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  1. Marshmallow


    There are certain time during the day which CZ is pretty much dead, good for coin farming. You could complete daily and weekly quests or hunt small bosses in CZ for krowaz items and sell them with offline merchant to make money. Farming coins outside of CZ is a bad idea in a private server.
  2. Marshmallow


    UTC has been a waste of time for me so far, boring, stupid and pointless event. You die, run back all the way. Mages do highest damage yet they die 1 hit. Many log warriors to shield up and stay alive to leech drops. Without the help of GM it's impossible to finish it in 1 hour. I miss Juraid always bcz of this shit.
  3. Marshmallow

    Reskill / restat costs

    Still waiting for admins to reply here!
  4. Marshmallow


    We got offline merchant, maybe we could use some offline farming too
  5. Marshmallow

    WONDERING if INT priest making some real dmg ?

    Not when you're on beginner items.
  6. Marshmallow


    Ultima and Felankor event every hour, problem solved. You could even rename ApexKO to FelotimaKO
  7. Marshmallow

    Some of priest skills...

    I've noticed the same, torment, subside and party heals failing. You cast them successfully but there is no effect. This happened a while ago with archers when you'd shoot arrows with no damage done, so maybe related somehow?
  8. Marshmallow

    WONDERING if INT priest making some real dmg ?

    Generally speaking priests need a boost in defense and HP, be it BP or non they're not as tanky as they should. Considering the popularity of macroes and high attack powers in this server, priests die pretty easy when +3 melees lock their macro on them. So ye I don't think so priests dealing higher damage will solve the issue.
  9. Marshmallow

    Upgrading bug

    Exactly, it's actually good for PK too, players would try to do the quest over and over again by completing 400 kills in CZ so there should be more activity in PK. Thanks for allowing it.
  10. Marshmallow

    Upgrading bug

    If I had seen it sooner that players trying krowaz items to +14 I woudn't have touched my quest items but a couple of hours ago everyone were doing Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Juraid and quest items so I thought that's legit.
  11. Marshmallow

    Upgrading bug

    I saw krowaz weapons being upgraded to +13 which is making me to worry about my quest item which I upped to +14 and spent shit loads of burning materials and karivdis to do it. Don't tel me personal items are bugged too! They should be upgradeable to +14 since they're pretty much similar to those noob items. But krowaz items definitely shouldn't.
  12. Marshmallow

    Monthly rewards already expired lmao

    What monthly rewards are you talking about?
  13. Solution for that is to disable cube skill in BDW.
  14. Marshmallow

    UTC and Medal Monthly nps

    I spent an hr, got to second boss and everyone left! It's too difficult, spoke with a GM about it in game and he said it's meant to be difficult, no idea why.
  15. The reason behind it is the the cost for reskilling/stats is now official my ass so people join BDW with fucked up skills, like you end up with 2 buffer or two fire mage and it's a guaranteed loss. I made a topic here but seems admins don't bother and are following USKO blindly. No offense though.