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    For those with consistent lag issues...

    Some people have an issue where their char has to be moving to not get dc. Notice the people slowly spinning every 30 seconds or so. Or doing a shout macro will work also.
  2. BulletClub

    [Cancelled King Event] -

    I’ve spoken to tank. He watches movies with the KO sound on. So he just alt tabs when he hears he’s being attacked. I will be participating. Thank you
  3. BulletClub

    Buying merchant

    no no. its in the buying merchant lol. but i just dont know where to get this. or the imfamous Mgame club ( Orange teddy bear item) though i've seen both in game. the chicken leg isnt a weapon. but ive seen someone merchant for 999999999m but the teddy bear mgame. i've seen someone with it equipped.
  4. BulletClub

    Buying merchant

    I’m just trying to get someone to sell me that chicken leg item.
  5. BulletClub

    Buying merchant

    It’s crazy how the official designed that. Seeing as how so many obscure and newer items are searchable that were implemented after Rosetta are searchable. But that’s official for ya.
  6. BulletClub

    Logos NP buff and meat dumpling

    Yeah. Removing meat is a very bad idea. Us players with high np will never be able to be caught up with. 3/3 so far 100% objecting this idea.
  7. BulletClub

    Logos NP buff and meat dumpling

    Please don’t give remove those. That’s not a good idea. If you wanna remove them. Make them not drop anymore and give a trade in option for 1k or something to rid them. Not just delete them. This will rage many players. Because once they’re gone. Riote and atross give like 7 np each.
  8. BulletClub

    Holy Knight Armors+11 CSW Reward takes fun out of the CSW!

    Rid this holy armor reward in general. changing the alliance clan didnt do anything. they just joined the main clan and get the reward anyways. I think i speak for everyone in saying the winning clan prefered a KC voucher of 5k/10k whatever. to be split between the party/parties of the winning clan Going back to the previous reward of KC. it had everyone participating. nobody is going to join a "mega clan" to get their cut of a 5k/10k voucher. 3 parties to get 200 kc a person lol. not worth it. if we went back to the KC reward. more clans would participate in an attempt to get their KC. its not beneficial to join a "mega clan" to get 200 kc... It's absolutely beneficial to join a "mega clan" to get 2 or 3 days free maximum armor (holy 11) and whoop ass in CZ for that time. Which also can put you thousands of ladder ahead for the monthly armor reward... And if you won the Monthly reward. you will without a doubt be leading the pack of ladder starting the new month. which can end up being an endless cycle. This CSW reward system is broken. hopefully im not alone in thinking this.
  9. BulletClub

    OBL no longer drops trina?

    Unlucky mate. i didn't get the drop. but we had one in the party today. although the drop % maybe low. im not sure who looted or who had premium running or not. Off topic: whats with the random influx of trinas on the market? nobody willing to use it on UTC weapon? or just nothing worth the trina? EX: chaos wiri+8 selling for 1.3k kc as opposed to 4k 2 months ago lol
  10. BulletClub

    B>Giant Maul

  11. BulletClub


    wick just wanted a response to his suggestions. now hes lovey dovey again <3 love ya bud ^^
  12. Hi. most BDW are decided in the first few minutes. either 1 team is dominated and quit. or it's a fight until the end. My proposition is that if every member of the opposing team quits the event. it should automatically end. as it's very annoying to have to wait 10 min or so capturing monuments when the other nation left already. please change BDW so that if every member of the other nation quits the event. it will automatically end. Opinion? thanks
  13. BulletClub

    rogue skills

    This dude plays rpgs. You can see by the way he words things. Rogues are exactly that. They can solo. Or play together. A rogue isn’t meant to 1v1 someone. They have high % damage skills which are used to pick off a target with debuff. Then run back and cure/minor/support others until cp is ready again. Then repeat. Rogues are the most versitable class. This sounds dumb. But think of yourself as an actual assasin. You assasinate people. You are tricky and stealthy. You don’t go into a fight taking all the damage. You pick you spots for the most opportune time to kill someone. If you think of yourself as a warrior. You would obviously jump into the fight and hurt people as much as possible. I’m not a good assasin. But at least I understand they shouldn’t be viable as a tank like warriors. Otherwise what purpose would a warrior serve? Everyone would be a sin then
  14. BulletClub

    rogue skills

    I’m not clouded at all. I also experience this. But sometimes. Like 1/25 times. If you cast a light feet or cure. It’s very slow. It’s so seldom that nobody cares to report or fix it. Not a big deal
  15. Selling: Determined Decision bow +11 buyimg: Raum bombastic +11/ ETS +11 pm CediOsman
  16. BulletClub

    BDW (Border Defense War)

  17. BulletClub


    Absolutely not. There has been a previous problem with NpT with invading enemy Nation quest. The main zones are useless aside from war. Nobody is here. That’s why people used the main zones for NpT because they were graveyards. Easy to not get caught. We don’t need this to be going on again. It’s now new player/solo friendly. Well known players are using starter gear because it’s so good. Thank you for your suggestion. But it wouldn’t do anything
  18. BulletClub

    Yanan itemler

    it only a matter of luck... i've done 3 in a row to +8 mythril with no trina. sometimes you are a master of the anvil, sometimes it's a master of you
  19. BulletClub

    If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?

    Great to see admins popping with their opinions on player suggestions
  20. BulletClub

    If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?

    tried to double quote and triple posted. lol. teach me forums plx
  21. BulletClub

    If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?

    Yeah. It's better to have a variance of gear within player base. it will get old seeing everyone wearing 1 or 2 items. this can bring some type of individuality
  22. BulletClub

    If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?

    I agree with this. I dont think there is much reason to have +8-+9 with trina disabled as the chances are still very minimal. The only reason for it has to be to increase sales of Karivdis on merchant and help the market a little or increase PUS karivdis sales
  23. BulletClub

    Daily DC prem and actual DC prem users

    Appreciate you all not deleting the stacked ones accumulated already. thanks for that. Although since i don't farm. the stacked war prem was better. My stacks have been through hell and back.. started as dc,went to war, now dc again. any chance I can have them all exchanged for a bulk premium? IE: 234 1hrs. changed to 234 hours of prem instead of going back to npc every hour? it will also aid you guys in getting rid of the stacks since that was the intention of the automatically applied premium in the first place
  24. BulletClub

    If it possible to open Rev.+15 on some weapon ?

    they are now only <selfname> and can be made to +8. because these weapons at +11 are very strong. IE: azagai +6= regular iron bow +11 (141ap)
  25. BulletClub

    About BAttle Priest

    Obviously we don't know each other well enough. but it seems god can't get BP some help