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  1. Sell War İtem Buy Rogue item

    S> ETS 11
  2. Wick's Black Market

    ..... maybe.
  3. Selling Items: ETS 11 Legionare Band 3 (1x) Buying List: ROL +3 (1x) Rogue Krowaz Pauldron 11 Reb.
  4. As much as I hate to say it and want to stay on positive comments for this server. I think UTC release is not going to cut it.... You might be right man.
  5. ItzMDMA/LauraWells= Easy Player TY 10.000KC
  6. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    @ 4:08. Lmao. that nigga running away and then GAREZ getting smacked haha !
  7. He does have a point about the cp though. In usko, atleast to me it seems higher.
  8. Good stuff. I'd like to see the # for peak activity in pk after this modification.
  9. You forgot the 4th option. "Rant on forums". CZ or go kill bossess, spamm moradon or rant on forums Pizza boy for king
  10. Details

    Welcome back. is this alex btw?
  11. YES ! UTC !!!! Keep up good work guys.
  12. I'm sure you can find plenty of programs through searching on google. Many apps out there on the web, nowadays.