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    PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan

    😂😂😂😂😂 why did I suggest Last Chance U instead of Peaky Blinders lol
  2. BulletClub

    Merchant Chat

    it's odd too. because if i spam like 3 messages within like 3 seconds. it will give me the mute. but it seems like others have the timing down and can spam constantly and never get a mute.
  3. BulletClub

    Merchant Chat

    just make like DonnyDonnowitz(AgeuVK) set up macro spam all night. he spams for like 17 hours a day. I don't think he's a real player. he's a new npc they added
  4. BulletClub

    Undefeatable Curse

    Undef also stops the descent skill of warrior
  5. BulletClub

    S> Mage items./ 13k kc

    S> Kaul faun +11 Ron's Set +11 Dual sse+3 Glass belt +3 dual imir +3 pm here. or holla at SpaceInvadeR. or pm me for teamspeak info
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    #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.

    The real question is will a gm or admin even look at this topic until about 1 week from now, ----edit vivaldi looking now
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    #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.

    I think adding the jewels at +3 would be fine. maybe give a custom staff like the Lighting Kerykion(sp?) staff with +8 stats instead of +7 stats to npc since those staffs don't have the curse. I think you could give just fire mage items at npc. jewels +3 lkp/ep/lbol/fr. Give a Aztec fulitol +8. I think it's risky to give +8 staff for free to all elements. Because the next thing you will see is 45 OoooMetaloooO running around with shield and aztec stuning everyone. Lighting mages can earn or make their items. fire on the other hand is the least useful & only good in mage team. so i think it's safe to give that element full gear for free. Krowaz +8 mage is cheap.. you can buy a +8 set in less than 1 week. its like 600m each piece. and the fact that mages dont even use the entire set. only pauldron pads and boots. Nps for kc? sure why not. not gonna change anything. nobody will give 1m nps for 1k kc. when you can farm 40 gbs in 2 days instead of giving 1m nps for it. If you're looking for a trade in system to mitigate nps. Make meat dumplings change for kc or gear. Meat dumplings = more nps so trading meats will lower the np gain ( meat dumpling will give you 40+ nps for any hit on a riote, with no meat dumpling you get 7-10). most players have 99999 meats in their inn and another stack on the character. so in that case you can do a combination X amount of meat dumplings + X amount of nps = X item +8//X amount of kc. As an alternative. Why not make an NPC to exchange overall NPS for some type of medal/Holy Knight materials/gamble on the generator. Nobody cares about changing their ladder points in. they reset anyway. To lower the nps in the server. give some type of exchange that will be worth it for people to want to change some overall nps instead of only ladder points. Also you could simply lower the np gain. i mean you get 40 or more nps for using bind on a riote or atross...
  9. BulletClub

    Will a survey be done for the new server

    survey says no.
  10. BulletClub

    New Human King Swear me.

    ban pls allanoon. full swear all player of his nation.king supposed to be leader. not destroyer of his country. also he is 7 yr old and very bad england
  11. BulletClub

    Using Macro's

  12. BulletClub

    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    Wonder what the response to this will be.. lmfao elos. meet & greet with Admins ahahhahahahahahaah.
  13. nice skill bar oguz. very simplistic ^^ very old school no us 9 and 0
  14. BulletClub

    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    I'm not complaining here. So therefore i'm not making a video. I was explaining the ping issue. out of all the comments in this you chose to respond to this choice piece of one comment lol. thanks
  15. BulletClub

    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    He said he was going to descent to kill you. but you died before he could descent. they already explain that the chinese look far away on your screen but in reality. they are close. it's ping. if you are closer to the server you experience less lag also they are spamming acid pots. which you can do also. gm said a long time ago that the acid pot bug was fixed. but it's definitely not fixed
  16. BulletClub

    Sell +11 Rev Weapon, Armor, +3 Dual Accessory.

    there is one bow on the server. and it was obtained before they were crafted at +8. so the only determined decision is +7
  17. BulletClub

    Second ultima spawn.

    Hi. the ultima that spawn a half hour before bdw hasnt been able to be killed in almost a week. It takes about 2.5 partys to kill it. and unfortunately around that time. there is simply never enough users online from either nation to kill it. Players just avoid the ultima. because they know it cant be killed. It just turns into pk. and ultima just stands there and plays with himself. Is it possible you could nerf that second ultima? so its actually possible to kill it? thank you
  18. BulletClub

    Second ultima spawn.

    even after the update. nobody cares. still hasn't been killed. nerf ultima. people still don't care. #1 nobody evens knows what the updated drops are( +3rev items -.-). so they don't know if it's worth the time or not. #2 it doesn't matter what the drops are... server population is unable to kill it..
  19. BulletClub

    dark knight weapons

    There are some random str bp's out there. maybe change buff/db blasting to 30 int. and leave heal blasting at 30 str. cause all priest will have 60 in heal. so the 2 or 3 str bps can still keep their blasting skill for str and the others can use for int.
  20. BulletClub

    idea for pk

    some guy even posted website for advertising to turkish community. it was ignored unfortunately. New player's need a better beginner package. like open new account get free 3 day +11 garges or something. so they can pk and compete while gaining some items. or add new farm spots for them. the last update for the farm was 5 or 6 months ago. now these hepa weapons are obsolete. nothing to farm now. There needs to be something to farm in bowl to bring activity. the halloween even brought tons of people farming pumpkins in bowl and all over cz. so that is a prime example of how adding a mob to farm in bowl can increase activity, felankor actually brings activity to cz because it's possible to kill. People now just ignore the ultima notice because it;s became very evident with the servers low population that it cannot be killed. so the ultima is now counter productive to what it was set out to do. bring activity. it doesn't bring anyone.they don't care because they know it can't be killed. nice ideas. maybe some can be implemented
  21. BulletClub

    About Exceptional Armors

    I wait for a reply for 3 weeks
  22. BulletClub

    Help me

    Pretty lowdown that AerQ account had the same issue items taken when sharing an account. and you guys swiftly gave his items back within the hour... May i ask what is the difference? You guys banned the account the items went to. and restored his items. Seems like you could force him to open OTP on his account before helping him.
  23. BulletClub

    Fire/ice/light armor 75 mage skill

    Hi the 75 skill for mages is going off when being hit by a mob. Don't think this is natural behavior? I could be wrong though.
  24. BulletClub

    Fire/ice/light armor 75 mage skill

    thank you