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  1. very interesting. chinese professional combo distance XD. maybe tbl? Who is the pro sin in the last pic? very nice
  2. I could understand if its undefeatable but not chaos. XD
  3. MDMA kanka, you were one of the best assassin players on this server. Inshallah ,we meet again on server Wanted to see you pk as assassin but archery pk was good too. the darkness bow is op.
  4. Ok I dont see this as true victory. Its choas baal victory, not player victory. you guys need to VS without retarded curse effect and see who has bigger skill level then.
  5. I thought vs did not happen yet. Oh damn !
  6. TukeOwnz

    B> iyi pizza.
  7. Hi Brook

    Let's be real guys. The truth is probably italy didn't pay up or kiss someone's feet in the corrupted FIFA federation is the real reason why they did not qualify for the world cup. But anyways, I dont care for italy. Portugal is the team I root for
  8. Nobody really goes to FT anymore. Need change.
  9. idea for pk

    You point out true problems. But giving mages +11 Krowaz gear won't solve this. We need better advertisement, focusing on turkish clans primarily so that server is populated at all time zones. P.S. Mages with 8 or 11 reb, is no problem for me.
  10. idea for pk

    Give +11 Krowaz for free ? Hmm... How about they make it themselves? It's not so difficult given the fact krowaz armor +3 is so evidently cheap and always in merchants. Furthermore it drops from gems and chests at generator with ease. You have to understand that there is still a market component to players in ApexKO. Going around saying giving elite level gear for free is truly not logical and more importantly idiocy. Mages, be it or whatever class, given rosettas and rental accessories +1 is good enough to provide viable pk in colony zone. You just have to play smart....
  11. idea for pk

    I think the next expansion will be good for bringing in people. However, I would like to say and add to KUMARBAZ's point that we most certaintly do need more turkish people in the apexko community because as the diversity of apexko is certainly vast, there is a lapse of people in colony zone which is a peak time of pk for people living in turkey. We can easily multiply our population in this server if we simply have a few turkish clans come here. Now as Vivaldi has pointed out that the primary emphasis of turkish player's is to have apexko start as a new server, it will make it difficult because that's simply not going to happen. However seeing as this new expansion is going to be quite big considering it is bringing in UTC, I think we might have a shot at bringing in turkish clans here.
  12. Elior&Chris 2vs2 Vanquish&ItzMDMA (LAST TOPIC)

    why he say he will quit knight online and he still keep making vs challenges one after another to you? I dont understand this. >.< Oh well, 9500 KC .
  13. What is my AP?

    maybe ezik. nice +242 dex. elf rings 3? Clearly you haven't been in cz.
  14. Elior&Chris 2vs2 DixieKyrai&ItzMDMA

    Poor MDMA :/ Total 6500 KC ;o