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    BulletClub reacted to proudboy in Make the armors drop for the clan that wins csw!   
    Uhm.... Or beef the weapons up to a lil better than hepa raptor/ hepa shard/gabs/staff...keep the armor in bifrost so thats still useful...it gives ppl more to do....
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    BulletClub got a reaction from Sacrilegious in Darius Sell/Buylist   
    lmao. idiot trying to sell krowaz. now its worth 1k for +11 piece
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    BulletClub got a reaction from Allanoon in Sell rev11 Kro pri set(rev5 helmet & lower )   
    you know a set means the whole thing is +11.
    your title should be. Selling Priest Krowaz Set (Pauldron,Boot,Glove +11--Helmet,Pad +8)
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    BulletClub reacted to Razordagawd in 1 VS 1 event (Every Month)   
    Logitech vs Razer
    Steelseries vs Corsair
    Nothing more exciting than seeing literal programs go up against one another. A true test of mastery - to see who can customize the sickest and most efficient macro setup!
    Almost as exciting as this.
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    BulletClub reacted to Vivaldi in About new server   
    Let's not mistreat other people's suggestion, please. 
    Ouss, we understand that it can be frustrating to join an old server but as you know we strive to bring KO players a long lasting, stable, secure and, most of all, trustworthy server. Not only that but there's still much to come to ApexKO. We got Castellan coming and after that UTC expansion so we have no plans to relaunch or launch a parallel server.
    Best regards,
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    BulletClub reacted to MostHatredxx in About new server   
    Retard. Im playing in here like 2 years. Cry more little shit. So you just want restart for taking symbol easly? Most retard reason ı've ever heard.
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    BulletClub reacted to Poww in About new server   
    Don't need new server, it's great as it is now there is  just one problem: Warriors are OP as fuck. They should be nerfed and then maybe mages would come back to the server... (But people think it's ok that 2 warriors can aoe a mage party with torment...)
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    BulletClub reacted to twostars in Status update! (22/09/2017)   
    Hey guys,
    As you may have noticed, we haven't had any player patches in a couple of weeks (though we have fixed a few things here and there on the server's side). The reason for this is that we've been working on considerably more time-consuming projects than usual.
    Updating the client
    Specifically, one such project is updating the client to be on par with the official USKO client. We've fallen behind a bit with the official USKO client; it's 2.167 now, while we're still at 2.128. The newer USKO client implements things like the new capes, better texture rendering (i.e. "HD textures"), the in-game ability to toggle wings off/on (rendering our own feature useless, but oh well :P), the addition of an inventory slot for tattoos, the addition of a HUD for displaying HP/mana/stamina, and much, much more.
    For a while we'd been keeping on top of updating the same week as USKO, however they updated their protection somewhat (months back) which caused our mostly-automated updated process to have to be updated as well. We'd spent a considerable amount of time (off and on) since then trying to track down what was still causing the new client to very subtly crash after a random period of time (which was usually 15min+), which -- as we've finally determined for sure -- was still parts of their protection, which we can confidently say has all been disabled now (we can't make use of their protection with our own, after all).
    So our patcher was updated, meaning we can deal with newer clients again in a much faster fashion. Which leaves dealing with all of the actual changes in ~40 official version updates (it's going to be a decent-sized client patch!).
    Firstly, the most noticeably breaking change was the addition of the new inventory slot. As this inventory slot is smack-bang in the middle of the inventory, we needed to implement a versioning system for inventories in order to transform and update them. We also needed to figure out what and where this slot is actually used; as far as we can tell, these aren't visible so other players never see them. We, of course, do though. This is contrary to any other cospre slot's behaviour, but what can you do.
    Secondly, Castellan capes! This behaviour is kind've odd in the sense that they documented it on their forums, yet everything else indicates their forum post is wrong (in parts). So it's unfortunate that as usual there's no consistent source for accuracy, but realistically it doesn't change too much.
    If you weren't aware, these capes are available -- for free -- by Delos holders (with a token they're given). For us mere mortals, they cost a considerable amount of both CONT and coins. They also last 30 days.
    Having an expiry time is where the logic gets interesting, because of two things: alliance capes (i.e. when to use them and when to not), and dealing with what happens after the cape expires (does your old cape get restored?).

    The way I implemented them has Castellan capes always override alliance capes. Further, after the 30 days is up, your old cape will be restored -- be it your own cape, or your alliance's. This may not be official, but I think it makes sense and isn't that huge a deal either way.
    Additionally, we've made some changes to how the client accesses the Power-Up Store. We're aware that some players tend to have random connectivity issues we can't do much about, so hopefully this should no longer be an issue (or at least, when it is an issue, it's something we can do something about).
    Finally, the new client still requires going through and tracking down anything actually broken because of unknown changes. We're still in the process of doing this, so it won't be released until this is done -- but we're close.
    Castellan dungeon
    We've also been working on implementing the Castellan dungeon. That is, the dungeon Delos holders can access via the old Abyss entry.
    This has taken some time to address because of accuracy concerns; it's been difficult to get into it on USKO.
    We intend to get this out with the next patch. More details will be provided when (or slightly before) that's released.
    Rewriting the King system
    Ah, the King system. The source of many complaints since the beginning of ApexKO.
    The underlying problem with this system was that when I initially implemented it... back in 2013, I think, I decided (in my infinite wisdom) to keep its logic as close to 1:1 with mgame's original logic, i.e. trying to reverse it and handle it perfectly identically with the same database and internal structures, etc.
    The issue with this, however, is that it's extremely vague and handles things in awkward ways. Even the scheduling/timing logic -- as much as it fits with their original system -- doesn't really mesh with ours. Unlike official, we have an actual timed event/scheduling system we use for our events (rather than asking every ~6 seconds, is it the day, hour and minute for this event? and have I started it already -- because it'll run multiple times in the span of that minute?). I'm still not sure what prompted me to implement it like this way back then, when pretty much everything else was implemented how I felt would be best.
    I'm sure that with time the individual issues with the system could've been addressed individually (we fixed many of them already), but honestly, the system was a confusing mess, so it frankly doesn't surprise me that it randomly broke all the time.
    So it's been long overdue for a rewrite (as much as the original system design's ingrained into my brain; was difficult to move away from it). I actually just mostly finished that up last night, though I want to start looking into implementing impeachment logic (has anyone ever actually seen it used? That's fairly impressive if so), as I happened to reverse most of the process while reimplementing elections (unlike last time, where I just ignored it because I considered it a feature that nobody ever used).
    Minor caveat with this though: we no longer update clan rankings before elections, so it's back to using the top 10 clans from the start of the day. The reason we had it do this was to ensure the top 10 clans were still valid, but between ensuring all clans are ranked now (not just top 100), and tweaking the top 10 clan logic to specifically handle the first 10 that are applicable, rather than the first 10, we really don't need this anymore. All it did was slow down the scheduling (waiting on the clan rankings to update), and cause clan rankings to update at weird times. So it's really not needed anymore.
    From my own personal testing it's looking pretty good, so we just need to test this more thoroughly before we can implement this live. And hopefully never have to deal with elections randomly not happening anymore.
    Future goals
    We have several future goals and projects we're working on in the interests of ApexKO.
    One of them is the website. The website is not in a great place right now from an aesthetic standpoint, which doesn't give the best of impressions to newcomers. Its tool functionality is also lacking. We're very much in need of a web designer and/or developer to assist with this (if you think you can help, or know someone who can, please feel free to hit me up!).
    While I'm capable of handling the backend side of things, the frontend/aesthetic side is not really my forté (as you can probably tell).

    I've actually set about updating this twice since; I really should just update our live website to the first. The first set about improving our design choices with the existing template and updating user functionality. The second was with a new template we purchased, however we had to scrap that since midway through development another server released using that template -- ouch.
    Then there's Under the Castle (UTC). Yes, we plan to implement this, but we don't have an ETA for it. What I can say though, is that it's next on our plate after releasing the new client and the Castellan dungeon.
    Another is a project I've been spending quite a lot of time on recently, which is updating the client source. How does this help ApexKO, though?
    Well, for now it doesn't, since the client source was 1.068 and is being updated for 1.298 (as it's less of a gap than jumping straight to, say, 2.1xx). However, in the long run, once it's updated sufficiently, we'll be able to use this instead of relying on USKO for updates and having to awkwardly patch their issues manually (or not at all, because at some point they're not worth the development effort required).
    We also won't be limited by their client's feature-set: we can improve on it. Add new UIs. Change behaviour, provide proper error messages, fix long-standing bugs with the Knight Online client, etc. Additionally, by being able to change systems to work in a more convenient manner, it will enable us to implement even better anticheat prevention than we have currently.
    I'd originally attempted this back in 2014 and 2015, but the project is very time consuming, especially solo. At the time we also had a ton of work to do with the server project, so it wasn't a good time for it.
    With renewed interest in client development via the OpenKO project, and the server being in a very good place right now, I decided to pick this project up again with a few people from this project so as to actually make some progress with it. And we have: we've implemented some of the major systems; the anvil (upgrading items, and compounding accessories), the merchant system, etc. Also things like loot boxes which weren't a thing in the original 1.068 client.
    We have a lot to do with it still (doesn't support transformations, siege weapons, King system, etc -- even the newer character selection screen from 1.298+), but it's definitely making progress. So I hope to be able to use this for ApexKO eventually.
    In closing...
    With that I should conclude this lengthy status update post. As you can see, we have a lot on our plate we're trying to finish up. Last week I did say we'd probably get this patch out today. However, for testing reasons we need a few more days on that front.
    But it'll be soon, I promise.
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    BulletClub reacted to Jinxxy in ........................   
    (king of tbl)
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    BulletClub reacted to Razordagawd in Rogue drains (10% / 5%) in PVE drop fights should be relevant again.   
    Warriors are too weak, they need this.
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    BulletClub reacted to Vivaldi in Character Sealing - a.k.a. Cypher Ring   
    Hello Apexians,
    in this tutorial I'll cover the use of "Character Seal Scroll". This scroll is an item that you can get at our Power Up Store and is used to select one of your characters to be put inside a "Cypher Ring". With this done you'll be able to move, trade or merchant your character as you wish.
    In order to use it you'll have to go through these basic steps:
    1) Acquire the scroll that is located at the Power Up Store, on the 4th page of the "Power-up" tab or simply type its name on the search box to quickly access it.

    2) After purchasing the scroll and receiving the letter containing it, go to an Inn Hostess and select the option "Character Seal / Cancel"

    3) The following window will then pop-up. Click "Seal" to start the process of sealing the character you want. Note that you can not seal the character you are currently online, only the side ones!

    4) Put your Character Seal Scroll in the designated spot and hit "ok".

    5) The following window will pop-up. In this window you will choose which of your side characters you'll want to seal. After selecting your desired option click "seel" and then enter your seal code (same one you use to normally seal items) and press "Confirm".
    6) The character you opted to seal will be now inside a new item called "Cypher Ring". If you right click it it will show what is inside it. The whole description of the character inside including the contents of its inventory as displayed below:

    Your character is now successfully sealed.
    7) To unseal it just follow step "3" again but pressing "Unseal" instead.
    That's all there is to it. A very simple process.
    Best regards,
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    BulletClub reacted to Sierra in Change drop list   
    You're always welcome to make suggestions, but we're not obligated to obey them or answer within any timeframe.
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    BulletClub reacted to wezz in Change drop list   
    There should be some "crap" items on those chests/gems etc. if there wouldn't be, what's the point? This is where you test your luck. There is no point of getting all the high tier items from exchanging. I might be a new player but as i understand, that's not what this server is.
    Although, i agree the lack/impossibility of farming possibilities for the new players. Especially in the nations own zones (EMC, Luferson etc.). There should be some safe spots that people can farm with a little low drop rate, so it wouldn't be abused.
    The only way to farm is killing mobs in bowl/other spots in cz and people show no respect to farmers. They chase people who are trying to get started by farming just in order to get that kill for ~100 NPs and kill players who are afk farming on some spots. So i believe, first, we should criticize the community and how greedy they're for NPs instead of asking for a change first. I know some well-geared players those only pk on farmers and in my opinion that's sad.
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    BulletClub reacted to Sierra in TheMORUQ in wall multiple times.   
    As stated before, these kind of bugs happen in certain locations when players climb objects. Well known and old KO-bug.
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    BulletClub got a reaction from Built4CZ in Hello all   
    bump for kezzy
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    BulletClub got a reaction from wezz in Some Topic Suggestions for the Forums   
    I cant make you a mage guide. but the titles you are looking for as a priest would be. in order of worst to best
    Expert- 40  def =kill 10,000 monsters without dying. (simple to get and very nice bonus for your char. easy way is to set a genie on instance 5 or something and kill worms. you will get this title in 1 nights sleep)
    Most speedy- 10 attack 60 def = kill 100 chaos stone. (sunday boss war chaos stone count DO count) and like 5 spawn every 15min. so thats fast way to get this title.
    dont know the name - 90 def- = win 100 bdw ( no fast way to accomplish this.. im currently at 85/100)
    Juraid Protector - 100 def = win 150 juraid mountain (this is probably hardest title to win)
    hope i helped ^^
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    BulletClub reacted to twostars in Patch notes (25/08/2017)   
    Fixed a bug causing rankings on the Ronark Land board to persist after a Nation Transfer. Undying now drops [Gold Coins] in Ronark Land. Raised the cost of [Unidentified Potions] from their quest-givers to 10M, and added a [Silver Bar] as reward to compensate the cost. Updated the login screen to match current USKO. Fixed [Opal Earrings] not being shown in the buying merchant search. Added the various [Apex Point vouchers] to the buying merchant search. To avoid cheesing the Kill the GM event, GMs are now immune to most Krowaz curses.
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    BulletClub got a reaction from aRmal in Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)   
    Thats pretty unfair.
    When brad AurorasVeil had his items taken from a shared account. that he willingly shared information with.
    you took the items from the other account, and gave them back to him... 
    all people had to do was raise a little hell and gms gave in and recovered all the items for him.
    you cant treat 1 player one way and make a special exception to the rules. then no go about it the same way for someone else.
    both of these cases are cut and dry... both users willingly gave the items or account information and got robbed.
    One has his items recovered for him, and one doesn't. thats a bad look
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    BulletClub got a reaction from Built4CZ in Few Ideas To Help Server   
    posted many times they wont open a new server. use search. items are so easy to get lol. 
    also. have any of you thought that maybe your ideas or suggestions were shit? and thats why they wont get implemented?
    nice suggestions dean. i posted a similar thing that involved farming some mob for a chest fragment, and X amount of fragment can be traded for chest. vivaldi was checking that out out
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    BulletClub reacted to Vivaldi in Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)   
    I agree with you. We only helped with that case because it was quickly informed and items did not get inject into the market it was a simple trade to revert. And this is not going to happen again, we admit that we should not have helped in that case and we won't ever again.
    Everyone makes mistakes, we are not exempt from it. 
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    BulletClub reacted to GATE in Few Ideas To Help Server   
    Server is having so much activity, i don't get where you think the server needs to give you all the items on a plate
    Want to have better items? Buy Kc or Farm them yourself.
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    BulletClub reacted to ImmortalOne in HP&MP POTION TBL   
    if someone have nothing to do he can read your retarded posts from both forums and find connections
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    BulletClub reacted to blackaq in HP&MP POTION TBL   
  24. Sad
    BulletClub reacted to ImmortalOne in HP&MP POTION TBL   
    2 pages of ur crying
    2 faces cunt
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    BulletClub reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in HP&MP POTION TBL   
    no love for chris