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  1. Marshmallow

    72 Staff & Nova meteor & Lr 18

    I'm confirming that skill 18 light is kind of bugged. You need to be very close to target for it to work. In normal range it's a hit and miss. Also Fire 18 skil casts very slowly. It should be much faster.
  2. Marshmallow

    Iron Set for beginners

    it won't affect IB's price, I'm suggesting to upgrade IB to +2, not +3 so still people will buy IB at the same price to compound to +3 since when A.S.D is better? You'd rather have lower STR and HP for Jamadar def on a warrior who can shield up and gain +2.5k def? At least compare it to S.S.D
  3. Marshmallow

    Iron Set for beginners

    I'm suggesting to downgrade IN to +2 and upgrade IB to +2. Since introducing Draki Pendant, IN is not much useful for some classes so downgrading it is not gonna hurt but it could give it some value and maybe that will encourage some players to kill those annoying Snake Queens in RLB for compounding purposes. Also beginners could benefit from an stronger belt since Iron Belt is so common among classes.
  4. Marshmallow

    About the future of wizards and servers!!!

    Mages abuse Boatman the most during Ultima event, I made a topic a while ago but admins didn't care much. It could help melees to defeat mages if there was some delay on Boatman TP.
  5. Marshmallow


    Bumping this for our recent mage damage complaints, it could give melees more chance to defeat mage parties since mages are heavily abusing Boatman by keep regrouping and doing surprise novas, specially during Ultima event. It's more annoying when mages lure Ultima to other side of the river.
  6. Marshmallow

    where to farm items

    There will be enough farm time worth switching sides.
  7. Marshmallow

    where to farm items

    Make two accounts, orc and human archer, run bowl to farm Riot, Atross, Etaroth, Chaos Stone bosses and ofc gold coins. When necessary switch nation to avoid enemy attacks. Alternatively there are small krowaz bosses around CZ which spwn every 30 mins, you could get lucky with some Chaos and adamant items. If you need AFK farming then try Cardinal/Hobogobs/DTS with Genie on, you should do that at off peak hours.
  8. So a couple of days ago I pmed Allanoon to buy his Garges Sword+11. He did not give me any price and he tried to fool me about Garges Sword (3% curse) being better than Chaos Wirinom (1%). He ended up being disrespectful after I proved him wrong. He could easily say that he is selling his item over priced because there is only one server or whatever valid excuse but I felt that he is trying to cheat here so I made this topic for the community to be aware and not to fall in his trap and get ripped off. Here I'm quoting our conversation as a proof: Marshmallow 31 Started conversation: July 29 how much KC for sword?  Quote Edit Report reply Allanoon 34 Replied: July 31 offer for the best weapon of apex 1 in sw and more work then 5x chaos items Quote Report reply Marshmallow 31 Replied: August 1 5x chaos? OMG it worth maybe 3x max Quote Edit Report reply Allanoon 34 Replied: August 1 i mean it its realy better then normal chaos items chaos curse work much buddy Quote Report reply Marshmallow 31 Replied: August 1 it's just same chance 1% the only difference is design, it's not as ugly as wirinom anyway how much price? Quote Edit Report reply Allanoon 34 Replied: Friday at 06:52 AM Ask every 1 its work more then wiri its write %1 percent but its %3 percent Quote Report reply Marshmallow 31 Replied: Sunday at 12:14 AM I'll ask GM about it. Quote Edit Report reply Marshmallow 31 Replied: Sunday at 07:02 AM Quote Edit Report reply Allanoon 34 Replied: 3 hours ago Ask users aq u think ur cleaver ? Or what i used 1 year that item im saying its better then chaos and i know u havent money to buy that item u just speak no more Quote Report reply Marshmallow 31 Replied: 9 minutes ago Actually it's you who is trying to be clever here by making some bullshit to try selling your item over priced. Do you think I was born yesterday? It's a rental item 1hr for 150m and I've tried it many times. The curse is just some luck, 1% same as wirinom/baal. When the game admin twostars is confirming the chance is 1% same as Wirinom then your claim for it being 3% is invalid. I have enough KC to buy it but I'm not gonna pay over price because of some lies that it's 3% lol It seems you're not a serious seller, you're just trying to find some idiot to scam so good luck with that.
  9. Marshmallow

    Ardream Map

    Make some events in Ardream? Or even some days close CZ to move PK there? You know how cool Ardream is right? It'd be nice for a change to play there.
  10. Marshmallow

    NPC Sundries is bugged in Lunar War

    Not on the boat map thought, on the other one Sundries gives no NP. It's been bugged for a very long time, since last year as far as I remember. Ever gonna get fixed?
  11. Marshmallow

    Chitin and Chitin Shell Armors Idea

    You're not gonna wear it 24/7 are you? You'd just put on ful dex gear, CP some poor mage and run back or town. I don't see why would any other class use chitin +21
  12. Marshmallow

    Disable Ultima Quest

    Karivdis reward should be removed from Ultima so there wouldn't be any harm in flooding server with +7 items. The other day I got rejected from BDW because there were not enough players! Without Karivdeis from Ultima maybe more players join BDW.
  13. Marshmallow

    LP rewards or medals?

    Well I've been getting bunch of junks from Medals recently, maybe this month I try dark items! 😎 How long they last?
  14. Marshmallow

    Chitin and Chitin Shell Armors Idea

    I disagree because it will only benefit assassins by giving them the advantage to sneak up on and CP low HP classes such as fire mages and archers harder. Lets say 2 hits them? No wonder this suggestion comes from an assassin, pretty selfish and NOT COOL! I'd say grades are fine as it is. Maybe in the future super shells should be upped to +14 rev.
  15. Marshmallow

    LP rewards or medals?

    Do you have to choose between Dark items reward and medals? Or is there at least 24 hrs time to exchange monthly points for medals?