Gate's to Bifrost towns (eventhough the zone is no longer used, if everyone in your party dies there was no way to leave the zone aside from waiting for Bifrost to finish) Fixed an issue with Yeniceri cospre exchanges (certain vouchers couldn't be used) Fixed a bug with merchant messages being considered spam sometimes.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in How to use offline merchants [TESTING ONLY]   
    Hey everyone!
    This weekend, we're opening up our offline merchant feature for testing purposes. It will be officially launched in the upcoming Under the Castle expansion.
    While you have the [Offline Merchant Emblem] equipped, you can setup a selling (buying merchant does not work!) merchant stall and logout, and your merchant will continue selling its items ingame. You will be able to log into another account while your items are still being sold (note: it must be a different account, you cannot log into side characters).
    Once all items are sold (or the emblem expires, or you log back into your account), your merchant will be logged out.
    NOTE: As is with normal merchanting, you are responsible for making sure you don't go above 21GB - any noah gain above this will be lost and will not be reimbursed.

    Each character will receive a free [Offline Merchant Emblem Voucher] (TEST) in their inventory.
    If your inventory is full, you can clear some space and relog and it should show up.

    This voucher can be exchanged at [Familiar Tamer] Kate in Moradon.

    To use it, you must first equip the emblem.

    While the [Offline Merchant Emblem] is equipped, you can /MERCHANT and setup your stall as usual.
    Then you can exit the game.

    Other players will continue to see and use your merchant stall in-game after you're logged out.
    You will only see the "offline merchant" symbol above your head when you're actually offline (and merchanting),
    so you know anybody with this symbol above their head is actually offline.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Our future client project...   
    This is by far our most exciting -- and promising! -- project, and one that I've been spending every possible moment on lately.
    Why is this project important?
    Firstly, before I get into anything, I should explain why the client source -- and this project -- is important.
    It's essentially useful for 2 things: being able to more easily fix things ourselves, and giving us the option to literally do anything. I can't stress this last part enough. With the server, we have some means of creativity; but anything we could implement has to find a way to have this deal with the client in a suitable manner.
    Having the client source removes this limitation entirely. Our server, our client. We can do whatever we want with it.
    We need a new UI? We can make one and add it in. Imagine the possibilities.
    Regarding fixing things, right now we rely on official updates from mgame; our update process revolves around using their code and adding in our patches (each time) to fix their issues (that they haven't yet fixed themselves).
    Each update we hope that they've actually fixed things that we've yet to fix for them (manually, with assembly, which is a considerably more daunting and time consuming task for us than it is for them with the client source). Changing a single line of code for them, may take us a few hours to do manually via assembly (having to track down where this logic is, etc).
    And now some history...
    If you're not aware, there exists a set of leaked (official) source files for ~1.06x (for the server AND client -- as well as their development tools) from way back in 2002~2003. This was before its first released version, and before anything was actually implemented properly, but it's still a tremendously invaluable resource as a lot of things still are handled similarly -- if not the same -- even now in 2.1xx.
    So way back during server development (~2013) I explored updating the client source. I updated it to support the various new file formats, and had it connecting to our server -- compiled for 1.298 -- since UI behaviour is a lot closer (less of a jump, means easier to get in and mess with things without having to update literally everything to get to that point). I implemented capes, symbols (rendering and importing them via the UI), premium stuff, PM windows (because again: this was back before PM windows even existed!), loot boxes, and a bunch more.
    Eventually I moved on to play with 2.0xx, but quickly lost interest for a few reasons: there was a ton more to do, we were very busy with server development still (so this felt like wasted time), and well, at the time I was doing it solo, so I felt like it was too much of a monumental undertaking to attempt at this point in time.
    Aaaaaand now skip to this year (2017)
    The server's in a very good place, to the point where major server development is few and far between now (usually just bug fixes at this stage), and the OpenKO project happened.
    If you're not familiar with the project, they set about messing with the client source as well in an attempt to update it while learning how things work. This piqued my interest, and I became involved with it for a bit. Many hands make light work, after all.
    However, my experiences with open-source KO development have taught me that it's... well, a terrible idea (blah blah working alone blah blah spoonfeeding people blah blah people complaining about things not being implemented while at the same time selling it for their own personal gain blah blah... you get the idea), so I took the opportunity to ask those who were actively contributing about doing so in a private repository.
    Surprisingly (or maybe not?) that went over quite well. I should add that the project isn't specifically for ApexKO; most are just doing it for their own learning purposes, but ultimately it's my goal to use this project here, in place of the official client.
    I should probably also mention that I still help out with the public project; it is still a great place to learn how things work, so I'm happy to help people out over there. My main development focus though, is with the private repo. With the private repo it's a lot more comforting knowing that people aren't going around selling it while harassing you to implement/fix things for them (I'm not even kidding; this happened.).
    Since, we've made leaps and bounds with the project.
    At the time of writing, we've:
    Implemented symbols (clan, PVP, party leader, chicken, etc) Implemented capes Added premium behaviour (texts and whatnot) Updated overhead info (e.g. line under clan leader's name), fixed ranges on names, etc. Reimplement TBL handling logic to support newer TBLs and handle them in a more intuitive way (without having to save to .tmp files after decrypting >_>). Implemented merchant stalls, UIs and all relevant logic for it (UIs are more intuitive to interact with, as well) Implemented loot boxes Implemented the upgrade system, so you can now compound accessories and upgrade items. The anvil will show the effect when you burn an item or upgrade it, etc. Implemented the new "presents" screen Implemented the new login screen Implemented the new nation selection screen (and fixed the old one) Updated the character creation screen. Implemented backwards compatibility for old UIs  Updated and fixed rendering of item tooltips Fixed wrapping issues with tooltips in general Implemented drag/drop behaviour from skill tree -> skill bar. Implemented updated hostility behaviour and unified it all. Implemented event tile support (for triggering things like zone notices) Implemented zone notices (for entry and area triggers) Implemented commands UI Implemented exit menu Started migrating logic to use a 3D engine (so we aren't tied to DirectX and Windows, and we can also optimise our rendering pipeline). Updated the party list UIs. Implemented debuff behaviour for HP bars (and for party lists). Implemented mousewheel event support Reimplemented networking logic (for stability, performance, easier to work with, etc). Reimplemented input logic to no longer rely on Windows edit controls (meaning we needed to implement all of the editbox behaviour ourselves, like handling moving the caret and keys/hotkeys like CTRL+C/CTRL+V, home/end, etc) Implemented most of the King system UIs (will probably be done by the end of the week, even) Implemented the skill cooldown effect overlay ... and much, much more. I actually probably shouldn't have been as specific, because I was really just listing changes (at random, really) I considered reasonably noteworthy -- but they're far from all.
    In closing...
    Long story short, the work we've put into this project so far has been monumental. So much so that it's looking likely that we'll have sufficient 1.298 support to push into future versions reasonably soon.
    The project is extremely exciting. Time consuming, for sure, but very exciting and offers us endless new options.
    Perhaps I might make status reports regarding this project here, if anyone's interested in seeing how things are coming along. 
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Our server   
    Unlike other servers, we've put a lot of work into our server -- several years worth, in fact. Actually, I can safely say that we're the reason that most people are even using source code to develop servers now, rather than messing with the official binaries.
    This is why I'd like to go into some detail about our server, since it's not something that's usually talked about outside of bug reports and such.
    A brief history
    Our server was initially created as a result of our attempts to push open source development in the Knight Online community, in 2012~2013.
    The project's intent was to update the official C++ source files (for ~1.06x) to a usable state for community learning purposes.
    Although the project ultimately went closed source due to lack of community attention, in the years since then we've made leaps and bounds with the project, rewriting most systems from the ground up to behave in a more logical and optimised fashion, doing our best to respect both DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) and KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principles, as well as updating to support the latest version of Knight Online (2.1xx at the time of writing).
    It has been a monumental undertaking, but in doing so, we've learned a lot about how the official server works (and even more about how it doesn't), and have always striven to improve upon it (as well as our own implementation).
    While we do deviate in some regards (with good intentions), accuracy is very important to us.
    We have spent a great deal of time reversing official server and client binaries, as well as testing behaviour on official and scouring through its packet logs.
    As-is, we're confident that in most respects that have any importance (e.g. damage calculations, rates, etc.) our implementations behave the same as (or very, very close to) official's.
    Cheat detection
    While official and 99% of private servers rely on client checks to detect cheating, we do not believe in playing this easily-bypassable game of cat and mouse. As such, our server is very proactive in its detection of cheat methods to lock them down permanently, i.e. with no means of bypass.
    From ensuring we deal with client input in a safe manner to things like verifying every step of the skill casting process, or enforcing tight server-side collision and movement speed checks, we always strive to ensure that players have no vector for abuse. Obviously this is always a work-in-progress and isn't perfect or complete (what is?), and we're introducing new logic to prevent more general cheating behaviour as it pops up, but we're proud of how far we've come - and that we've come so far compared to official (and other private servers) in this regard.
    Aesteris and I have both put years into developing this server (and I'm sure there's many more to come), and at this point I'm confident in saying our server performs - in most respects - better than official. On this note, we've found that many official bugs are caused by design flaws or simply their tendency to copy & paste their logic (and miss things).
    During implementation, we are always ever-present of performance concerns, be it in regards to how much time/resources a player request can consume (or anything in general), how costly a database hit will be, or even how much data is being (unnecessarily) sent to players -- performance matters to us, because it matters to players. A server falling under its own weight isn't worth playing.
    Zone instances are one interesting example of this. Officially and in 99% of private servers, "instances" are implemented such that when dealing with anyone in an instance, it still has to deal with all players in that zone (i.e. all instances of that zone). So instead of the 16 people we want to deal with in our Border Defense War instance, we deal with the 200 players across all of them.
    Here, we implement this system fairly logically: each instance is a self-contained unit attached to a zone. When dealing with players (or NPCs/monsters for that matter) in these instances, we only ever deal with the 16 actually in it.
    Similarly, officially we've noticed they tend to scan the entire server when looking for players to affect with skills nearby. As always, this extends to private servers as well, though most will have this (slightly) optimised from when this was open source. Here, of course, we only ever look for those actually near the player.
    This extends even to our database implementation. Beyond optimising the database design to avoid unnecessary or overly intensive lookups, we've also moved away from Microsoft SQL Server as - while it's a decent product - in several situations, it doesn't fit our performance needs (we also mostly moved away from Windows in general, which was another reason for dropping it).
    While not all are, many of our performance improvements are entirely noticeable by players. For example: unlike official or other private servers, there is close to no delay in logging in and selecting your character (the only delay is your own connection latency; officially and on other private servers, these backend requests take quite some time themselves). Additionally, we optimise our outgoing traffic to avoid congestion on the player side -- which saves you (and us) bandwidth, and means the client isn't bogged down as much processing the traffic.
    Events (and timing)
    Although fairly common with most of our systems, I feel that our event system (in no small part because of our timed event system) should be pointed out in particular as it is a colossal improvement over the way official implements events (as well as other private servers).
    Officially (and again, other private servers -- these go hand in hand), events are scheduled based on specific time checks. That is, if an event is scheduled at 01/02/2017 12:30PM, their game timer will check (every 6 seconds) if the current time matches. That is, it'll check if the day is 1, month is 2, year is 2017, hour is 12 and minutes are 30. Every 6 seconds.
    This means that issues with clock changes can easily upset it, not to mention issues with restarts not realising it has yet to run even though the time has passed (because it isn't exactly that time!).
    Here, we have a scheduler for timed events. Times scheduled in the past will run immediately, while times in the future will run once that time has passed. As always, we're ever-present of performance concerns, and scheduling in this manner can be very sensitive performance-wise, but in its present state our scheduling system performs wonderfully.
    Virtually everything timing-related in our server runs via this system in 1 of 2 ways (again, for performance reasons): in a "precise" mode, where we require a higher granularity (e.g. skill timings), or in a general mode for everything else that matters a lot less (e.g. event scheduling).
    From scheduling to running parts of the events, timing is very important with events.
    As I've mentioned previously, our implementations aim to behave logically. We also aim to keep features as self-contained as possible, unlike official, where you have random logic strewn about that exists that doesn't have an obvious use until you determine it's for, say, a specific case in an event.
    Obviously, when your codebase is littered with random things like this, it's very difficult to maintain, and very prone to bugs. We're all familiar with the bugginess of Knight Online; official servers, particularly. This is why.
    In contrast, we keep all of our event logic with the rest of that event's logic. And I don't mean just keeping it in the same source files.
    I mean, as a common example, if we need to handle the death of a player or monster in this event, we implement a specialized zone instance class for this event's instance, and override its OnDeath() event. Meaning, it's only ever handled in this event by design and no other logic needs to be aware of it.
    As previously said: we aim to implement things logically, in an attempt to keep things readily maintainable and avoid bugs.
    Custom behaviour
    While accuracy is important to us, so is an improved player experience.
    For starters, we're perfectly comfortable with taking features and reworking them into something that can be of use. For example: our in-game Class Transfer feature. This feature doesn't exist officially; it uses the official Nation Transfer feature to accomplish this, as the UI provides the ability to change their desired features -- which is the only time a player needs to make a decision (beyond their desired class, which we accomplish by prompting for that in the NPC -- easy!).
    Another example of this is taking their event system and reimplementing the Forgotten Temple and Juraid Mountain events to work with it, so players can now simply use the sign-up feature to access this event, rather than finding and talking to their respective NPCs. This means a much nicer user experience and increased participation to the events.
    And how about our clan banks? Their inn UI was easily repurposed for this custom feature that again, does not exist officially.
    And to finish this off...
    It's very easy to see this as "another server", but you need to realise that everything implemented in the game -- everything! -- has been written by us, at this point, from scratch. At the beginning of this project (which if memory serves was aiming to get it up and running with 1.8xx), we didn't have things like merchanting, we didn't have upgrades, let alone any type of event (even old events like Forgotten Temple or Bifrost). For a while I personally didn't really think we'd end up getting it anywhere, but continued to work on it in my spare time regardless.
    Now we have a fully-featured, highly optimised server implementing almost everything official has to offer.
    We've come a very, very long way in this time. We have more work to do (as always), but I hope this at least gives a small glimpse into what's actually involved behind-the-scenes in actual server development and why we're different to other servers.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in Solar Tattoo   
    I think 20gb 30 days is good
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from S4k in B< BUY 20K APEX KC SEND ME SOME LOVE <3   
    Bump for friend !
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in NPT server ultima felankor guest npt :D   
    Does not look like NPT.  the player most likely was raiding noob farmers. Needs to be more consistent and killing same person.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Eos in Maintenance (29/01/2018)   
    Selam arkadaşlar,
    Server saat 2:00 AM GMT+2'de kapanacaktır. Server tekrar saat 2:00 PM GMT+2'de (12 saat sonra) açılacaktır ama tabi bu sadece kaba bir tahmin.
    Bu sırada server'de olan gecikme sorunlarıyla ilgileneceğiz, hem de donamımızı yükseltip başka sorunlarıda düzelteceğiz (geciken emaıller, gelmeyen emailler, vs.)
    Sabrınız için teşekkürler.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Maintenance (29/01/2018)   
    Hey guys,
    The server will be going down at 2:00 AM GMT+2. We estimate it to come up around 2:00 PM GMT+2 (12 hours) but that's just a rough estimation.
    In this time we'll be migrating servers over to our new provider to address latency issues as well as upgrade hardware and fix some other nuisance issues (slow emails, emails not coming through, etc). UTC will not be released in this maintenance.
    See this post for a more detailed look at what's going on behind-the-scenes.
    Thanks for your patience.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Lag? Disconnections??   
    Hey guys,
    Once again, been a while since our last major status update. Since, we've updated the client, implemented the Castellan dungeon and rewritten the King system. I'm not going to reiterate what I've said there, but the remainder for the most part still needs to be done. More on that in a bit.
    We're also now trialling our new Turkish GM Eos as we've been lacking a staff member who can support our Turkish playerbase. Please give him a warm welcome.
    But the lag though~
    Firstly though, I want to talk about the lag and disconnections that have started happening recently. This has been an issue for some for a while longer, but was made noticeable when we started being more strict about how much players were allowed to lag before we kick them (otherwise we end up with issues such as players appearing to be cheating because they're lagging behind).
    This lag has been a recurring issue we've experienced with our provider, HyperFilter. Each time they've gone away and eventually dealt with it (after back and forthing with them trying to stress that it is indeed an issue). It's something we're aware of and we're always dealing with, although it may not seem like it.
    At this point, we think they're rather overrated and terrible value for money, so we've decided to switch providers.
    This switch also means upgrading hardware, because it's been 4 years since we started with HyperFilter -- 4 years technology wise is a huge gap. At this point, the newer hardware is cheaper than what we're currently paying for our much older hardware (RIP. We should really consider upgrading more regularly).
    Additionally, their DDoS mitigation scales much better than HyperFilter's ever did, meaning in future, if need be we have the option at our disposal.
    Location wise, it will still be hosted in Amsterdam. Regular latency should be much the same; HyperFilter's own latency issues aside, players all over the world in general haven't been too severely impacted by its location (obviously there are exceptions, but in general it's been a great choice).
    In addition to this, we're excited to try out a beta service our new provider offers which attempts to reduce latency for game services in a manner similar to how services like WTFast work (just from their end). We're very hopeful this will further help players with latency issues, although we have no other real info on this right now (we're still looking into getting it hooked up to give it a try).
    We've been setting these up all week, and will most likely be fully switching things over on Monday. As there's a lot of data to migrate we'll probably have a 12 hour downtime, though the exact time will still be figured out.
    Alongside the move, we're looking at addressing some other longstanding issues players have experienced.
    We'll be dropping CloudFlare. As great as CloudFlare is at caching content, players have consistently had issues connecting to certain nodes causing page timeouts that we can't do anything about. If you've PM'd me about this -- this is why I (probably) haven't responded. Once we drop CloudFlare, these timeouts should disappear and the site should be consistently usable again.
    Unfortunately this also means screwing with our SSL certificate; we'll have a new one, so browsers may briefly have issues with this change. Fingers crossed for the best though.
    We've also updated caching. This has caused some odd issues with the website, particularly with identifying recent emails.
    On a similar note, we're no longer serving our own emails; this is now being offloaded to SendGrid. For those that don't receive their emails or take a while to receive them, this should help out a lot. This change has already been made to the forums, so emails should be working much better here right now.
    Finally, we've made some general backend updates to the website, and the webserver happens to have a lot more resources to work with now. This speeds things up noticeably. The general functionality & design of the website remains the same.
    When we switch things over to the new provider, these changes should all be pretty noticeable.
    Regarding the game itself, we've also decided to update the compiler considerably. This wouldn't normally be worth mentioning if we didn't rely on several language features that have been changed/improved.
    One specific example is our random number generation. There's been a lot of concerns with this (particularly in regards to it giving recurring results), but it's very hard to find fault in RNG; rate tests have given us reasonably accurate results, so my general response to this is always "RNG is RNG". I also want to trial a different approach for this; this will probably be done before we migrate, just to see if there's any noticeable difference in recurring results.
    Additionally, in the compiler we were using, it's been reported that it does not know how to optimise 'lambdas' well. As our code relies a lot on lambdas (really, a lot), we should see a lot of our code that's run a lot (e.g. sending data to players in nearby regions) get sped up. Exciting for us, anyway.
    Fingers crossed for these performance improvements come Monday!
    That's great and all... but I heard there was going to be a new expansion? And where's my UTC??
    Yes. There's a new expansion in the works, and UTC is part of it. It really isn't too far away.
    Actually, we hoped to release the expansion at the same time as the move, but since I insisted on updating software (and updating/fixing everything that uses it) and generally improving the infrastructure, the migration ate up a lot more time than we anticipated. Whoops.
    I don't have a date for it, but considering we originally hoped it'd be released this weekend, it shouldn't be too far away.
    So once that's released, what's next?
    We still want to continue making progress with our client source project. The plan is to get back to focusing on that after the UTC expansion is sorted, as that is our long-term goal.
    Additionally, as in the last major status update, we still want to contract a developer/designer for a new website. As-is, the website is clunky and doesn't offer everything we'd like it to. It also doesn't make a great first impression, and unfortunately that's rather important in attracting new players (aesthetics was never our strong suit D:).
    Until next time!
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Eos in Welcome GM Eos!   
    Thank you very much for inviting and welcoming me Vivaldi 
    I will try to help people and I will do my best to make them happy.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Vivaldi in Welcome GM Eos!   
    Greetings Apexians!
    I'm writing this topic to introduce everyone to our new Game Master, his name is Eos! This is great news because he is fluent in Turkish which means that our turkish community will finally get the support they deserve!
    As a regular Apex procedure, in the first month he'll be categorized as a Trial GM, meaning that he's still in the "learning" process and being accompanied by us, getting to know the server better and our way to manage issues and how to properly adress our users.
    Don't be afraid to greet and welcome him to our server!
    Without further ado, welcome Eos! We're very happy to have you on board!
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to ZuKing in SlayerNation   
    ZuKing here. Wanted to invite all active english speaking  Karus "Orc" players to come join a great team and family. SlayerNation is now in ApexKO and looking to rise to the top. PM myself or any other member for more info. PKers and Farmers alike come together for one goal. To have a great gaming experience!
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to MON5TER in server unbalanced during bosses / CZ dead rest the day?   
    I think a full wipe and restart is in need and make it more of a farm server.
    (I just wanna see tukeownz with 0 nps) np