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  1. no love for a former cheater that has been banned previously lol. uploading a video doesn't mean you didnt do anything wrong. look at mdma. he posted a video and got banned for tbl from proof out of his own video. i hope chris is this stupid.
  2. I cant make you a mage guide. but the titles you are looking for as a priest would be. in order of worst to best Expert- 40 def =kill 10,000 monsters without dying. (simple to get and very nice bonus for your char. easy way is to set a genie on instance 5 or something and kill worms. you will get this title in 1 nights sleep) Most speedy- 10 attack 60 def = kill 100 chaos stone. (sunday boss war chaos stone count DO count) and like 5 spawn every 15min. so thats fast way to get this title. dont know the name - 90 def- = win 100 bdw ( no fast way to accomplish this.. im currently at 85/100) Juraid Protector - 100 def = win 150 juraid mountain (this is probably hardest title to win) hope i helped ^^
  3. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    Why do you have your info bar covered? hiding anything? very likely since you've been banned before for multi client. directed at Chris (pwnedbymyass)
  4. I see also he has his info bar covered. which is suspicious. this guy has also been banned for multi client before also.
  5. only piece i need left. i will give you 1k kc for helmet. pm me. hell of a profit for someone
  6. http://imgur.com/a/HJZQC http://imgur.com/a/vh1sY SilverHarpoon TheMarLBoRoBoX IErekhteous SerhatBeyy
  7. pm StarPlayer. offering KC
  8. I think it would be cool to make meat dumplings worth something. Like you can trade a certain amount to npc for a certain accessory at +3 armor or weapon at +8. I.believe this could be a great thing for a few reasons. 1. It's a a sacrifice. You use them to gain extra NP. So if you trade them in you get less NP but you get a nice item. Then you must build them up again.. which leads to next point. 2. Promotes Pk. They increase pk if you do this. People want more np. The way to get more NP is meat dumplings. The only way to get meat dumplings is PK. 3. It's another way to gear your character. It will add a different element to obtaining your items. Your suggestions welcome. Thanks
  9. from "Gm kill event"

    Nice thanks for posting these
  10. Riote and Atross

    Up. I think this is the issue. I was on my other chat earlier. Killed 1 riote 2 atross. No problem. But when I saw a riote and pulled it from others. It gave 0 np. So maybe a combination of pulling from kurian and being attacked by multiple party makes the 0 np happen. @Sierra @root @Vivaldi
  11. I didn't consider the money in inventory. I wad thinking overall. I carry 1gb on my always as a sort of "wallet" inn hostess is my bank account
  12. Money isn't a thing here though. Unless it's gonna cost like 1gb to cross if you don't have monu. It's still gonna get abused the same way if it's nominal like 10m or something
  13. when new server?

    Can you read dude? New server IS NOT opening. If you wanna play apex. Come play. If not. Take the complaints elsewhere mate.
  14. when new server?

    This was asked literally 12 hours ago. Answer has not changed. Please use search function as these topics are annoying as hell. There won't be a new server.
  15. Why no kingdom in human race

    You made this topic before. Use search feature to find your own previous post. The gm responded to you in that post also.
  16. Server been up nearly 3 years bro people come and go.
  17. As said before from gm. Server will never restart. There will never be a second server.
  18. Would be nice if frags weren't something like 98.25 % give you nightmare crystal.
  19. @VivaldiSweet. Thanks for your statement.. tho I disagree with your answer. I appreciate you responding to suggestions. Any chance you can give us some type of concrete date? Users are getting frustrated & it becomes harder and harder to calm them down lol
  20. Up. Anymore opinions? We are a community. State your opinion. Or don't complain when apex does something you don't like. When you had your chance to voice your opinion but chose not to.
  21. Welcome back Wrecking Crew hopefully haha. I think maybe we can alternate the cz map every week. Or twice a month. Like 1 week. It's cz map. Next ardream map. Then RLB map. Or however it's seen fit. On other servers this seems to have went over well. Offering a change of scenery to invite more to pk. Some people just like a different place to explore and pk. Also. People in apex are dicks (myself included). If you're farming genie on shadow seeker. You're gonna get killed. Don't afk to farm in a pk zone. If you are at the pc and fight back. That's different. But passing up free genie nps while finding the mini bosses. Is Ludacris. You can't afk in a pk zone and expect to live
  22. I think they should only be for killing another player. That way it emphasizes PK. Not be able to be sold or merchant. Can't trade. Literal only way is to kill another player. I think 500-700 meat dumpling for +7/+2 and 1.5k for +8/+3 is a great amount. The cz quest for 5 days free cospre is 2.5k kills. So if it takes you 1-2 weeks to get that. I don't think 1-2 week of pk is bad for 2x +3 items or 2x +8 Edit: keep in mind if you are saving your meats for a +8 weapon. You're gaining less NP while saving the meat dumplings. So this becomes a risk vs reward mindset. See point #1/#2
  23. Meat dumpling doesn't drop in war. It's only cz. If I'm wrong. Np.