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  1. On 11/5/2017 at 11:01 AM, BroOk said:

    5k dmn was suck.. 2k dmg or 1500 can be. What about to change blasting from 30 str to 30 int ?? Will give abit more ap to bps?? At least able to kill atross alone lel 

    There are some random str bp's out there. maybe change buff/db blasting to 30 int. and leave heal blasting at 30 str. cause all priest will have 60 in heal. so the 2 or 3 str bps can still keep their blasting skill for str and the others can use for int.

  2. some guy even posted website for advertising to turkish community. it was ignored unfortunately.

    New player's need a better beginner package. like open new account get free 3 day +11 garges or something. so they can pk and compete while gaining some items.

    or add new farm spots for them. the last update for the farm was 5 or 6 months ago. now these hepa weapons are obsolete. nothing to farm now.

    There needs to be something to farm in bowl to bring activity. the halloween even brought tons of people farming pumpkins in bowl and all over cz. so that is a prime example of how adding a mob to farm in bowl can increase activity,

    felankor actually brings activity to cz because it's possible to kill. People now just ignore the ultima notice because it;s became very evident with the servers low population that it cannot be killed. so the ultima is now counter productive to what it was set out to do. bring activity. it doesn't bring anyone.they don't care because they know it can't be killed.

    nice ideas. maybe some can be implemented 

  3. Pretty lowdown that AerQ account had the same issue items taken when sharing an account.

    and you guys swiftly gave his items back within the hour... May i ask what is the difference? 

    You guys banned the account the items went to. and restored his items. 

    Seems like you could force him to open OTP on his account before helping him. 

  4. usa. turkey. brazil.  one from germany. and a chinese dude 

    Turkish guys play on regular dektops. usa plays on a laptop. no idea about the fella from germany or the chinese guy.

    I don't play warrior. I'm just echoing the many complaints since the patch. I'll send them here to elaborate or give more information if I can

  5. This absolutely has to be something to do with the patch.

    Nobody was complaining as decent was working fine before. but now since that halloween patch. warriors are complaining & it's not just a select few. I can't see it being just a coincidence that as soon as the halloween patch was released. warriors started to have problems with decent that previously weren't there. There has to be some sort of connection between the two

  6. Why you keep talking to me?

    you said you don't want to speak to me?

    you changed your name and lied to hide from me.

    and you speak to me at every turn now lol.

    who are you again? xD Alex or Chris? 

  7. 1 hour ago, ComplexSinz said:

    Insecurities? I think not sir. 27, OWN my own house, have plenty of toys that I OWN. Seems to be the only thing that hits to home with people like yourself, that do not have a pot to piss in, and your own family kicked your ass to the curb. Quite sad, all things considered. you guys really are not worth my time. Do as you want in the rest of this thread. Im out, just got called in anyways. TO A REAL JOB guys btw.... might want to look into that.

    first i live with my mom. now i got kicked out. make up your mind.

    stop responding if nobody is worth your time. 

    this guy lol.

  8. 2 hours ago, ComplexSinz said:

    Now that was uncalled for. I did not "drag you into this," you off your house arrest yet? Sounds like you need to get outside and get some fresh air sir.

    yeah you did lol. you mentioned him in the shoutbox when he had nothing to do with this topic :ph34r:

    Why do you turn to personally attacking people? does it make you feel good? That's normally a defense mechanism for insecure people

    uncalled for? DUDE you are the one calling people autist...  and you're upset he called you f*gf**k? really?

    this is also coming from the guy getting mad when someone personally attacked gate, now you're turning and doing the same thing.

    I'll pay a 500 kc fee to watch you get your tail handed to you in this vs. then you will be the new ItzMDMA.

    /done. i'll observe from a far now. since I don't want this to get cancelled.

  9. 1 hour ago, ComplexSinz said:

    Nothing to say to my comment, typical. Then you try to change subject. Want to talk about real shit? I am 27 and probably make more than the parents that kicked you out for being a nothing. Go drown yourself in a toilet full of shit, and no one would notice. Done talking with you.. Selam

    again. so triggered. hahahahaha. how can I tell? you're typing a calculated response for 5 min to a simple trolling comment that i made to irritate you.