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  1. Buy +11 Aztec/Kaul Faun. pm StarPlayer
  2. too bad it's not happening lol. nps are pretty low. only big one is tuke. you get border symbols around 800k. thats 2-3 months of pk.
  3. yeah... kc sales are going pretty well lol. where do you think kc comes from? it doesnt drop from worms. every kc you see in merchant or trade for items. was purchased through the PUS at some point. i know plenty of players who farm gbs and buy kc to trade for items. but when it comes to valks/pathos/wings/prem. they buy from PUS to support the server they enjoy playing.
  4. where do you see 13m nps? nobody has that many. 11m is max for no lifer tuke.
  5. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    looks like i have a fan. you ss everything i say so you can play with your dick later while you read them ^^ also you always have an excuse for hiding the info bar. stop making up excuses and just show the thing. you aren't fooling anyone.
  6. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    Stop hiding your info bar every single video you make. does it make you proud that all you have to do is click to move? and your macro attacks,battle cry,pots,decents, and does z on targets? how fun is that? why do you even play when a macro does everything for you? sad part is.. you think you are good at this game. shame
  7. Selling mage krowaz pants 11. buying rons set 11 pm StarPlayer
  8. Ronark Land Board Bugg

    you supposed to be banned
  9. No Timer for Events

    yep Versace is correct. if you dont want to to go that event. dont click X. minimize it and move it to a hidden spot on your screen and the other events will still pop up
  10. Selling: Gab Blessing +11 Holy Animor +11 1x rol+3 1x LB+3 Buying: Dual Flame ring +3 Fulitol/ garges staff +5-6-7-8-9-10-11 rb Pm: StarPlayer

    I will join. thanks for being nice to the community
  12. like what do you expect it to drop? it drops a +2 unique +7 krowaz weapon and a piece of krowaz +8 and sometimes it drops 100 kc certificate. what do you want it to drop? a +11 piece of krowaz or something? lol
  13. Best player list Elmorad & Karus

  14. calm down. dont get upset. but already one clan has been forced to change their symbol because it was Nazi symbol. i think this clan should also be forced to change...
  15. TheCanButThe can certainly be responsible also. seeing as he has the most tbl minor heal i've ever seen. that can lend you to believe if someone cheats in 1 aspect, the most likely would do it in a different scenario also
  16. this seems like just things that you want added to benefit yourself. none of them seem to be a good idea honestly
  17. O_O that is some weird shit. if it was 1 person i could understand it being a bug... but thats the whole party down there
  18. BUYING: Mage Krowaz Set +8 SELLING: Priest Krowaz Set+8 Priest Krowaz Gloves +8 Sweet Kiss Baal +8
  19. Sell 7x Qualification of Rebith Scroll

    he isn't asking for lip from you oguz. try the rebirth again. they're trying to help and you're being rude -.-
  20. http://imgur.com/a/1x9Zc http://imgur.com/a/EB7No he is in wall multiple times. i was only able to take 2 Screenshots. he was in party with LoseYourself Clan. as you can see on my info bar in second SS. i tried to attack him. but failed because he's in the wall. you can clearly see hes in the wall as evidenced by how close his name is to me. unlike some others that are outside the gate. Their names are further away. please take care of it. thanks
  21. BUYING ALL ROF+0/+1

  22. which timezone do you play? because the hour before and after the second ultima is 4-5 pt on human vs about 3 for orcs. it's been like this for a week or so now. maybe during your playing hours. some people sit in moradon. i know during the day in my timezone. we dont really pk. because we dont play with randoms. we wait on the clan to get online and we use teamspeak for organized pk.