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    BulletClub reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in rogue skills   
    I agree with you twostars, but doesn't duration pot + usko (30-35%) rate of cp make it significantly superior to simply a 40% cp alone? It allows for the skill to function for about ~16 seconds as compared to ~8 seconds.
    A 50%-55% cp rate alone would , in my opinion be the equivalent of usko cp rates simply due to the fact that the timing of the skill can be enhanced there due to duration pot.
    Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate it.
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    BulletClub reacted to Razordagawd in rogue skills   
    You guys... Wtf are you even asking for? Higher damage overall? Of course sins hit less in apex because everyone gets free iron set @ImmortalOne you dumb faggot. Use common sense for once in your life.
    Just because the damage mitigation is higher in a pk server doesn't mean that you should increase it. What's the point of having viable defensive item alternatives if according to your logic, sins should just be able to power through all of that? Who would your changes benefit?
    Do you think you will be able to replace a warrior in a party with a measly %CP increase? Or maybe with higher damage you'll be able to deliver equal DPS to a priest? No. The only thing your changes would do is increase the power creep even further between classes. Must be fun to hunt down farmers, mages, archers and even weak warriors that cannot outheal a 5-6k dmg burst in 3 seconds!
    Assassins fulfill the role they're supposed to: Good, opportunistic roamers that can take down specific targets. Whether they're debuff victims or random stragglers, they do their job just fine. I think it's time to wake up and realize this isn't 2005. You won't solo parties anymore as a sin (not like you ever could), and you won't rival a warrior's DPS in pvp EVER.
    CP used to be %50 or close to it(?) in apex back in the day. I can remember getting hit by 2400 2200 1800 1400 into immediate death. That would feel good huh? To be overpowered again. Guess what, just like duration pots, it won't happen!
    Assassins are not warriors. They should not be winning 1v1s against them. They can in USKO, that's ok, so go play USKO. PVP is more than 1v1ing people, and even with duration you guys would still lose so chill.
    One last thing, you lot forget that assassins are better here than in USKO by a LOT. Why? Because it is impossible to shake a sin off of you. In USKO or SteamKO running erratically as a rogue would remove any pesky sin off your back. Here you can forever stay chasing behind someone's back while landing R hits. This is because of this server's faster refresh rate. Do not downplay or forget about this ridiculously large advantage that I'm sure more than makes up for the "lower damage" claims.
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    BulletClub reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in rogue skills   
    CP needs to be increased. Rogue damage capabilities are too low on this server due to draki pendants. This counters the advantage that jamadars provides us. Jamadar and DD def + health recovery? Might as well remove jamadars from server lol. Damage capabilities of rogues here compared to usko are not the same or atleast some variable is significantly messed up the calculation thereof. My 2 cents.
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    BulletClub reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Newest Players   
    Why all complain in this topic?? He just try help new players or people that don’t understand somethings. U guys should thank him for that or give him a compliment for that. Because MERET is doing this in his free time and even in english which is not his strongest language. Anyways goodjob @MERET  my respect and support u have!
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    BulletClub reacted to MERET in Newest Players   
    Welcome to ApexKO
    ApexKO is on par with Official Knight Online and it’s activated for 2 years.
    You will make a start on cospre items(5 days) and name change scroll (Expiration: 24 hours) as welcome-ApexKO present.
    You can purchase the initial items from NPC <Gear Dispenser> at Maradon Castle.
    Many events are going to be waiting for you. All you need is to take part in events and to do PK. There are daily, weekly and monthly mission as well.
    You will gain on others who own full gear items if you farm a little.
    That’s enough to request about any of event guide from me. I will always help you.
    Don’t be daunted by points of players – in fact it demonstrates prolonged server to you 
    Keep in your mind that you are here and the staff are here. It seems that we are in a mutual relationship. For that reason, please contact with them via community using personal message when you are in trouble or have problem.
    Let’s explore!
    Enjoy ApexKO
    Footnote: Please comment at the bottom of this topic first and foremost and don’t forget advertise  Note that is the more player the more enjoy! 
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    BulletClub reacted to Manhattan in rogue skills   
    I'm quite sure that assassins are completely fine. What balanced the class and made it playable again officialy was the addition of Jamadars and Duration Pot, the only problem with us here is because the jamadar we have is garbage and the only decent one is Moonlight, which everyone is very far off having a +11. That is the key element to balance the class.
    A good sin with dual Moonlight +11 would beat any warrior any day (even if they have Buju +11). There is no need to buff any skill and specially no need to add Duration. I don't know why everyone thinks that Duration would be such a life changer, it's extremely rare for a sin to stay inside a fight for more than 10 seconds so it would mostly help on 1vs1s and that would make mediocre/noob sins easily stand out and crush warriors, mages, everything; which is bad.
    And by the way, as @YouGotPwndByMyAss said, an above average sin can beat 95% of the warriors out there, those 5% ones that are invincible are those who can switch items mid vs, instantly re-target the sin after blinds and not fail a single Echo.
    But I still think that to account for not having Duration, CP rates should be increased. I'd love to see it at around 40 - 45%. But well I don't think the staff would do this custom change, they're too scared of it... sux
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    BulletClub reacted to KissOfNeo in Blessed upgrade scroll stacks   
    need magic bag so when get 200 put stack in there   hen get 200 more put in magic bag so on  ...    Then  when go merchant take all out of magic bag and have in normal bag  to sell 
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    BulletClub reacted to delusive in Disconnect issues   
    Hey everyone!
    I've browsed through the forums and couldn't find any answers for my problem. I couldn't really find a section for it, so sorry if it's in the wrong place.
    I'm disconnecting a lot from the server, at random times. Sometimes it's fine for 1-2 hours, sometimes i can't even play for a minute. I can be either playing, or AFK, and it happened in every possible zone I've been in. I've added an exception for the game client to my firewall, tried turning firewall off, reinstalled the game. Running the game on Windows 7 Professional SP1, 64-bit.
    If anyone has an idea about what could be wrong, I'd be grateful, as the server is really fun to play.
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    BulletClub got a reaction from Suwalanpala in If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?   
    Great to see admins popping with their opinions on player suggestions
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    BulletClub got a reaction from Suwalanpala in If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?   
    Yeah. It's better to have a variance of gear within player base. it will get old seeing everyone wearing 1 or 2 items. this can bring some type of individuality
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    BulletClub got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?   
    I agree with this. I dont think there is much reason to have +8-+9 with trina disabled as the chances are still very minimal. The only reason for it has to be to increase sales of Karivdis on merchant and help the market a little or increase PUS karivdis sales
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    BulletClub reacted to twostars in 100 Felankor achievement doesn't work   
    Should be working correctly now.
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    BulletClub reacted to Levisbo in If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?   
    It's a very good point that every player will have more different type for pk gear 
    I like it !
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    BulletClub reacted to ImmortalOne in If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?   
    If this gonna happen then please open upgrade from+8 to +9 also
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    BulletClub reacted to Aesteris in If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?   
    We’ll have to take a look at how far we need to take these outdated items (e.g. what +) to be useful at all, as well as balance the rate at which these are obtainable vs. chance to get to the required + to be useful. (And then there’s the debate of do we want to let them surpass newer content, but that comes later)
    All in all, I quite like the idea and see opportunities to revive older content
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    BulletClub got a reaction from BroOk in About BAttle Priest   
    i helped you already with the blasting to INT suggestion a long time ago.. no need to be a little bitch boy
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    BulletClub got a reaction from BroOk in About BAttle Priest   
    How much did Brook pay you to make this topic? 
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    BulletClub reacted to mrhankey in [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)   
    Thanks a bunch
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    BulletClub reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)   
    I agree with you. He is a perfect guy! He is my favorite turkish guy that's playing in ApexKO.
    Always ready to help. In english and in turkish. Perfect!!!
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    BulletClub got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)   
    I think people owe appreciation to MERET. he does this everytime something new comes out.
    no rewards, or not even being asked. he does it out of kindness. thank you MERET
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    BulletClub reacted to MERET in [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)   
    How to enter?
    The entrance to UTC via NPC [Twilight Observer] at Luferson or El Morad Castle Time
    UTC is open every Friday and Saturday. Time depends on your location. That's why you should check your event schedule. This event goes on during 4 hours. More information
    It is a event consisting of 4 stages. 
    This dungeon offers unique quests and items in order to make UTC weapons and armours. Please read a recipe of that from NPC [Disciple of Hepa] Shozin at Maradon.

    You obtain -if you have party- 2 Tropy box (if you don't, just 1 Tropy box) after passing per dungeon. If you die inside the UTC than press OK, then your character teleports back to the re-spawn point and you see that the durability on armours&weapon are all gone at the same time. You have to recovery of those.
    If you use Life Crystal item when you die, you proceed on your way without the necessity of sth. You can get it via NPC [Mysterious Narki] using low, middle, high and unique items at Maradon. There is a NPC [Twilight Knight Guard] Martin the final stage, you can use boxes here.
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    BulletClub reacted to MERET in [Rehber] Under The Castle (UTC)   

    UTC zindanına nasıl girilir?
    Luferson ve El Morad Castle bölgesinde bulunan [Twilight Observer] NPC’den girilir.
    Etkinlik saatleri ne zaman?
    Etkinlik saatlerini sağ üst köşede bulunan kum saati (⌛) sembolüne tıklayarak öğrenebilirsiniz Cuma günü; saat: 15.00 ve 21.00 Cumartesi günü; saat: 06.00 Etkinlik 4 saat boyunca devam eder. Ek bilgiler
    UTC 4 ayrı zindandan oluşur.
    Her bir zindanı geçtikten sonra partideyseniz envanterinize 2 adet Troppy box, partide değilseniz 1 adet Troppy box düşecektir. Eğer zindan içinde ölür ve “Press Ok” tuşuna tıklarsanız karakteriniz UTC başlangıç bölgesine geri döner. Tüm zırhlarınız ve silahlarınız yanar. Bu yüzden eşyalarınızı tamir etmeniz gerekmektedir. Bu duruma düşmemek ve karakterin öldüğü yerden tekrar canlanması için envanterinizde Life Crystal eşyası bulundurmalısınız. Life Crystal Maradon bölgesinde bulunan [Mysterious] Narki NPC’den Low, Middle, High ve Unique eşyalar kırdırarak elde edebilirsiniz. Zindaki yaratıklardan çeşitli materyaller düşmektedir. Maradon bölgesinde bulunan [Disciple of Hepa] Shozin NPC’den UTC silahların veya zırhların nasıl yapılacağı anlatılıyor. Check Manufacturing recipe – OPEN – Sayfa 2’ye geçin. Under the Castle başlığı altında silahların nasıl yapılacağı gösterilmektedir. Ek olarak Trophy eşyalarını nasıl elde edeceğiniz Trophy başlığın altında gösterilmektedir.

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    BulletClub got a reaction from Razordagawd in A new tactic that needs to be discussed.   
    how is this actually a problem? he is using his lupin computer to hit people.
    this isn't illegal in anyway, shape or form. Just annoying. 
    don't make the potion useless. then you're taking an element of the game away. which is ignorant.
    players should be creative and use the buildings and houses in town to their advantage to not get hit by an arrow. it's not that difficult.
    it's the same per official. you risk something by doing this quest. if you want the NP/reward. you risk getting towered. and in official losing EXP is a huge loss. 
    here you don't lose anything but time. you learned where his character is. and enter the base in a more strategic way the next time to avoid him,
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    BulletClub reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (16/03/2018)   
    Reskill / restat costs are now as per official again (meaning they'll cost you what it'd cost you on official in terms of Noah) Added 7 day offline merchant voucher to Power-Up Store Reduced cost of 30 day offline merchant voucher in the Power-Up Store (those that have previously purchased vouchers at the original price will see the difference reimbursed onto their accounts) Reduced cost of Karivdis pieces in the Power-Up Store Reduced cost of Trina pieces in the Power-Up Store WAR premium [1hr] has been changed back to DC premium [1hr] The quest that rewards DC premium [1hr] now immediately applies the hour of premium upon claiming the reward Under the Castle event has seen it's drop rate increased, and final boss kills now also automatically place loot in the players inventory
    Trophy of Flame can now be obtained at any stage (not just final boss kills), they have a small chance at having Under the Castle accessories, and weapons inside of them. Under the Castle weapon manufacturing was changed from non-unique to unique (meaning, "normal" Under the Castle weapons are no longer obtainable, only <selfname> variants can now be manufactured, they will be handed out at (+0)) Under the Castle armor and weapon manufacturing chance are increased to 100% chance without a Shadow Piece (meaning, there's no need to add a shadow piece) The demi-bosses in Ronark Land (on top of the platforms) now drop Rosetta Armor (+7) at a 40% drop rate Super Shell drops from Falcons, Titans, and Evil Wizard now drop at (+8) at a 30% drop rate Doors should no longer aggro in the Under the Castle event
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    BulletClub reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in UTC Expansion Official Review by me   
    I hope they fix some stuff. It is a good patch but there needs some significant changes.