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  1. I personally think they’re ugly. But I’m not one to say no to any diversity in the game. 

    There is a set list of items that are used by every class because they’re tip top. 

    The only diversity we have is what PUS armor you use and your pathos gloves. 

  2. Yep. Chances of the curse granting with single shot is very low rng 1/100... imagine guessing a number 1-100 if you get it right. You win. as opposed to 8/100 with multiple/shower combo. Theoretically with the as/ms combo you get 8/10 for the curse. which is a great rate... 

  3. 9 minutes ago, YouGotPwndByMyAss said:

    First of all u selected with ur quote on the Admins Aestreis that's not Aesteris.


    Second: You are kinda true about the merchant. But you have to know this Medal & Apexis system is already open since 2016 April so there is alots of items in the game. But they should do something against it to stop it. For example to delete those mini bosses which are dropping those items to and even at +6! And specially all those items aren't worth shit because Ultima and felankor are dropping cursed weapons +3 reverse and krowaz at +8! But Rosetta is actually normal it's not worth anything u kill a Nigmash and u have +7 lol i don't even understand why you add that tbh.

    This is why the interest is lost into Medal&Apexis chest&Krowaz chest items. They should do something against that let Ultima drop something else instead of that :)


    Third: Dark Items is a server killer. Imagine if the Darknight Bow comes in the game everyone change class into archer stunning eachother 24/7 with light arrows and curse lol! And then you can really call apexko LegolasKO.

    And priests healing enemies o_O a big nono! And holy knight is way to tanky for a server without red pots.

    That dark knight mace tho 😂😂😂 hahahahaha 

  4. 6 hours ago, Nath said:

    Why you keep pushing your own agenda John? Last time I checked you even made a Topic-poll about it and the community said no. So how do you speak in the best interest of us (the community)? Red pot won't do any good. They do need to buff up assassins in some way though, I do agree 100% on that, but this is not the right topic for such discussion, let's stick to the subject.

    @YouGotPwndByMyAss I can only speak for myself, whether a clannie is also asking for this non-sense or not,  such argument is totally irrelevant. I stand, there's nothing utterly wrong in the current warrior class as to make it an un-playable class, none.

    And If according to you I die 24/7 in CZ, it should be in my best interest to also be asking for this "buff", yet I don't, the class it's more than fine, other classes are struggling a lot more than warriors in this server.

    PS. Don't put words in my mouth, how would I want a kurian/archer server when I play and enjoy using a warrior? Have some common

  5. 3 minutes ago, IIIAmJohnWick said:

    I agree with bullet club. The UTC event is saving the server. Let's savor it for as long as possible. No need to rush it. Thats what ruined the krowaz expansion in the past. People wanted it for free without working for it. This is a light farm server, accept it.

    It’s brought people back. And taken people away. We just need to find s good mix. 

    I just wish our admins would listen to us. We’re the people playing each day. Wee kno what’s going on. And what can be done to make it more fun and cool for the longtime and new players!

    we need another Community Liason to forward the communitie’s ideas! 

  6. 4 hours ago, Nath said:

    We couldn't finish last week UTC @Aesteris  (first time?) that should tell you something. You guys did something to the HP of bosses last patch that made it impossible for the low population of the server to go all the way to the end. Essentially just made it worst and it was already hard to finish.

    By the way. You’ve been talking plenty of garbage the last few days. Please enlighten us to your name in game. 

  7. I think everyone should just relax. 

    Me and @iamjohnwick remember having to make Rosetta +8 lol. We had to get it from event chests at +1. Nowadays you get everything given to you. Go play a pk server if you want free shit and don’t want to put in any effort.  

    These weapons are the strongest in the game. And shouldn’t be given out with minimal effort. 

    Sometimes an event can’t be completed. So be it. Makes it all the more awesome when you craft a rare item. You have something not many people own. And it can sell for a ton. 

    Just because they have an event. Doesn’t mean it has to be Completed each time it’s offered 

  8. This shit is hilarious hahaha. He wants more stamina and more damage. But doesn’t want the bad part of the persistent cool down. Which I didn’t know anything about. I support fully though :D

    the funny part is. Devil kurian is obscenely overpowered as it is. All you gotta do is AOE dot. And run. You get 15 kills like Aurelio or Ageu. Apparently this guy just isn’t as good. Or doesn’t know how to play 😂😀

  9. 3 hours ago, Aesteris said:

    Officially, at least on KRKO, the cooldowns persist throughout sessions (e.g. relogging to get back your devil transformation doesn't work there).

    We can update Kurians to their latest incarnation, if you'd like :)

    Please. Hahaha. Maybe that will make them happy 

  10. Say what. Kurian can solo anyone or anything hahahahahah. Kurian isn’t made to tank parties. It’s a utility class. You can help your party with pulls or stuns. You can be a defensive tank. Or you can do dot damage and heal. 

    Kurian is overpowered. We’ve been complaining about this for months. Even begging to have this meatball deleted from the server. 

    Anything buffing a kurian is fucking laughable. 

  11. 8 minutes ago, dividion said:

    Yea well i've been trying for a few days to find help and a clan or what side to play and shit but nothing from it. most of the quest npc in cz rewards are from killing players which is hard to do with basic bitch gear and unable to get into decent groups since. 

    There is literally only 2 quests in cz that reward you for killing players. One is a daily for 40kills. Which count in a party. Other is a monthly for 2.5k kills for free armor. 

    The other weekly and daily quests have nothing to do with killing anyone. Example. Take 1 chaos stone for a chest. Take 1 monument for a chest. Those are always easy with a party or not. Those aforementioned quests have weekly variants also. Requiring 5. And it rewards you with 3 chests. Check the KO panel. And get the times for the events (it’s tailored to your time zone. So you don’t need to do anyone checking other time zones) events are the easiest way to get ahold of some free chests. 

    Human side. Check BrokenHabibis. They’re the best bet for an English clan that or DrManhattans clan. Razor is the king of elmorad and frequently runs events. Win one and he rewards a knight cash voucher of 100. Which can sell for like 450m. 

    Most easy way to get started is to throw $5 and get 500 kc. Sell it for 21gb. And you have a great start. 

    Farm bus in cz. You can collects about 200 or more an hour. Selling them in merchant can bet you some nice cash for a new player quick