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  1. Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    Yes. you still play. stop lying.
  2. Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    we dont care. unfortunately.
  3. Buy Chaos wirinom +8

    Buying Chaos wirinom +8/5rb pm MellowMushroom
  4. First castellan wep 7!

    Why does it matter to you what i play? if my clan doesn't mind me playing a fire mage.. what concern is that of yours? nothing. you can't ever seem to come up with a relevant response. i'll just keep raping you in cz. and you can keep lying about killing me. haha also. you obviously know i'm not a fire mage.
  5. First castellan wep 7!

    you guys are so annoying lol. Seems jealousy that Revo didnt win the castle. so they just talk shit. they already asking for armor drops. assuming they will win next week. hahaha
  6. Beef up the new items?

    funny that's what I was telling you a week ago when you were complaining about csw. I can't wait to catch you making a complaint again
  7. Beef up the new items?

    can't say i disagree. you took away our csw KC reward. to let us farm the dragon. but now its basically no reward. because the items suck. stats are bad, no curse. they should at least drop at +8 so there is some benefit to having one. because now csw is less desirable than it was before... and thats saying something because nobody went before. now it's even less purpose to go. you dont even get kc. just a crappy dungeon with crappy weapon :S essentially im farming the dark dragon for a week to have a novelty cute item just to show off in moradon. because the stats are useless.
  8. Castellean weapon quest is bugged

    Hey we completed the quest for a weapon. 30 stamps/1cube/1peel. it is unable to be traded in. if you'd look into this. thank you. i'd like to get my book
  9. Buying rons glove +11

    someone hit me up. paying a good price. StarPlayer. pm me
  10. A few bugs/issues

    2. Since the recent patch, Boatman TP freezes game for half a min. boatman crashed my game twice
  11. Darius Sell/Buylist

    i offer 2k and a kebab. krowaz is useless now
  12. Darius Sell/Buylist

    lmao. idiot trying to sell krowaz. now its worth 1k for +11 piece
  13. Sell rev11 Kro pri set(rev5 helmet & lower )

    you know a set means the whole thing is +11. your title should be. Selling Priest Krowaz Set (Pauldron,Boot,Glove +11--Helmet,Pad +8)
  14. 1 VS 1 event (Every Month)

    like you on every vs :DDDDD
  15. Buying Faun +11

    Buy +11 Aztec/Kaul Faun. pm StarPlayer
  16. About new server

    too bad it's not happening lol. nps are pretty low. only big one is tuke. you get border symbols around 800k. thats 2-3 months of pk.
  17. About new server

    yeah... kc sales are going pretty well lol. where do you think kc comes from? it doesnt drop from worms. every kc you see in merchant or trade for items. was purchased through the PUS at some point. i know plenty of players who farm gbs and buy kc to trade for items. but when it comes to valks/pathos/wings/prem. they buy from PUS to support the server they enjoy playing.
  18. About new server

    where do you see 13m nps? nobody has that many. 11m is max for no lifer tuke.

    Selling mage krowaz pants 11. buying rons set 11 pm StarPlayer
  20. Ronark Land Board Bugg

    you supposed to be banned
  21. No Timer for Events

    yep Versace is correct. if you dont want to to go that event. dont click X. minimize it and move it to a hidden spot on your screen and the other events will still pop up
  22. SELL GAB BLESSING +11/B> 2x FR+3

    Selling: Gab Blessing +11 Holy Animor +11 1x rol+3 1x LB+3 Buying: Dual Flame ring +3 Fulitol/ garges staff +5-6-7-8-9-10-11 rb Pm: StarPlayer

    I will join. thanks for being nice to the community
  24. What has admin been smoking !

    like what do you expect it to drop? it drops a +2 unique +7 krowaz weapon and a piece of krowaz +8 and sometimes it drops 100 kc certificate. what do you want it to drop? a +11 piece of krowaz or something? lol