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  1. IIIAmJohnWick


    Do you have brain, man ?
  2. IIIAmJohnWick

    :( Japan

    They were fighters till the END. good fight but England deserved that win. Both teams played mad dirty.
  3. IIIAmJohnWick

    :( Japan

    Bro belgium came out of no where and destroyed them. the last goal in the 94th minute. pure killer on belgium. let's go ENGLAND tommrow.
  4. IIIAmJohnWick


    congrats, you can type a keyboard sequence faster than another computer player.
  5. IIIAmJohnWick

    B. Fll Rogue

    gel amk
  6. IIIAmJohnWick

    CSW PK

    Good pk, i like the music and nice video editing and quality. Can't wait to be done with exams and full time apexko and I will make my first pk video
  7. IIIAmJohnWick


    All this needs is a simple re-organization of timed events such as felankor, ultima and I think this should solve the PK issue. Make mini Ultimas between ultima ? Mini ultimas every hour XD (not serious suggestion)
  8. IIIAmJohnWick

    nop Manchester

    speak english. majority of community doesn't understand turkish bro.
  9. IIIAmJohnWick

    FARM & PK

    I agree with this. It's time to make these small changes. Moreover, keep Felankor and Remove Ultima or rather Change the quest for Ultima and its drops so that players join cz based on merit of player killing rather than farming for achieve a free tear. Keeping the farm options to BUS and gold coin in bowl to maintain the high demand value on GB. Furthermore for monthly reward It's time i think that the weapon reward is kept but the armor is changed from Holy 11 to Chitin Shell +10 or 21 REB. This is more applicable given the servers current state of very tanky pk. If players are in cz with chitin shell 10 (+21 REB) it will first allow for a more skill based pk and also remove the possibility of more tanky players in-game with Holy 11s. sure its only 50 + more ac than krowaz 11 armor which is a valid arguement but the idea is not about numbers with defense and attack capabilities rather moving in the direction to achieve a harmonic balance in pk in cz and enable skill based pk to thrive. This is good idea + @MERET has stated.
  10. IIIAmJohnWick

    Bug With Anvil Upgrading Cursed Weapons to +12/13/14 Reb??

    Most likely the coding needs a slight modification to accomodate for this.
  11. IIIAmJohnWick

    S> Dual EME+3 1k kc

    Good Luck Mate, If its any consolation there is potentially a new steam server coming soon.
  12. IIIAmJohnWick

    Is there any way to relinquish kingship?

    Best of luck mate. Stay in touch.
  13. IIIAmJohnWick

    Is there any way to relinquish kingship?

    Why are u quitting server, @Razordagawd
  14. IIIAmJohnWick

    Is there any way to relinquish kingship?

  15. IIIAmJohnWick

    HP Damage

    Mages are Fine as is. Ty