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    Anvil ?

  2. BulletClub

    Killing Felenkor Knights Quest

    It’s nerfed. I did it with me and Andrew and a priest. It’s easy now duder
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    Warriors are fine. Don’t give them more. Don’t get give anyone else a nerf. And we’re all good here it’s fine as is. Everyone cannot be pleased
  4. BulletClub

    1V1 Warrior VS With Start Item

    Not home.
  5. BulletClub


    It’s brought people back. And taken people away. We just need to find s good mix. I just wish our admins would listen to us. We’re the people playing each day. Wee kno what’s going on. And what can be done to make it more fun and cool for the longtime and new players! we need another Community Liason to forward the communitie’s ideas!
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    By the way. You’ve been talking plenty of garbage the last few days. Please enlighten us to your name in game.
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    I think everyone should just relax. Me and @iamjohnwick remember having to make Rosetta +8 lol. We had to get it from event chests at +1. Nowadays you get everything given to you. Go play a pk server if you want free shit and don’t want to put in any effort. These weapons are the strongest in the game. And shouldn’t be given out with minimal effort. Sometimes an event can’t be completed. So be it. Makes it all the more awesome when you craft a rare item. You have something not many people own. And it can sell for a ton. Just because they have an event. Doesn’t mean it has to be Completed each time it’s offered
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    1V1 Warrior VS With Start Item

    Sa. Ws me Oguz.
  9. BulletClub

    About kurian class

    I can’t believe this is actually a conversation. Pm Aurelio & Ageu Learn how to play. Or else Aesteris said he’ll make it like Korean official. 😂
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    SELLING LIST OF JoeglacheL's

    Bump for Apo
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    About kurian class

    This shit is hilarious hahaha. He wants more stamina and more damage. But doesn’t want the bad part of the persistent cool down. Which I didn’t know anything about. I support fully though the funny part is. Devil kurian is obscenely overpowered as it is. All you gotta do is AOE dot. And run. You get 15 kills like Aurelio or Ageu. Apparently this guy just isn’t as good. Or doesn’t know how to play 😂😀
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    About kurian class

    Please. Hahaha. Maybe that will make them happy
  13. BulletClub

    About kurian class

    Say what. Kurian can solo anyone or anything hahahahahah. Kurian isn’t made to tank parties. It’s a utility class. You can help your party with pulls or stuns. You can be a defensive tank. Or you can do dot damage and heal. Kurian is overpowered. We’ve been complaining about this for months. Even begging to have this meatball deleted from the server. Anything buffing a kurian is fucking laughable.
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    Looking for helpful clan

    There is literally only 2 quests in cz that reward you for killing players. One is a daily for 40kills. Which count in a party. Other is a monthly for 2.5k kills for free armor. The other weekly and daily quests have nothing to do with killing anyone. Example. Take 1 chaos stone for a chest. Take 1 monument for a chest. Those are always easy with a party or not. Those aforementioned quests have weekly variants also. Requiring 5. And it rewards you with 3 chests. Check the KO panel. And get the times for the events (it’s tailored to your time zone. So you don’t need to do anyone checking other time zones) events are the easiest way to get ahold of some free chests. Human side. Check BrokenHabibis. They’re the best bet for an English clan that or DrManhattans clan. Razor is the king of elmorad and frequently runs events. Win one and he rewards a knight cash voucher of 100. Which can sell for like 450m. Most easy way to get started is to throw $5 and get 500 kc. Sell it for 21gb. And you have a great start. Farm bus in cz. You can collects about 200 or more an hour. Selling them in merchant can bet you some nice cash for a new player quick
  15. BulletClub

    Looking for helpful clan

    This isn’t 2004. Most Turkish people have a grasp of English and can cuss you out quite well or respond to basic questions lol. Gear upgrades are going to come from apex chests which are given as event rewards from the quest NPC in cz. Farm bowl for gold coins from the mobs there. Silver bars drop from riotes and atross. Most English people won’t mind helping a new guy out. Good luck
  16. BulletClub

    Power over player at war

    +1 for removal of it. It doesn’t benefit anything
  17. BulletClub

    server of ? 离线 NIEAKTYWNY

    Can I just say that Emmo almost turned me gay in every topic? "Does your mother know you're gay?" "For Emmo... yes."
  18. BulletClub

    Be careful fake char

    Relax. It's just a name thief.. not like anyone hasn't had their name stolen before. Just don't "front" any kc or items to TheCordeLiaa with 2x A at the end. simple
  19. BulletClub

    [Cancelled King Event] -

    Emmo has a cute face. If i was gay... goddamn. uh yeah. kill them!!! get the pitchforks!!
  20. BulletClub

    Npt alert?

    I think he's just picking on Jinbe. Jinbe is a farmer that only does daily quests and farms mythril granted i wasnt in cz. so i dont know how quickly this occured. seems pretty quick though based on SS
  21. BulletClub

    Current UTC status

    That’s just showing the low population of the server. Many changes have been made that upset people and they left. Unfortunately that’s just the state the server is in now. But everyone who’s been playing here long enough knows the player base fluctuates. You have the base of people who are here through everything. And people that come and go
  22. BulletClub

    Current UTC status

    You guys are acting like it’s supposed to be easy to finish the hardest event in the game. To obtain materials to make the best weapons in the game. Granted I understand it should be able to be completed. But everything just can’t be given. That this event should take effort and communication between people to finish. I think this is what they intended. It should be hard. Maybe there is time where you can’t finish it. There is 3 each Friday. 2 get finished. I don’t think we should cry because 1/3 wasn’t completed successfully
  23. BulletClub

    [Cancelled King Event] -

    Emmo is cute. He’s got a pretty face
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    Novel idea. But server is much better without that cancer box.