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    BulletClub reacted to MERET in [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)   
    How to enter?
    The entrance to UTC via NPC [Twilight Observer] at Luferson or El Morad Castle Time
    UTC is open every Friday and Saturday. Time depends on your location. That's why you should check your event schedule. This event goes on during 4 hours. More information
    It is a event consisting of 4 stages. 
    This dungeon offers unique quests and items in order to make UTC weapons and armours. Please read a recipe of that from NPC [Disciple of Hepa] Shozin at Maradon.

    You obtain -if you have party- 2 Tropy box (if you don't, just 1 Tropy box) after passing per dungeon. If you die inside the UTC than press OK, then your character teleports back to the re-spawn point and you see that the durability on armours&weapon are all gone at the same time. You have to recovery of those.
    If you use Life Crystal item when you die, you proceed on your way without the necessity of sth. You can get it via NPC [Mysterious Narki] using low, middle, high and unique items at Maradon. There is a NPC [Twilight Knight Guard] Martin the final stage, you can use boxes here.
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    BulletClub reacted to MERET in [Rehber] Under The Castle (UTC)   

    UTC zindanına nasıl girilir?
    Luferson ve El Morad Castle bölgesinde bulunan [Twilight Observer] NPC’den girilir.
    Etkinlik saatleri ne zaman?
    Etkinlik saatlerini sağ üst köşede bulunan kum saati (⌛) sembolüne tıklayarak öğrenebilirsiniz Cuma günü; saat: 15.00 ve 21.00 Cumartesi günü; saat: 06.00 Etkinlik 4 saat boyunca devam eder. Ek bilgiler
    UTC 4 ayrı zindandan oluşur.
    Her bir zindanı geçtikten sonra partideyseniz envanterinize 2 adet Troppy box, partide değilseniz 1 adet Troppy box düşecektir. Eğer zindan içinde ölür ve “Press Ok” tuşuna tıklarsanız karakteriniz UTC başlangıç bölgesine geri döner. Tüm zırhlarınız ve silahlarınız yanar. Bu yüzden eşyalarınızı tamir etmeniz gerekmektedir. Bu duruma düşmemek ve karakterin öldüğü yerden tekrar canlanması için envanterinizde Life Crystal eşyası bulundurmalısınız. Life Crystal Maradon bölgesinde bulunan [Mysterious] Narki NPC’den Low, Middle, High ve Unique eşyalar kırdırarak elde edebilirsiniz. Zindaki yaratıklardan çeşitli materyaller düşmektedir. Maradon bölgesinde bulunan [Disciple of Hepa] Shozin NPC’den UTC silahların veya zırhların nasıl yapılacağı anlatılıyor. Check Manufacturing recipe – OPEN – Sayfa 2’ye geçin. Under the Castle başlığı altında silahların nasıl yapılacağı gösterilmektedir. Ek olarak Trophy eşyalarını nasıl elde edeceğiniz Trophy başlığın altında gösterilmektedir.

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    BulletClub got a reaction from Razordagawd in A new tactic that needs to be discussed.   
    how is this actually a problem? he is using his lupin computer to hit people.
    this isn't illegal in anyway, shape or form. Just annoying. 
    don't make the potion useless. then you're taking an element of the game away. which is ignorant.
    players should be creative and use the buildings and houses in town to their advantage to not get hit by an arrow. it's not that difficult.
    it's the same per official. you risk something by doing this quest. if you want the NP/reward. you risk getting towered. and in official losing EXP is a huge loss. 
    here you don't lose anything but time. you learned where his character is. and enter the base in a more strategic way the next time to avoid him,
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    BulletClub reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in UTC Expansion Official Review by me   
    I hope they fix some stuff. It is a good patch but there needs some significant changes.
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    BulletClub got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Many Topics & UTC   
    How can we say the <selfname> ones are not dropping yet? it's only been 2 events and they said it's a rare drop rate. 
    hell in usko they swear to god CS drops from lesath. but you maybe see 5x a year from lesath lol. i think its great that it's a low drop rate.
    just because we havent see a <selfname> +8 drop in the first 2 events doesn't mean it's not dropping. it's too small of a sample size to tell. 
    but what we do know is that UTC is bugged. it doesn't give trophy of bloody battle. and the NPC does not spawn to exchange once Pwlitoon and all mobs have been killed.
    i agree that the AP is low. both should be upgradable to +11 and the crafted should be dropped at +8 just as the castellan weapons are. +6 is too shitty. 
    it takes effort. it not like you will attend UTC and get the materials for a +8 weapon in 1 event. it might take a player a few weeks to craft one. seeing as you neeed 10 of the weapon fragments and UTC is only 1 day a week. and in one UTC you might obtain 3 if you're lucky. so it's difficult enough as it is. +8 crafted is needed. 
    originally castellan was +6 also. i was in the first clan to own the castle after the patch. twostars agreed that +6 was just too low and gave them at +8 instead
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    BulletClub reacted to Aesteris in Under the Castle expansion   
    Sevgili Apexians,
    Sonunda yeni gelecek olan genleşme yamamızı duyurmaktan son derece mutluluk duyuyoruz : Under the Castle (UTC)
    Genleşme yaması today tarihinde yayınlanacak, orada olduğundan emin ol! Under the Castle (UTC) etkinliğini ekleyerek, sunucumuzun gelişiminde ileriye doğru büyük bir adım atıyoruz: bu da herkese Apex'ya katılmak için mükemmel bir fırsat sağlar! Yeni başlayan oyuncuları(ve sunucumuza geri dönen oyuncuları!) güçlendirmek için, başlangıç donanımı gelişecek, yeni hafif-farm yöntemleri, yeni görevler ve yeni donanımlar gelecek.
    Tüm bunlarla herkese adil bir kapışmada ne yapabildiğini gösterme fırsatı sağlıyoruz!
    Peki yenilikler neler mi?
    1) Under the Castle (UTC) etkinliği-tamamen yazılmış ve resmi sunuculardaki gibi çalışıyor, ve ödüller arasında Secret Zırhı,Under the Castle Silahları ve her ikisinide yapmak için materyaller bulunuyor – yalnızca etkinliğe katılmanız size ödülleri kazandır, ister yalnız olun, ister partide;
    2) Yeni başlayanların zırhları gelişti : yeni gelen oyunculara eşitlik sağlandı;
    3) CZ'ye "Spirit of Logos" eklendi : size avlamak için ekstra bir şey;
    4) CSW ödülleri arttı : tüm bu çabanın doğru bir şekilde ödüllendirilmesi gerekli;
    5) Aylık sıralamada ilk 4 sıradaki oyunculara ödüller : 5 günlük Darkness silahları ve Holy zırhları;
    6) Super Shell'in düşme oranı arttı ve Rosetta zırhını artık farm yaparak elde edebileceksiniz;
    7) Büyücünün hasarı arttı : resmi sunuculara eşit olarak;
    8 )Çevrimdışı Pazar: artık bir hesabınız pazar yaparken siz başka hesabınızla oyunu oynayabilirsiniz;
    9) Yeni hesaplara 5 günlük Cospre donanımı (Valkyrie,pathos vs.) hediye;
    10) Ücretsiz olarak bir kez isim değiştirme fırsatı (24 saat içinde sona eriyor)
    Ayrıca tüm bizi destekleyen ve her gün sunucumuza katılmak için yeni bir fırsat arayan oyunculardan gelen sayısız mesajları takdir ederiz ve bunun sizin için iyi bir fırsat olduğunu söylemek isteriz.
    Şimdi katılmak için tam zamanı – geliştirilmiş başlangıç donanımı, imha etmeye başlamanızı sağlar ve sunucumuzun size sunabileceği her şeye katılmanızı sağlar!
    Apex oyuncularına, yüksek kalitede, uzun ömürlü, istikrarlı, güvenli ve en önemlisi güvenilir bir sunucu sunmak için bize katılın.
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    BulletClub reacted to Aesteris in Under the Castle expansion   
    Dear Apexians,
    We are extremely happy to finally announce the release date for our next expansion: Under The Castle.
    As anyone could’ve guessed by now, we’ll be releasing the expansion Soon™
    Kidding aside though, the expansion will be released today, so make sure to be there! With the addition of the Under the Castle event, we’re taking a big step forward in the development of our server as it provides the perfect opportunity for anyone to join Apex! It empowers newcomers (and returning players!) by improving the Beginner Gear, new methods of light-farming, new quests, and new items. All of this enables everyone to put up a fair fight and enjoy the server to the fullest!
    What’s coming with this expansion?
    1) The Under the Castle event – it’s completely scripted and works like official, and it’s rewards include Secret Armor, Under the Castle Weapons, and materials to make both – simply participating in the event already gets you rewards, whether you’re solo or in a party!
    2) Improved Beginner Gear:  enables you to get right in the action!
    3) Addition of “Spirit of Logos” in CZ: giving you something extra to hunt;
    4) Improved CSW rewards: all that effort needs to be properly rewarded;
    5) Monthly rewards for our top 4 ladder rank players:  5 days of Darkness Weapons and Holy Armors;
    6) Increased drop rate on Super Shells, and farming of Rosetta Armors;
    7) Mage damage increase: matching the official servers;
    😎 Offline merchants: no need to leave your computers on anymore to hustle Moradon;
    9) 5 days of Cospre items (Valkyrie, pathos, etc) as a gift for new accounts;
    10) One time opportunity to name change for free (expires in 24 hours);

    We’d also like to express our appreciation to all our supporters and the countless messages we receive daily asking for a new opportunity to join our server and say that this is your chance!
    Ever wished to join Apex but were scared of being unable to put up a fight as a newcomer?
    Now is the perfect time to join our great community –the improved beginner gear put’s you right at the gates to start kicking ass, and enables you to participate in everything the server has to offer, right out of the box!
    Join us on our journey to bring Knight Online players the highest quality, longest lasting, most stable, most secure and, most of all, most trustworthy server!
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    BulletClub reacted to Aesteris in Under the Castle expansion   
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    BulletClub got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Delos items buying merchant :S   
    they shouldnt be. it's a reward for castle owners.
    the weapons are making into merchant now. just buy them
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    BulletClub reacted to Zaikooo in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine   
    Funny thing , u let some one fight for you (Chris).
    Good thing u have nothing else to do with you life.
    Next time dont be such a pussy and choise some one out of your clan because we did beated you in cz. 
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    BulletClub reacted to GOLDCOINFORGM in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan   
    Only If you give me back that „god damn bow”
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    BulletClub reacted to twostars in How to use offline merchants   
    Hey everyone!
    While you have the [Offline Merchant Emblem] equipped, you can setup a selling OR buying merchant (implemented since the launch of the expansion) merchant stall and logout, and your merchant will continue selling its items ingame. You will be able to log into another account while your items are still being sold (note: it must be a different account, you cannot log into side characters).
    Once all items are sold (or the emblem expires, or you log back into your account), your merchant will be logged out.
    NOTE: As is with normal merchanting, you are responsible for making sure you don't go above 21GB - any noah gain above this will be lost and will not be reimbursed.

    You can purchase an [Offline Merchant Emblem Voucher] from the Power-Up Store.

    This voucher can be exchanged at [Familiar Tamer] Kate in Moradon.

    To use it, you must first equip the emblem.

    While the [Offline Merchant Emblem] is equipped, you can /MERCHANT and setup your stall as usual.
    Then you can exit the game.

    Other players will continue to see and use your merchant stall in-game after you're logged out.
    You will only see the "offline merchant" symbol above your head when you're actually offline (and merchanting),
    so you know anybody with this symbol above their head is actually offline.
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    BulletClub got a reaction from ZuKing in Merchant Chat   
    just make like DonnyDonnowitz(AgeuVK) set up macro spam all night. he spams for like 17 hours a day. I don't think he's a real player. he's a new npc they added
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    BulletClub reacted to KissOfNeo in Merchant Chat   
    lol  few new ones added  only time stop is when i d/c and not see       can name a good 5  ppl at least  some can spam fast enough to have everyone else cancelled 
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    BulletClub reacted to KissOfNeo in Merchant Chat   
    Happens alot  need  macro auto spam like everyone else   or sit there and auto post for a lil 
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    BulletClub got a reaction from RuneKingThor in Undefeatable Curse   
    Undef also stops the descent skill of warrior 
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    BulletClub reacted to Sensei in New Year   
    Halloween event became a special day. Will event happen such a thing at the new year?
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    BulletClub reacted to Vivaldi in CZ or Go kill bosses then spam mora 24 - 7 ?   
    this is a common misconception some people make. I've already adressed this in the past but I'll explain it again. Those bosses do not kill PK activity, they increase the average activity by calling everyone to be in CZ at the same time. What this means is that people who otherwise would not be PKing, now are. It introduces peaks of users in the zone. Therefore without the bosses it would be just like it currently is but without peaks on activity.  So, you need to stop thinking that it lowers the online users count in cz, the numbers without the bosses would be like what you right now believe is low after they are dead but for the whole day.
    So basically:
    1) without the bosses = what you consider to be low after they're dead but this scenario for the whole day;
    2) with the bosses = what you consider to be low after they're dead but with activity peaks on specific times.
    They were great additions for PvE mixed in PvP and it breakes the usual PK routine. What we aim right now is to bring a lot of new users with the expansion and increase the average numbers of people in the Colony Zone.
    Best regards,
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    BulletClub reacted to Sulyvahn in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    +1, server needs a damn wake up.
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    BulletClub got a reaction from BroOk in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    I think adding the jewels at +3 would be fine. maybe give a custom staff like the Lighting Kerykion(sp?) staff with +8 stats instead of +7 stats to npc since those staffs don't have the curse.
    I think you could give just fire mage items at npc. jewels +3 lkp/ep/lbol/fr. Give a Aztec fulitol +8. I think it's risky to give +8 staff for free to all elements. Because the next thing you will see is 45 OoooMetaloooO running around with shield and aztec stuning everyone. Lighting mages can earn or make their items. fire on the other hand is the least useful & only good in mage team. so i think it's safe to give that element full gear for free.
    Krowaz +8 mage is cheap.. you can buy a +8 set in less than 1 week. its like 600m each piece. and the fact that mages dont even use the entire set. only pauldron pads and boots. 
    Nps for kc? sure why not. not gonna change anything. nobody will give 1m nps for 1k kc. when you can farm 40 gbs in 2 days instead of giving 1m nps for it.
    If you're looking for a trade in system to mitigate nps. Make meat dumplings change for kc or gear. Meat dumplings = more nps so trading meats will lower the np gain ( meat dumpling will give you 40+ nps for any hit on a riote, with no meat dumpling you get 7-10). most players have 99999 meats in their inn and another stack on the character. so in that case you can do a combination X amount of meat dumplings + X amount of nps = X item +8//X amount of kc.
    As an alternative. Why not make an NPC to exchange overall NPS for some type of medal/Holy Knight materials/gamble on the generator. Nobody cares about changing their ladder points in. they reset anyway. To lower the nps in the server. give some type of exchange that will be worth it for people to want to change some overall nps instead of only ladder points.
    Also you could simply lower the np gain. i mean you get 40 or more nps for using bind on a riote or atross...
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    BulletClub got a reaction from Sierra in OPEN NEW SERVER   
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    BulletClub reacted to Razordagawd in Using Macro's   
    But it's more fun to let an automated script play the game for you! And then talk shit like the best of them, when all you did was click on a new target at the right time.
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    BulletClub reacted to MON5TER in Using Macro's   
    If you didnt have a macro you would have to go back to mage since your combo is in the trashcan. Still love you though.
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    BulletClub reacted to fluffykitten in Using Macro's   
    Lol, did you even read the fact that in USKO it's considering a "third party tool." Which is against the "TERMS OF SERVICE."
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    BulletClub reacted to fluffykitten in Using Macro's   
    Well first of all; I'd just like to state that I love this game, and considering I have played it, on and off since beta; that says enough right there. I do also have really grown to enjoy this server as well. But it has gotten to the point, where I have grown to hate it. This is not K.O. anymore, it's a group of people moving around mouse buttons, with the best gear possible. None of which displaying any skill what so ever. I have lost my passion for this game just despite this fact, and this fact alone. It's not a game of skill anymore.. Now admittedly even USKO has now deemed these tools as being "jailable." Honestly though if we were to get rid of the macro's, get rid of the passion skill. We could make this a much more balanced server. When two rogues are macro minoring the target you're trying to kill, you will never kill him. It completely ruins the game for me, I don't even log in anymore.