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  1. Chinese assassins hit from such ranges, for their warriors it's pretty normal.
  2. Nova Effect Fire Rain WF

    Just change the color to yellow and it'd be Piss Rain WF
  3. Now that your English got better, you're leaving us? We have so much to discuss about!
  4. Not many join FT so there are too many waves for lets say 1 party. Reduce it maybe?
  5. Archers bugged?

    Spent a few hrs today, nothing failed, so far so good. Thanks.
  6. idea for pk

    funny this comes from someone with +4k AP as rogue yet you cry about mages getting +11? you ignore the fact that many would not start here from scratch bcz most players are geared with +11 and anvil % to up +7 is pretty shit. Other day I burned +30 krowaz items to +7 and only 1 succeeded. Call it bad luck or whatever but making it themselves would require lots of farming or babashopping. Go Cz right now, PK is shit. Orcs log for felankor/events, humans running towning. And when events/felankor is over, it's humans VS Haungas.
  7. idea for pk

    it's not like mages gonna get buffed like warriors with +11 items, they're still 2 hits but that would encourage them to play. Once a wise man said "With great mages comes great pk."
  8. Karivdis: Sold Trina: 15x
  9. idea for pk

    Mages should receive +11 krowaz items and accessories+3 for free. That should bring more activity, be it farm or PK. But if you really want more players to join ApexKO, staff need to reset Tuke and Brook's NPs, that I'm sure makes ApexKO the most populated server ever!
  10. Just get a macro like 99.9% of the server and play whatever class you want to.
  11. An epithet for beginners

    Just block pm/chat, simple.
  12. Archers bugged?

    Arrows don't hit target. I think it has to do with range. It usually happens for me when I shoot from very far and the same time I mouse click backwards. Also a little bumpy ground and arrows get stuck on the way. I've heard some players in game complain the same.
  13. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    It's smooth for me now. Thanks for fixing it. I can't believe I coped with that shit for a year and half. P.S. Magpie Transformation Scroll and Meat Dumpling can't be used together. Fix pls.
  14. Elior&Chris 2vs2 DixieKyrai&ItzMDMA

    Those VSs are a waste of time bcz it proves nothing. Set a rule as NO MACRO then we'll see who really got skils. I'd pay KC to watch such fights.
  15. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    I've been having this issue for more than a year. My chars getting jumped back while running and decent is very laggy so most of the time descenting is impossible to reach the enemy and use skils. So any suggestion how to fix this? I don't have a fast net/PC though. Must I change hardware?