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    bugged monthly quest

    there isn't a monthly quest for chests. i think you're mistaken with something else. unless you mean the monthly quest in cz for 2500 kill for free cospre.
  3. BulletClub

    About BAttle Priest

    i helped you already with the blasting to INT suggestion a long time ago.. no need to be a little bitch boy
  4. BulletClub

    About BAttle Priest

    For as long as you have been asking this. I would have been asking at least 200 tl to help you
  5. BulletClub

    About BAttle Priest

    How much did Brook pay you to make this topic?
  6. BulletClub

    [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)

    my dude Stephen Hawking died a few days back man. rip.
  7. BulletClub

    [Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)

    I think people owe appreciation to MERET. he does this everytime something new comes out. no rewards, or not even being asked. he does it out of kindness. thank you MERET
  8. BulletClub

    [Rehber] Under The Castle (UTC)

    this is incredible that a player has produced a guide in a different language before we even got an offical guide xD Meret. you speak good english. can you translate this for people that dont know?
  9. BulletClub

    A new tactic that needs to be discussed.

    expect these changes to be implemented next patch lol
  10. BulletClub

    A new tactic that needs to be discussed.

    how is this actually a problem? he is using his lupin computer to hit people. this isn't illegal in anyway, shape or form. Just annoying. don't make the potion useless. then you're taking an element of the game away. which is ignorant. players should be creative and use the buildings and houses in town to their advantage to not get hit by an arrow. it's not that difficult. it's the same per official. you risk something by doing this quest. if you want the NP/reward. you risk getting towered. and in official losing EXP is a huge loss. here you don't lose anything but time. you learned where his character is. and enter the base in a more strategic way the next time to avoid him,
  11. BulletClub

    A new tactic that needs to be discussed.

    he does this. but really all you need to do is enter the base from the left behind the buildings and he cant hit you
  12. hes referring to me and my seemingly how did you know knowledge about stuff before it came out. Yes i meant frag. i'll go back and edit that
  13. drop rates seem to be the same regardless of which one you farm (IE. low as fuck) i've gotten a sheet from envy FRAG though
  14. BulletClub

    Offline Merchant

    +1 the server looked incredibly packed out with that offline merchant. it was a great look for new people checking the server out
  15. BulletClub

    "To find the lost soul" mission

    +1 switch. can please everyone. i don't give a shit to farm. i only pk. some people just want to farm and dont care for the bonus NPs and want DC. switch prem for 1 hour is the answer!
  16. BulletClub

    UTC Expansion Official Review by me

    i'm in a rush. i'll be back to edit with other opinion later when im home. but this needs to be said now: The expiring Tears/dragon scales. is a terrible idea. Why would it be a good idea to make us use these in 1 day? this serves absolutely no purpose except putting KC $$$ YEN TL into the server.
  17. BulletClub

    Many Topics & UTC

    stop the flames here. this is for suggestions and known bugs. not for personal vendettas
  18. BulletClub

    Many Topics & UTC

    we need a crafting guide. it took 2 weeks to make a guide for holy armor. and people were wasting shadow pieces when we didnt know it was 100%. it would be nice if we could get a guide with a bit more information
  19. BulletClub

    Daily 1h premium

    i had over 100 dc prem 1 hours. i simply asked on shoutbox. and they changed my dc prem to war prem vouchers. but the real logical answer is changing it to a switch prem voucher. so players can farm or pk for their choice! edit: maybe they changed everyone's because other are saying that it changed their dc to war also
  20. BulletClub

    Many Topics & UTC

    How can we say the <selfname> ones are not dropping yet? it's only been 2 events and they said it's a rare drop rate. hell in usko they swear to god CS drops from lesath. but you maybe see 5x a year from lesath lol. i think its great that it's a low drop rate. just because we havent see a <selfname> +8 drop in the first 2 events doesn't mean it's not dropping. it's too small of a sample size to tell. but what we do know is that UTC is bugged. it doesn't give trophy of bloody battle. and the NPC does not spawn to exchange once Pwlitoon and all mobs have been killed. i agree that the AP is low. both should be upgradable to +11 and the crafted should be dropped at +8 just as the castellan weapons are. +6 is too shitty. it takes effort. it not like you will attend UTC and get the materials for a +8 weapon in 1 event. it might take a player a few weeks to craft one. seeing as you neeed 10 of the weapon fragments and UTC is only 1 day a week. and in one UTC you might obtain 3 if you're lucky. so it's difficult enough as it is. +8 crafted is needed. originally castellan was +6 also. i was in the first clan to own the castle after the patch. twostars agreed that +6 was just too low and gave them at +8 instead
  21. BulletClub

    PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    last thing. is he really making fun of someone else's english skills when he is using " UR, U, R, GR8," jeez.
  22. BulletClub

    PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    don't waste your time. I told you when you came back that Karim was a NO NO. guess what. he proved me right once again. shocking right? see ya in game dude
  23. BulletClub

    PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    it's very funny .Karim you will go down as the biggest liar, fraud, and just generally the biggest cuck in the servers history lol. Enjoy your 72nd clan in the past 3 month though!
  24. BulletClub

    PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    Karim is still getting slapped with pizza?
  25. BulletClub

    Delos items buying merchant :S

    they shouldnt be. it's a reward for castle owners. the weapons are making into merchant now. just buy them