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  1. I always burn them to +2 why? What's the chance to success? Spent 5 weeks buy/merch/farm and all burned again. ROF, ROL, HV , ELFBELT all burned to +2 and right now 2x Legionnaire band burned to +2 in a row. Is there a bug or just bad luck? Why do we have this burn chance anyway?
  2. Marshmallow

    Accessories upgrade +2 failed again

    The rate is not 70% because I have upgraded 4 accessories to +2 in a row without failure but they were shitty ones like Rogue Earrings, Crystal Pendant, Ring of Magic, some int accessories but I don't understand why expensive accessories burn. I'm at the point of quitting ApexKO because there are so many things wrong with this server. I've been around for a year and half yet running around mostly on beginner items and I'm no longer enjoying this server and playing because of addiction. Now I understand babashoppers are the winner. They save time and they get their money back by reselling their stuff. You try to play legit, farm your way to the top and instead you get a middle finger in the end because the system is all wrong from the beginning. No matter how many patches you get, something is broken. Something will fuck you up at some point.
  3. Marshmallow

    About achieve system

    150 is too much, should be reduced to 50 and most of those who have unlocked the achievement are already gone and left ApexKO so I don't think they'd give a F about it. You admins seem donno how inactive BDW, Juraid and similar events are at the moment? If you don't click quick enough within the first 2 seconds, you get rejected because there are not enough players and with the cost of reskilling and restatting the chance to end up with a shitty party is high. Like you get 2x buffer or 2x assassin + some HP built mages and you're done, 99% chance to lose. And these random light mages recently joining Juraid who double blink and call party when they reach mobs. WTF? Call it right away goddamit.
  4. Marshmallow

    OBL bugged?

    I've killed almost 20 OBL in past month without even 1 trina drop, is it bugged or removed?
  5. They used to work a few months ago but now it seems 1 in 100 succeeds. Archers are pretty useless solo in parties, ofc they cancel and drain priests pretty good but if they can't stun/slow targets at a reasonable rate then it's a harmless/useless class only good for ksing/leeching on others. Archers don't deal critical damages like assassins so they rely on stun/slowing their target in order to get a kill. Right now everyone macroing, sliding, running behind trees/blocked objects against archers and to be honest it's pretty disappointing. If you're an archer and an assassin has locked on you, the only escape you got is a lucky blinding and if that fails you're dead. There is no way you can escape by icing/stunning your enemy which you should be able to. Ice/light arrows simply don't work at all. If archers could stun/slow with a higher chance, that'd be more fair offensively and defensively. Maybe give ice/light arrows a higher rate?
  6. Marshmallow

    Ice/Light Arrows need some love

    I tested today and it got a little better, seems ok so far.
  7. Priests get canceled so easily in Apex specially if you have high ping to server.
  8. What's with that question mark animation? That's like 7 -8 seconds to wait for the item to be received. it's questioning your intelligence since you'll know if your item is failed or succeeded. It's an absolute waste of time which you ofc can close and open anvil but then you have to keep clicking which is annoying if you're doing some mass upgrading from +3. So my suggestion is to speed it up.
  9. Marshmallow

    HP Scroll Cooldown

    If you don't have HP scrolls in your inventory and you press it on skill bar it goes on cooldown, you have to relog inorder to use HP scrolls! Fix it pls.
  10. Marshmallow

    Dragon's Scale issue

    It's been a while since FT is rejecting those few players who'd wanna join so lets say Dragon's Scale is history through joining FT. The only way to obtain it right now seems to be from exchanging Felankor box. That's gonna take a long time to get just a few! I'm here to suggest if it'd be possible to add Dragon's Scale to mining system with a fair drop rate and only obtainable with premium mattock. It'd make more sense though since other materials can be mined as well.
  11. Marshmallow

    Looking for a clan (new player) Karus

    You found someone streaming what? Harungas?
  12. Marshmallow

    DewilInsTinCMugii Raum+11 Scammer. [StrongLegion Unfair clan]

    I think Mugii meant to say "if i losst you, win my raum if you can d:"
  13. Marshmallow


    There are certain time during the day which CZ is pretty much dead, good for coin farming. You could complete daily and weekly quests or hunt small bosses in CZ for krowaz items and sell them with offline merchant to make money. Farming coins outside of CZ is a bad idea in a private server.
  14. Marshmallow


    UTC has been a waste of time for me so far, boring, stupid and pointless event. You die, run back all the way. Mages do highest damage yet they die 1 hit. Many log warriors to shield up and stay alive to leech drops. Without the help of GM it's impossible to finish it in 1 hour. I miss Juraid always bcz of this shit.
  15. Marshmallow

    Reskill / restat costs

    You should consider that ApexKO is a private server with an small player base compared to USKO, meaning that players require to change skill and stats more frequently for events, farm and PK. For instance in official server you'd get more buffers and duffers so you have the option to kick and add players as needed but in ApexKO you have to rely on reskilling in order to make a proper party. Another example, priests should reskill before joining BDW and have free points to distirbute to the right job in BDW so they won't end up with dupe skills, now imagine someone is doing 2 BDW each day that's gonna cost alot of reskilling money in a long run. As a Kurian you'll have to reskill often since they've been nrfed over and over, if there is not enough players to party with, you'd wanna go magic build or tanker to solo/survive. If you get a party you might wanna go attacker+ descent. Now with the increase cost of reskill/restats that's gonna be a problem. As a mage Fire for farming when there is not much PK and light for PK when the time is right. You see I don't think it was a good idea to increase the cost of reskill/restats as not everyone can afford or willing to do it so basically they get bored, tired and quit CZ.
  16. Marshmallow

    Reskill / restat costs

    Still waiting for admins to reply here!
  17. Marshmallow


    We got offline merchant, maybe we could use some offline farming too
  18. Marshmallow

    WONDERING if INT priest making some real dmg ?

    Not when you're on beginner items.
  19. Marshmallow


    Ultima and Felankor event every hour, problem solved. You could even rename ApexKO to FelotimaKO
  20. Marshmallow

    Some of priest skills...

    I've noticed the same, torment, subside and party heals failing. You cast them successfully but there is no effect. This happened a while ago with archers when you'd shoot arrows with no damage done, so maybe related somehow?
  21. Marshmallow

    WONDERING if INT priest making some real dmg ?

    Generally speaking priests need a boost in defense and HP, be it BP or non they're not as tanky as they should. Considering the popularity of macroes and high attack powers in this server, priests die pretty easy when +3 melees lock their macro on them. So ye I don't think so priests dealing higher damage will solve the issue.
  22. Marshmallow

    Upgrading bug

    I saw krowaz weapons being upgraded to +13 which is making me to worry about my quest item which I upped to +14 and spent shit loads of burning materials and karivdis to do it. Don't tel me personal items are bugged too! They should be upgradeable to +14 since they're pretty much similar to those noob items. But krowaz items definitely shouldn't.
  23. Marshmallow

    Upgrading bug

    Exactly, it's actually good for PK too, players would try to do the quest over and over again by completing 400 kills in CZ so there should be more activity in PK. Thanks for allowing it.
  24. Marshmallow

    Upgrading bug

    If I had seen it sooner that players trying krowaz items to +14 I woudn't have touched my quest items but a couple of hours ago everyone were doing Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Juraid and quest items so I thought that's legit.