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  1. Dwarf

    New Player

    +1 pm black
  2. Dwarf

    B> iron belt +1

    offer in pm
  3. Dwarf

    Staff applications are open!

    2004 c-west, wow bro you stronk... Tamam $5 neria?
  4. Dwarf

    Black market

    It's still friday btw...
  5. Dwarf

    Black market

    Black friday sale! Buy Iron belt +1, get iron neck +0 for free gel gel black friday.
  6. Dwarf

    How to die with 2 party VATANOOB

    "Post media only related to Knight Online (other private servers are not allowed)" USKO / Steam is not a private server anyway
  7. Dwarf

    Black market

    offer buslar
  8. Dwarf

    S>EME+3 SE +3

    0xFF bus
  9. Dwarf


    sell scorpion shield +7 resistlerrrr öffer ö f fer
  10. Dwarf

    Suggestions for the server

    tamam remove it from your skillbar
  11. Dwarf

    Black market

  12. Dwarf

    Suggestions for the server

    Sell pus items with local currency. Turke pays 10 TL Polak pays 10 PLN Amerikano pays 10 USD Peruvian pays 10 tacos Mexicano pays 10 nachos Black takes only offers btw.
  13. Dwarf

    Black market

    Black didn't bump black market? Wtf...