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  1. You suck bro, your skills fail, take a break maybe?
  2. You suck bro, your skills fail, take a break maybe?
  3. My clan babas have gathered britney spears sex tape, are we gonna ban her too? She is too sweet plz dont ban Britney saol.
  4. Bla bla bla... Maybe you use tbl rush skill and gives casting failed eh?? Put proper evidence no bullshit
  5. Too many edits and cuts on your movie. You haven't proved shit and your words are just an accuse without any evidence.
  6. New Player

    +1 pm black
  7. Staff applications are open!

    2004 c-west, wow bro you stronk... Tamam $5 neria?
  8. Black market

    It's still friday btw...
  9. Let people have fun, NT people on request as long as it's not 70% vs 30% balance.
  10. Black market

    Black friday sale! Buy Iron belt +1, get iron neck +0 for free gel gel black friday.
  11. How to die with 2 party VATANOOB

    "Post media only related to Knight Online (other private servers are not allowed)" USKO / Steam is not a private server anyway