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  1. TheCanButThe can certainly be responsible also. seeing as he has the most tbl minor heal i've ever seen. that can lend you to believe if someone cheats in 1 aspect, the most likely would do it in a different scenario also
  2. this seems like just things that you want added to benefit yourself. none of them seem to be a good idea honestly
  3. O_O that is some weird shit. if it was 1 person i could understand it being a bug... but thats the whole party down there
  4. BUYING: Mage Krowaz Set +8 SELLING: Priest Krowaz Set+8 Priest Krowaz Gloves +8 Sweet Kiss Baal +8
  5. Sell 7x Qualification of Rebith Scroll

    he isn't asking for lip from you oguz. try the rebirth again. they're trying to help and you're being rude -.-
  6. http://imgur.com/a/1x9Zc http://imgur.com/a/EB7No he is in wall multiple times. i was only able to take 2 Screenshots. he was in party with LoseYourself Clan. as you can see on my info bar in second SS. i tried to attack him. but failed because he's in the wall. you can clearly see hes in the wall as evidenced by how close his name is to me. unlike some others that are outside the gate. Their names are further away. please take care of it. thanks
  7. BUYING ALL ROF+0/+1

  8. which timezone do you play? because the hour before and after the second ultima is 4-5 pt on human vs about 3 for orcs. it's been like this for a week or so now. maybe during your playing hours. some people sit in moradon. i know during the day in my timezone. we dont really pk. because we dont play with randoms. we wait on the clan to get online and we use teamspeak for organized pk.
  9. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    I have no dog in the fight here. just simply stating what i observed. thanks for reaching out. now if one of you could reach out about new updates and a time frame? that would be great ^^
  10. Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    Thats pretty unfair. When brad AurorasVeil had his items taken from a shared account. that he willingly shared information with. you took the items from the other account, and gave them back to him... all people had to do was raise a little hell and gms gave in and recovered all the items for him. you cant treat 1 player one way and make a special exception to the rules. then no go about it the same way for someone else. both of these cases are cut and dry... both users willingly gave the items or account information and got robbed. One has his items recovered for him, and one doesn't. thats a bad look
  11. WHo have you seen begging for mages to come to the server? seems like its only you. If you dont like the server just leave and shut up. nobody is begging you to stay and play. there wont be a new server. Either play or dont and stop the crying.
  12. +1 this 100% This coming from a guy who has full +8/3 and he only farms. if he can do it. others can also All you need to do is invest some time. Just like anything else in life... if you want something.. work for it
  13. in the hour leading up to ultima. pk is on fire. it stays for a while after ultima also. what else do you want for free? the npc gives you +8 rosetta +2 roc/rol? go get the expert title for 40 def and you will only be a 20-30 AC different than krowaz+8 spend another afternoon farming hepa weapon. make yourself a +9 shard or raptor. farm a few bus with the FREE DC PREM AND FREE OREADS. win an event get a tear and a chest. turn in your quest. items are not hard. people are just lazy. they cannot give you everything free or it shits on people who work for and donate for their items.
  14. posted many times they wont open a new server. use search. items are so easy to get lol. also. have any of you thought that maybe your ideas or suggestions were shit? and thats why they wont get implemented? nice suggestions dean. i posted a similar thing that involved farming some mob for a chest fragment, and X amount of fragment can be traded for chest. vivaldi was checking that out out
  15. so basically... you are accusing me of something and are not providing any proof right?
  16. please continue. i will go through the same shit with you as i did with razor. give an IP or stop making accusations. why do you think razor stopped? he has much more power than you and he couldn't produce any proof. so i doubt you can. if you can i'll be waiting. im ready
  17. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    call me retard #2 it doesn't matter.
  18. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    that's not relevant. you are still pathetic.
  19. unless you have an ip address... do you? didnt think so. this topic is about YouGotPwnedByMyCheatingAss. if you have some proof or wanna continue. make a new topic. i'll chime in there
  20. razor has tried this already. he is an admin on k4l. i asked him to produce an ip address and asked root to match it. razor failed to come through. so... you are also walking away like an idiot.
  21. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    lmao. dylan and chris are so pathetic
  22. ok tabasco lol. where is your proof here? since you are making accusations. Razor tried this before and could not produce proof. so he shut his ass up and hasn't been seen since he embarassed himself
  23. Hello all

    bump for kezzy