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  1. SELL TRINA BUY Sweet Kiss Baal +11REV Undefeatable Baal +11REV Sweet Kiss Wirinom +11REV Undefeatable Wirinom +11REV YOU CAN SEND A MESSAGE TO ME VIA FORUM OR INGAME NICK: Xiao
  2. I guess in order to improve mages' starter items they were given Hepa's Elixir Staf +11 Reverse which has the highest AP amongst other Elixirs. So, no use doing the weekly weapon quest. Shoutout to the staff, maybe they can update the quest to give Faun/Fulitol/Molok.
  3. Sell balls for upgrading the Gab's to +11 REV
  4. You can't nation transfer if you got your characters in different clans. An error notification will tell you that you have to get your other character(s) out of their clan. So, in this case, you must disband the clan that you use for storage purposes. With this said, you must also take the items out of your clan bank in order to disband it, otherwise you WILL NOT be able to do that.
  5. Glad you are back bro! Good luck with recruiting people
  6. So there is not Antares spawning at all in Apex? LOL
  7. I was going to ask the same thing. Also I would like to ask if there is Antares spawn in Luferson/El Morad Castle or Moradon. In SteamKO (not sure about USKO) there is Antares spawning in Tale Village but I couldn't find it in Apex.
  8. What about the priests and other classes ? Warriors will deal the most damage every single time.
  9. Another suggestion is to update its rewards
  10. idea for pk

    I agree with Vivaldi about Felankor. If people are given notice before the spawn of Felankor, they will probably log their mage and assassin characters, and if there are more than 2 parties, the mob will literally vanish into thin air in 20 seconds . So letting people keep track of its spawn time(~8-10 hours) means that they will stay longer in CZ so there will be PK(of course, if it's kinda balanced considering both nations) before and after the spawn.
  11. KINGS Short Pk Video

    SELL Fraps cracked version for SOS +3
  12. Buy 2 accounts each with over 6 millions nps, boooom, Tuke goes mad.
  13. You say that 80% of the players have items and I guess the other 20% are just newcomers that are just trying to make items. I know that it may be disappointing to get some useless stuff when you have spent some time but this is the same like upgrading items, isn't it ? Either you succeed, or you lose. As for the rogues, if they don't have better items considering others they can't really do some crazy damage. It has always been like that and that's why you have to go with a debuff priest when you are playing this kind of servers(I mean the version and the type of the server, for example, it's light farm pk server so you can't really expect to be so much difference between items). Also the rogue gear is cheaper than warrior one. I know a lot of good rogues that can smash geared warriors.
  14. These item weren't made in a week or month. This server is online since December 2015 and became light farm pk server in April 2016. That's very long time so I am not surprised to see 9 krowaz items. These items were made by ones who spent time or money. You know these days money = time. If you have time you can get money, if you have money you don't have to spent time That's how it goes
  15. It's all about the version of the server. If there is krowaz and AoE, then mages can't do anything. But if they are really good they can. For example, Argents before they went melee, they were really good mage team and made lots of np. The problem is that mage teams wants just to one-nova everyone which is pretty easy.
  16. UPDATED!!! More than a year later
  17. Okay, I am not writing anymore Do whatever you want, doubt that somebody will answer you
  18. This was done by players not staff If you want to help, you can create the topics you wanted so when newcomers search for sth similar they can find it
  19. It is quite possible. But no one wants to waste to his time creating smth that already exists in other websites. Also the guides you mentioned are also copy-pasted from other forum.
  20. I think looking for these kind of topics would be a bit silly because I personally think that this forum is not made with the intention to "learn to play". This forum is made for guides particularly for this server. The kind of topics u want to see are ones that u can see anywhere. Just use google instead of just this forum