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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Roxas in KingBAKED SPECIAL   
    this guy screenshotted 2 vs's he won. one of the vs's he completely outgeared my starter gear lmfaooooo. But im to lazy to upload the other 3 or 4 vs i destroyed him in
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Patch notes (08/06/2018)   
    Reworked projectile checks All projectiles are now checked thoroughly, not just arrows. Individual arrows failing on hit (e.g. because the target is dead) no longer cause the other remaining arrows to fail. Arrows failing on hit no longer shows an error. Reworked arrow checks for Multiple Shot/Arrow Shower skills which were intended for verifying the arrow travelled in the correct direction. These were a little inaccurate, so occasionally these caused individual arrows to fail. Fixed a minor bug with the projectile distance check that caused it to be allowing slightly less than the intended range. In effect this was rarely ever a problem, since it only affected extreme cases. Red/Blue potions (and their buffs) obtained during invasions are now removed when leaving the invasion zone or logging out. This is to prevent players from trying to obtain them at the last minute to maximise their use in Ronark Land afterwards. The King's clan is now able to Nation Transfer when the King is removed from it. Conversely, any clan they join will no longer be able to transfer. Fixed a bug with stun/slow calcs. These now finally perfectly match official rates. Teleportation skills blocked by silences now fail the cast to prevent the teleport skill from going on cooldown & consuming mana. Fixed a client bug causing stuns to persist on death. Fixed a client bug causing various problems when the player is too close to a target (or rather, inside them). [Sealed Souls] (the "To find the lost soul" quest item) will no longer be mailed to you when your inventory is full. It was previously possible to abuse this by having the server mail you as many as you wished, stocking up so you could just skip running the quest and turn it in immediately. These extra items have been removed. Hanguk Sword(+13)'s STR bonus is now shown correctly in the client.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Sacrilegious in B. Fll Rogue   
    krowaz 11 rb
    diet raum 11
    moon light +8
    2x eme3
    elf belt3
    draxcii sss
    iron belt3
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in YougotPwnedByMyAss Range+Skill Tbl   
    You guys know that you're claiming stuff that was fixed over a year ago right? I mean you linked to the video, you can see the date for yourselves...
    He lives near the server. His ping is next to nonexistent.
    You guys don't. Your ping is high.
    He has the advantage there in regards to skill casts. You don't; you have to wait for the lag (yay).
    You see him slightly further away because your client isn't fully caught up. There's the delay between movement updates.
    That's the "range hacking" you see in the video... lag.
    If TBL editing is as easy as you claim, I welcome you to go attempt it yourself (on a different character though, because I won't unban anyone caught by it).
    That's right. I'm telling you to go nuts abusing range & cooldown limits if you want to.
    That's how confident I am that about these claims (but mostly the server).

    Closing this thread.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Patch notes (01/06/2018)   
    Players gifted via the store will now receive the letter upon purchase (or more specifically, when the purchaser closes the store). Clan position names and memos are now removed upon leaving a clan. As these are technically tied to players these were never reset, so they persisted in the next clan you joined. These are easy to edit, but for the purposes of avoiding additional confusion (since many don't know they even are editable), these are now getting reset. Fixed a bug causing Castle Siege War rewards to not be removed from players who were kicked from the clan while offline. Fixed a bug causing certain teleports to still fail while Gab's Adamant is active. Fixed a bug with Mage staff skills R-component dealing too much damage. <Center Artifact> in Castle Siege War now takes significantly reduced damage & has twice as much HP. Plwitoon (in the lava) is now only scaled by ranged players. Melee are able to sometimes ineffectively hit it, but not enough to pull their weight. This caused the boss to scale higher than intended. This has been fixed so only ranged players are counted when scaling. Fixed a bug with the "Sleep" skill which could bug monsters into not attacking. This in particular was noticed with Ultima. Disabled Bifrost as we look into ways to improve the event. We'll be changing it's current form altogether as it takes away too much from PK action, you can expect its return within a week or 2! Under the Castle bosses were made slightly easier to defeat (their HP scales slightly less) Under the Castle bosses' HP regeneration per 10 seconds has been changed from 10% of max health to 4% of max health. [Update] Fixed a bug causing bosses to die as a result of scaling, in turn preventing them from phasing.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Sick in CSW PK   
    The music is on point.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Our quest script generator   
    Knight Online has a lot of quests. Like, a lot. Hundreds, if not thousands.
    In part, this is due to the fact most are doubled up per-nation, but still -- for a game that's praised for its PvP, it has a lot of quests.
    Since their Reign of the Fire Drake expansion, their quest system was changed up considerably. All of their quests are now referenced in the client and a lot of the boilerplate logic has been wrapped up (it's still a horrible system though, but it's an improvement over the original).
    When we got to the point with the server's development where we seriously started considering releasing a server, one of the first things that came to mind was how many quests there were, and how much of a daunting task that would be to implement them. Honestly, at this point I was desperate to find some way of not having to deal with writing these up manually -- because it was a colossal task, which would be prone to introducing bugs.
    We realised that with the information provided, we could use this to automatically generate ~95% of quests automatically. There are outliers (for example, chain quests), but 95% of the hundreds of quests that exist is still huge.
    So Aesteris mocked up the initial implementation of our quest script generator, to give us an idea of how we were approaching it. We ended up rewriting it after that, but now it generates every quest it can (and we fill in the rest), e.g. this simple quest (this one doesn't have class-specific logic; the generated output can get more complex than this):
    ------------------------ -- Quest: Hasten potion -- Speed potion vial is awarded for 2 Apples of Moradon. ------------------------ function Event314_NotStarted() pUser:SelectMsg(4, 82, 315, 22, 315, 23, -1) end function Event315_Start() pUser:SaveEvent(82, 1) end function Event319_PendingReward() if pUser:CanRunQuestExchange(29) then pUser:SelectMsg(5, 82, 315, 10, 317, 27, -1) else pUser:SelectMsg(2, 82, 315, 10, -1) end end function Event317_Complete() if byEventStatus == 1 then pUser:SaveEvent(82, 3) elseif byEventStatus == 3 then if pUser:CheckExistEvent(82, 2) then return end if pUser:RunQuestExchange(29, bySelectedReward) then pUser:SaveEvent(82, 2) else pUser:SelectMsg(3, -1, 11, 10, -1) end end end Officially there are occasionally some quests which have extra filler text which this can't support (because it knows nothing about these extra steps), but they're often fluff and don't offer anything of importance. Most players probably even skip these, so they're never really a huge priority to support.
    And that's our script generator. The thing that makes our quests possible (because I was never going to write those manually; you can't make me do it. Nope.).
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (18/05/2018)   
    Fixed an issue where Gab's Adamant would block certain Krowaz curses it shouldn't. Slight change to Stun and slow calculations, they now use the correct data to calculate the rate with (this was fine in 99% of the cases, we've fixed it for the 1% that weren't correct) Mob kill credit is now given to all party members in range Changed HP scaling behavior on bosses a little Added HP scaling behavior logging, to debug any issues with it that may be there (e.g. health bars skipping back to 100%) Update: Fixed a bug with HP scaling and certain buff/debuff interactions.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in CSW PK   
    Last Sunday CSW PK. Enjoy!!!
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in WE NEED A CHANGE   
    We’re looking into ways to address a couple of pain points with the Bifrost event and Ultima event, stay tuned for these changes
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Gab's Adamant Curse [BUG]   
    This is correct! You can get tped in Usko while having Gab's Adamant curse on so it also should be like this in Apex if they follow Usko.
    For example it's pretty stupid if ur Gab's Adamant Curse goes off in a mage party you are 100% dead u can't use hp pots or use descent or anything so you will just die in 1 second. Or you need to be lucky get healed by a priest
    And same goes for Gab's Blessing in a melee party!

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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Melody in Gab's Adamant Curse [BUG]   
    I rememeber that I already reported the bug with the Gab's Adamant Curse.
    But anyways I have a proof now, so it should be it.

    USKO -> Manes.

    You can check this video at 09:45 mins
    The Mage got the Gab's Adamant Curse ON! also the Priest, at the same time. and the Mage could TP him.
    1) right now on ApexKO I don't think that the mage can TP anyone while the Curse is ON [himself] or use any other skill, but I'm not sure about that.
    2) but I'm sure 100% that the mage can't tp anyone that got the Gab's Adamant Curse ON! a Warrior / Priest / Mage or any other class.
    Also Warrior can't decent while the Curse is ON! even tho it should WORK, to Decent or to get tped by a Mage... 

    As I remember ON USKO Servers just Gab's Blessing Curse couldn't Decent or get tped by a Mage.

    Eden || Melody
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to StrongLegionUnfairClan in FARM & PK   
    Agreed with MERET. 
    I remember before when there was always pk around 200 users in cz 100 eachside. You had only 1 boss Felankor and just 2 Farm Options.
    Farm Option 1: Bowl for goldcoins/silverbars. Farm Option 2: Behind the base BloodSeeker/Beast for Blessed Upgrade Scrolls This was the only thing for real farm at cz nothing else like the admins said in the past at 2016 29 april PK Server!
    But now you also have:
    Mini Bosses spawns all over the map (dropping any medal/apexis chest item!)
    Apostle Piercing Cold(Bus)
    Dragon Tooth Commander(Bus)
    Balog&Booro(Hepa Exc Weapons)
    Titan(Trial&Dragon Scale Armors)
    Falcon (Mythrill armors)
    Evil wizard(Rons armors)
    Biffrost(Holy Knight Armor Materials) And i'll like to add this one it's taking 6 Hour a day of the pk time!
    Ultima(Good Items & A quest that make everyone go in one nation to kill it fast asap and everyone keeps telling eachother at Ultima u have pk! So they never come in Colony Zone only for this ultima so we kill it in 10 seconds and all go moradon.)
    My option is to put all those stupid mythrill&dragonscales&rons w.e in medal/apexis chest doesn't matter +8 or +9. And the rosetta's +7.
    People should remember that PK is farm alot of quests for apexis chests also medals gives you alots of items! Like 1 chaos wiri3 is alrdy 300m.
    And why should there be so much farm anyways if everyone have free rosetta+9rev? 
    Pk is getting destroyed by: 
    By all this farm slots. Events. Biffrost. Ultima.  
    This is what i wanted to write see you.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to MERET in FARM & PK   
    There are so many option in order to obtain item that this situation not only prejudices PK, it also prejudices market by devaluing. Players avoid battling against each other. They prefer farming rather than PK.
    No one nearly wants to purchase an item in power up store. No one sells any item expect specific items. Because everyone can easily make items. My suggestions are to maintain circulation of coins & KC and to activate PK again as follows:
    Need new  events but it is enough that admin doesn’t make hash of sth like UTC. Current events should be edited. For example, dragon’s scale item is useless now. Farming should be diverted from random area to centre of Ronark Land. For instance, BUS drop can get from any of mobs at centre of CZ. In additin to that, drop rate should be reduced measly. The rate of health power(HP) and resistance of unique monsters like Ultima and Felankor should be increased. Ronark Land War can be removed in the event or be remove wandering mobs such as Snake Queen etc. at least. Please comment on if you’d like to add anything else.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (04/05/2018)   
    Increased maximum upgrade to (+14) reverse for Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Juraid, and (Level 70 / 80 quest) <selfname> items (weapons and shields). Dark Mythril Fragments are now also usable on "plain" (e.g. basic armors, no bonuses!) Super Shells at +6, +7, and +8 (giving you the equivalent Exceptional Super Shell at that grade).
    NOTE: As said, it ONLY works on plain, base armors! Fixed an issue in which UTC trash didn't generate loot upon death (they do now!). Increased drop rates on Under the Castle trash. (Side note: DC premium works to increase these drop rates) Increased the amount of materials Under the Castle trash can drop. (from 1 -> 3) Fixed a bug with Gab's Adamant which allows people to be teleported, and teleport themselves, while the curse is active. Fixed a bug with the [Daily] Taming the Beast quest. Decreased scaling of UTC bosses. Made some changes to how scaled HP is being updated (we hope this will fix the HP bar jumping around all over the place). Moved the 20:30 Ultima event on Fridays back 30 minutes (to 21:00) so it doesn't collide as much with UTC. Moved the 14:40 Juraid Mountain on Fridays back 20 minutes (to 15:00) so it doesn't collide as much with UTC. For those of you that need some help figuring out the event schedule, here you can find an always up-to-date schedule automagically translated to your computer's timezone!
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from ferni144 in Addition of Emblem Voucher In-Game   
    In USKO there are emblem vouchers such as "sheriff" as well as 12th and 13th anniversary emblems that give various bonuses such as atack increase by 3%. Can we have them implemented in ApexKO?
    @Aesteris. @twostars.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to ItzMad in HP Damage   
    mages are good they are die with 2 shoot they dont need nerf i dont wanna slay harunga ty
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from Humburger in Castle Siegewar Monument.   
    Dont forget, Red Pot.
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in Castle Siegewar Monument.   
    Since the release of Holy Knight as reward for CSW, I've attended about 3-4. Its essentially a clan vs clan pvp event and small number of low player parties circulating the outskirts of the castle up until the last 20 minutes. Then everyone just floods the gates and aims for the last hit on the crystal.
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from Sick in Castle Siegewar Monument.   
    Welcome back CSW !
    Just my 2 cents.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Patch notes (20/04/2018)   
    [Hotfix] Warrior's Cry Echo is now correctly dealing 300% damage + 200 bonus damage again. [Hotfix] Warrior's Berserk Echo is now correctly dealing 300% damage again. [Hotfix] Changed scaling on the Plwitoon stuck in lava to account for the fact only ranged can deal damage to it Fixed a bug causing skill bars (Chaos Dungeon & regular) to not correctly save sometimes. [Hotfix] Cleaned up daily/weekly/monthly quests some more. This should fix them not correctly resetting data. These previously worked such that the quest data shown to the client was different to that reset/tracked by the server.
    It behaved like this for 2 reasons:
    1. So that we were able to easily identify these types of quests (and reset them on access, because unfortunately there was no better way).
    2. So players could still see the quest in the NPC's menu after it was completed. In this case it would error saying something like "You have already completed this for the week". This behaviour was very error-prone (particularly with things like week identification on completion; this doesn't play nicely with being able to turn in the previous week's quest and take it again for the following week), and in general just a mess, so now weekly/monthly quests behave like all other quests: when a quest is completed, the NPC does not show it anymore until it's reset. NOTE: As this caused weekly quests from last week to not reset correctly (causing players to not be able to take them this week), we've hotfixed these to reset as of today. That means these have all reset a couple of days later than they should (potentially causing loss of progress to those who did still have it). This was unavoidable, sorry. Certain quests (for now, only applicable daily/weekly/monthly quests) will now be transferred when you Nation Transfer. Previously, transferring meant you'd have both copies of certain quests (one per nation), which were tracked independently. Now, for the quests we've allowed for, you will only ever have the 1 quest -- and your progress will transfer over to the other nation's variant of that quest when you transfer. This makes quests like [Monthly] A small challenge more attainable as players will retain existing quest progress after transferring. Existing quest progress will not be merged; only the credit for your current nation will count. This only applies to quest progress going forward from the patch. Fix a bug with quest progress not being reset correctly on login. In other news, this week we've been getting back into our client source project. Since it's been a while we're still getting reacquainted with the sourcebase so progress is a little slow, but we've:
    Implemented name change support. Updated resistance logic and implemented the newer stun rate algorithm. Implemented skillbar saving/loading, with future support for Chaos Dungeon skillbars (when that's eventually implemented). Updated warp list logic & implemented all various warp list (and some other) errors as of current 2.1xx clients. Updated quest support & implemented existing quest UIs [quest tab+quest info popup & level guide]. Mostly implemented stealth/lupine skill behaviour (still a work-in-progress). Client now correctly supports even newer effect files. Implemented support for unpacking/using newer client files. Still a lot of work to go before it's in a usable state, but it's getting there. With larger things like transformations (soon!) out of the way we can probably start working on a newer client version and the systems involved with that (e.g. 1.534, letter system, new event & quest systems, etc).
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Sierra in FIX WARRIOR DMG WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ???????   
    Since it's spawn is randomly located every hour i guess you had a very bad luck finding it and someone else beat you five times. :|
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in FIX WARRIOR DMG WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ???????   
    I mean if it's such a little bit for you (Actually all those nerfs together is much) Why just don't put the 15 STR back? Also all the warrior players had it in (19/12/2015) - (09/03/2018) so why it got removed after all this time?? I heard *Because it's in usko like this* But in Usko there are also red pots duration pots where are they then? This is my thing.
    Put old 15 STR on Warriors back if there's no red pots. Buff Sin Cp. Keep Mages like how they are right now. Try fix priest cancel rate.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to BulletClub in ABOUT UNDER THE CASTLE (UTC)   
    It’s brought people back. And taken people away. We just need to find s good mix. 
    I just wish our admins would listen to us. We’re the people playing each day. Wee kno what’s going on. And what can be done to make it more fun and cool for the longtime and new players!
    we need another Community Liason to forward the communitie’s ideas!