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  1. No problem. Ft is a challenge now. Not just genie and be back for VR.
  2. Or only old roc/rol/sse/pe/se We don't want old crystal ears Good idea for us to be able to farm uniques. But just bad drops
  3. List of bugs 2017

    I borrowed dual imir +3 and made a Mage with starter items to test. I for one don't think anything is wrong with the stun rate. A fair % stun rate. I'm not stunning 100% at all. People are having bad luck being stunned and think the rate is high
  4. Dirty. Be happy he only get 42.5 and not the entire 43k. Pretty obvious he's a scammer. He's still shouting selling chaos wiri 11 in moradon lol
  5. Dragon Scale's material

    Evet bro. Chaos sucks
  6. Dragon Scale's material

    With dragon scale 3x old = +0 100%
  7. Yeah. Like 2 Leonard warriors. No biggie. They aren't taking over. But a legit concern is warriors taking all means Leonards and it's hard for priest to find
  8. Stun rate going crazy again

    People seem to think it's changed. I never really got stunned a lot. I'd say it's about the same for me.
  9. Apex New Patch!

    Check turk sites
  10. Apex New Patch!

  11. server still worth to play ?

    I'm from America. It's 4/7/2017 That's the format that we write our dates in. Thanks for your concern
  12. server still worth to play ?

    New patch on 4/7 bring your clan back!
  13. Apex New Patch!

    Excellent! Thanks for a good job admins! We appreciate the work on fun content for us to play!
  14. Selling gabs Adamant +3 reverse

    +5 go no balls ty.
  15. Atross/Riots NP bugged

    Like 1/4 of the time no nps. Sometime solo no nps. Sometimes in a party no nps. Yeah they are bugged
  16. MSI

    I hate Onetrueidol. But for real. Twice in 2 days this dude has done this to me also...
  17. Selling Ring Of The Felankor

    Good to see new player
  18. 2gb on the other serwer
  19. Your SS look like nothing. Looks like his light feet went off. You ran a little away and took a SS to bitch. Much like everything you ever do
  20. Don't think this guy is a cheater. I played with him in Rome clan and against him. Never saw anything suspicious

    Best Pr0n videos hatred iyi
  22. I saw you pm me in game. I am solo clan With a few friends I pk with. But I remember you being archer. Gel clam np