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  1. I used to farm in Draki Tower (Draki Rift is in Luff/EMC) with 1h free Oreads and DC prem (with premium u have 3 entrances per day while w/o just 1 per day). Inside Draki Tower mobs drop Draki Boxes - Old and Superior. From Superior Draki Boxes u can get gold bars. I'm not sure if there are any requirements to enter Draki now.
  2. Question to the community

    It wasn't fixed.
  3. SOLD All

  4. mdma

    Music: Billy Talent - Pins & Needles Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves np
  5. The Sloth test

    U made 2 same topics.
  6. [Ascetic] Veda

    Why am I keep dcing when I want to take quests from [Ascetic] Veda in Eslant? Just right click on him and DC.
  7. Buy/Sell list

    Imirs SOLD.
  8. S> ticket to El Morad (NT)

    Did anyone paid u for that?
  9. S> ticket to El Morad (NT)

    I'd say it's more like rare steak colour. Don't u think?
  10. Buy/Sell list

    U played mage really long time.