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    MrsD reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Darius Sell/Buylist   
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    MrsD reacted to ImmortalOne in Suggestion's   
    Hi mdma
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    MrsD reacted to david4244 in Something new   
    Your sarcastic shits and 24/7 whining on forum are getting hella annoying, cut it and leave if you hate things that much. Whining like a  lil girl who is on her first period won't get you anywhere........
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    MrsD got a reaction from TazmanianDevil in Hello Everyone!   
    I used to farm in Draki Tower (Draki Rift is in Luff/EMC) with 1h free Oreads and DC prem (with premium u have 3 entrances per day while w/o just 1 per day). Inside Draki Tower mobs drop Draki Boxes - Old and Superior. From Superior Draki Boxes u can get gold bars.
    I'm not sure if there are any requirements to enter Draki now.
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    MrsD reacted to ImmortalOne in mdma   
    just posting to prove what i said b4 vs
    first  video of all vs then kc
    waiting for it
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    MrsD reacted to ImmortalOne in B>Rogue Krowaz Pauldron +8 or better   
    Krowaz Rogue Pauldron+8
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    MrsD got a reaction from ImmortalOne in B>Rogue Krowaz Pauldron +8 or better   
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    MrsD got a reaction from GOLDCOINMASTER in UbogieSieroty Recruting   
    Best clan on apex, BDW/juraid kings. ASD:AS:D:ASD:ASD
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    MrsD reacted to blackaq in TheEndOfTheLine   
    seems like you need a hug muffin
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    MrsD reacted to ImmortalOne in yokbrainkanka aka Bergundy test   
    Sorry mate  but macro wont help u
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    MrsD reacted to twostars in Kurian bug in bdw   
    This has now been fixed for the next restart.

    This is a different issue, best to create a new thread for that one with as much info as you can provide. Thanks
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    MrsD reacted to twostars in Kurian bug in bdw   
    Thanks, this helped. I still can't consistently reproduce it, however I have repro'd it once and sort've see why it's happening. 
    Should be able to fix that shortly.
    Okay. Can consistently reproduce it. That's actually really, really odd behaviour that I'm guessing officially mgame doesn't care about because it isn't as thorough with enforcing speedhacking as we are. That, and maybe they're blocking slows on these players?
    What seems to be happening here is interesting: something, related to these skills being used (haven't tracked it down yet to specifics) is entirely removing the slow from the client.
    The server still recognises them as having the buff (because why wouldn't they?), so when they're trying to move (at the regular non-slowed speed) they're getting yanked back to their position.
    So, the question is what's causing the client to silently drop the buff.
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    MrsD got a reaction from Sierra in Cheetors and ORCheetors using multi account and using glypton ts on anvil.   
    Could anyone tell me why people have problem with that glyptodont ts? O.o
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    MrsD reacted to Razordagawd in Guide to EWENT   
    happy to help here iam pro bdw jr player always win neverl ose
    we start with bwd guide:
    1. BWD GUIED
    -++++++++ acacac and go fast
    -fll atack pri NOOBS
    -ignore monu lol you get slow walk debuff perma only way to fix is die or relog
    -debuf tormento subsidie so that enemy do less dmg to your 10% hp prty members IM NOT HEAL I DEBUF AQ
    -enemy kill monu?? np now 8vs7 go pkpkpk kill pri NOOBS
    -come with archery they op imba in bwd
    -if you human have outlaws clan in party gg easy win (each outlaw member +23.3% chance of win)
    ok now u pro bwd player time for jr guide
    2. JR GUDIE
    -always use hp booster FUCK
    -lure mob for fast killer
    -if you human have outlaws clan in party gg easy win (each outlaw +15% win but is lower than bwd cuz they good to klil orc not npc)
    -no need repot there pot npc insidie jr
    -use parasit even tho it doesnt work in apex lol
    -never use berzerk aoe becuz all mob agro and u die
    -if u mage always use esc but first loot all doom soldier
    -rush bone dragon 4x they have low hp
    -you have 8 party member so split and 2 attak each boss fast clear
    -never use call party (noob) especially not after duble blink (you need be FIRE mage noob)
    -u can go wc for 1-2-3-4-5 min it only game
    -go deva if enemy present pk time
    you pro jr now BONUS
    3. -BONUS--- FT guid
    -find corner in map and sit
    -map is circle so is hard to find corner, improvise
    PRO ft BUT ft suxx only low blue chesta
    ty for guide pls like and suscierbe
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    MrsD reacted to HenkaN in Yeni Sunucu veya Database [ Sıfırlansa ]   
    Can someone translate plx?
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    MrsD reacted to Razordagawd in /town   
    I know, but I still wouldn't be okay with that. People with healers or mages never need to town. Removing town effectively screws over 1. people who are not in a party and 2. people who are outnumbered.
    I don't think this game needs to cater to party play even more.
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    MrsD got a reaction from Alpha in Better for ApexKO   
    But it hides all wings just for u, right? And he meant to hide his own wings from others.
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    MrsD reacted to ImmortalOne in Free PUS items storgable   
    Buy Magic bag
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    MrsD reacted to ImmortalOne in About War Premium   
    apex run np event 24/7 so no worth waste alot money for premium
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    MrsD reacted to Alpha in ForYou aka Manu   
    All of his accounts have been banned, if we find him again he'll be banned again, thanks for the help especially of users who took the time and PMed me and explained certain things.
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    MrsD reacted to muffzord in Bifrost NPT   
    So everytime bifrost opens this happens:





    Some archers killing naked chars behind the towers. You can spot that they make good nps.

    Of course after hours of hard work they get their reward.
    Now, what I personally would like gms to do is:
    - find out for how long people been doing this
    - track ips and chars that get all these items
    - fix towers in bifrost
    - consider closing the zone
    - ban everyone who are connected with this.
    However I dont believe all this is going to happen. Curious anyway.
    me werry detektiv
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    MrsD reacted to KSER in suggestion for more farm   
    I think the first thing this server need is in-game information about farming/event.... Although they changed JR reward but there still few people join it, i doubt people in game notice about what changed, and i dont think chineses twain etc ever read the forum. 
    So, as long as there's no in-game information, any change is just useless.
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    MrsD reacted to BIMO2000 in Divine clan royal   
    Ayy lmao beast on divine. Time to disband divine thanks.
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    MrsD reacted to KSER in Someone need to be muted   
    first, this is not the first time and im not the only one.
    second, if its in real life his face would hit the ground for sure.