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  1. Pride Not Dropping Frags

    MERET , it's not a matter of reward here but more a bug to be fixed.

    Quittin'? Did MDMA in his dream beat you?
  3. And HP set as well would be nice. I'm tired of burning dragons+7s
  4. Last time I transformed a normal+6 to excp one, there was no difference in stats so what's the point when it's bugged anyway? Unless they fixed it.
  5. Or maybe buff beginner items for sins. Their stats are really shit with free items!
  6. You talk like I was born yesterday!
  7. What's with the filtering? I'm pretty sure most players are old enough to say FUCK. At least don't filter it by alphabet. You type AFK and it's filtered. You F11 some targets and it's filtered. It's annoying.
  8. Yes, why can't Apex, Krowaz chests be stored? Why is there a limit of 200 for Gems/BUS/Weapon scrolls and not 9999? Why is there a limit anyway?
  9. Antares being hunted already by others without success, why should I waste my time too? My suggestion is valid because we already getting shitty useless drops from Gems and frags, is there gonna be a negative impact on any part of game by adding SS to gems/frags ? I don't think so. Those warriors/Kurians who own one have a huge advantage over those who don't in PK and farming. The recovery is ridiculous but since Admins ignored the idea of removing this item from game then give everyone a chance to obtain it easier to be more fair.
  10. Drop rate sucks. I've been trying for a few months without any luck.
  11. It's very difficult to obtain Scorpion Scyth at the moment because Forgotten Temple and Chaos Dungeon have been dead since a few months ago so not many Blue chests to begin with. It's rarely been seen in merchants and when there is one the price is ridiculously high, like 10 GB (+0) I'm suggesting to add Scorpion Scyth to Gems and Fragments for a better chance to get one or make it drop at higher % from Blue chests/Draki boxes because I've turned many without getting one Scorpion Scyth.
  12. PM your price, I'll offer KC in reply.

    no more aurelio fun?