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  1. BulletClub

    Second ultima spawn.

    thanks for your opinion. He's also in bifrost.
  2. BulletClub

    Second ultima spawn.

    again. we cant kill it. lower the hp or regen. jeez
  3. BulletClub

    This bf have to change

    or how about just let us get nps in bifrost like its supposed to be? then if one nation goes to BF. then the pk doesnt have to stop for 1.5 hours
  4. BulletClub

    Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    Ryan got his gloves back ^^
  5. BulletClub

    Second ultima spawn.

    again. ultima sitting. we have 2 party but its impossible to kill
  6. BulletClub

    Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    this was much longer than 72 hours. But i witnessed him making them.
  7. BulletClub

    Second ultima spawn.

    2 party tonight. 1 pt of 5 rogue. still cant kill it. NERF
  8. BulletClub

    FT AFK issue

    soluton. FT sucks. Remove ft and in place of it give a click event for 10% and dragon scale everyday
  9. BulletClub

    First castellan wep 7!

    yeah. but you didnt have to make it from +6
  10. BulletClub

    <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

    Selling still rol 2x?
  11. BulletClub

    Refund for KC spend on shadow pieces

    Ok. so how bout again. a refund on people that used shadow pieces on the holy armor. because a guide was posted here for over a week. and we the players had to figure out ourselves that this guide was not for apex. but for usko. and it took you guys a week to give us a legit guide... the community had to tell the community that the guide posted on forums was not legit. no gm even responded on the thread saying anything... you guys couldn't be assed to just give us a crafting % right off the bat? it took over a week to get the players a guide. people lost 1000's of kc on shadow pieces due to negligence of the staff... refunds should be in order for those that used shadow pieces.. and you guys couldn't tell us for 10 days that the guide was false. or simply even respond on the topic. If you are creating a new a patch. it should come with guides ready to go. you should not rely on the users to figure it out themselves. thanks for your hard work on the patch. But you really were not prepared for this one and it shows. but i have some faith that you will do the right thing for the players in this situation.
  12. BulletClub

    Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    Yes. you still play. stop lying.
  13. BulletClub

    Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    we dont care. unfortunately.
  14. BulletClub

    Buy Chaos wirinom +8

    Buying Chaos wirinom +8/5rb pm MellowMushroom
  15. BulletClub

    First castellan wep 7!

    Why does it matter to you what i play? if my clan doesn't mind me playing a fire mage.. what concern is that of yours? nothing. you can't ever seem to come up with a relevant response. i'll just keep raping you in cz. and you can keep lying about killing me. haha also. you obviously know i'm not a fire mage.
  16. BulletClub

    First castellan wep 7!

    you guys are so annoying lol. Seems jealousy that Revo didnt win the castle. so they just talk shit. they already asking for armor drops. assuming they will win next week. hahaha
  17. BulletClub

    Beef up the new items?

    funny that's what I was telling you a week ago when you were complaining about csw. I can't wait to catch you making a complaint again
  18. BulletClub

    Beef up the new items?

    can't say i disagree. you took away our csw KC reward. to let us farm the dragon. but now its basically no reward. because the items suck. stats are bad, no curse. they should at least drop at +8 so there is some benefit to having one. because now csw is less desirable than it was before... and thats saying something because nobody went before. now it's even less purpose to go. you dont even get kc. just a crappy dungeon with crappy weapon :S essentially im farming the dark dragon for a week to have a novelty cute item just to show off in moradon. because the stats are useless.
  19. BulletClub

    Castellean weapon quest is bugged

    Hey we completed the quest for a weapon. 30 stamps/1cube/1peel. it is unable to be traded in. if you'd look into this. thank you. i'd like to get my book
  20. BulletClub

    Buying rons glove +11

    someone hit me up. paying a good price. StarPlayer. pm me
  21. BulletClub

    A few bugs/issues

    2. Since the recent patch, Boatman TP freezes game for half a min. boatman crashed my game twice
  22. BulletClub

    Darius Sell/Buylist

    i offer 2k and a kebab. krowaz is useless now
  23. BulletClub

    Darius Sell/Buylist

    lmao. idiot trying to sell krowaz. now its worth 1k for +11 piece
  24. BulletClub

    Sell rev11 Kro pri set(rev5 helmet & lower )

    you know a set means the whole thing is +11. your title should be. Selling Priest Krowaz Set (Pauldron,Boot,Glove +11--Helmet,Pad +8)
  25. BulletClub

    1 VS 1 event (Every Month)

    like you on every vs :DDDDD