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  1. Your SS look like nothing. Looks like his light feet went off. You ran a little away and took a SS to bitch. Much like everything you ever do
  2. Don't think this guy is a cheater. I played with him in Rome clan and against him. Never saw anything suspicious

    Best Pr0n videos hatred iyi
  4. I saw you pm me in game. I am solo clan With a few friends I pk with. But I remember you being archer. Gel clam np
  5. yeah, BDW does suck. In this first 2 mins the win is determined. Either your party whoops ass. or you get your ass whooped. there is no inbetween. there isn't any good fights. One side is always extremely overpowered
  6. soo... are we going to do something about this or? errrr?
  7. Buy for kc or gb Mage krowaz helmet +8 4x sse+2 2x fr+3
  8. He wants the Moonlight jamadar. He's saying if sins get that they can compete again.
  9. Honestly i say leave it as is. Nobody plays Explore sin/archer anyway. If you leave where it only blinds enemies it gives some incentive to play an otherwise useless build. The way you have it already is better. Mages get a blind for enemy only, what's the problem with a support (explore) archer or sin from having it also? they can't get CP or powershot and smokescreen so i think its okay as is.
  10. yes. USKO smokescreen blinds everyone. your party, their party. even in moradon if you throw the smokescreen ball everyone in the aoe (all merchants) will be blinded.
  11. Irrelevant post. Nothing is wrong with kc prices.
  12. It's worth a lot more than that.
  13. I think mages need small buff also. Maybe add AC to the lighting armor. Or anything that could help make us viable again. Any other good suggestion could also hopefully be implemented like maybe deleting the minus -75 Def on faun and fulitol. Still I'm wondering why we can buy both exceptional and regular true silver at NPC. Why not sell regular true silver on the NPC, and exceptional true silver should need to be farmed like every other exceptional weapon