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  1. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    lol. you knew he was gonna back out from the start
  2. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    get that last word in.
  3. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    first i live with my mom. now i got kicked out. make up your mind. stop responding if nobody is worth your time. this guy lol.
  4. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    yeah you did lol. you mentioned him in the shoutbox when he had nothing to do with this topic Why do you turn to personally attacking people? does it make you feel good? That's normally a defense mechanism for insecure people uncalled for? DUDE you are the one calling people autist... and you're upset he called you f*gf**k? really? this is also coming from the guy getting mad when someone personally attacked gate, now you're turning and doing the same thing. I'll pay a 500 kc fee to watch you get your tail handed to you in this vs. then you will be the new ItzMDMA. /done. i'll observe from a far now. since I don't want this to get cancelled.
  5. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

  6. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    again. so triggered. hahahahaha. how can I tell? you're typing a calculated response for 5 min to a simple trolling comment that i made to irritate you.
  7. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    you are most simple individual to troll i've ever seen. who gave you a license to internet?
  8. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

  9. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    I was invited here lol. now don't you look stupid *You're
  10. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    no oreads. full space bar macro
  11. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    ooo you know he's triggered. he's throwing insults hahah
  12. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    brb contacting eden so he can front me 10k kc to lose yo wait wait. can i place bets on a vs? if so what is the payout?
  13. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

  14. honestly. you're going to win the 100 def title. not for a measly chest
  15. TakeNotes S> list

    is this a pawn shop :DDDDDDDDD
  16. TheGANG New Video

    Veronika (Paramedic)--- i think Prob shouldn't be posting buying things for usd in forum
  17. TheGANG New Video

    Beat like a government mule. I need to get better. np. not disagreeing.
  18. TheGANG New Video

    I'm not a debuff. Wnx trying to fire shots lmao.
  19. TheGANG New Video

    don't really see you making a subject, other than giving excuses for losing 25-5
  20. TheGANG New Video

    the run on sentence is real. you know punctuation wnx? xD
  21. TheGANG New Video

    Gate seems a little salty. i don't even see anyone talking crap except that GoodJob with 2 posts and Hatred.
  22. TheGANG New Video

    thanks for the constructive criticism! Karim also tells me to cure faster. so i guess it's pretty apparent i don't cure myself fast enough. So i'll work on that so i don't get NPT'D lol
  23. An epithet for beginners

    He was never a professional. do your thing and dont listen to idiots. there are plenty of them
  24. Notice DabilApil is only people saying don't nerf. because they couldn't kill it either way xD up: continue your opinions people.
  25. Oguz/ItzMad/HANGOVER

    Chris. drown yourself in a toilet mate, it will make your family happy. New identity and everyone still hate you lol.