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  1. SELLING ETS +8 BUYING Gabs Adamant +7 ROC +3 (x2) Mino Earring +3 (x2) PM Me w/ Offer or leave a message below. Open to trades for items on BUYING LIST.
  2. Karim it's Delk if you remember me. I might come back to play with you haha
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    Awesome! How exactly would I do that? Im not good with these things lol
  4. Signature

    Not what I had in mind and if it's not your work please credit whoever it is. I'd prefer something like MrsD signature, the simplicity is nice I'd just prefer mine to be colourful
  5. Signature

    Hello to all those artists out there. I'd like if one you could use your very talented skills and make me a signature out of this: https://imageshack.com/i/plMZ8nVDj Colors I would like in it are Blue, Gold, Black and no writing on it please and Thanks I will add written text to my signature to give credit to you since it is due. Thanks and Have a Good One ;D Look forward to see what those creative minds can make
  6. Title pretty much explains it. A lot of people dislike the look of it. I'd say just change the look to Secret armor unless someone else got any ideas of different look.
  7. I would prefer that it be DF +8 because for those of us who farmed for our Rosetta Sets +7 lose all value. Unique should be +0 for starters and upgrading tate should stay the same since drops change to +5 as it is. I'm with the rest of the changes
  8. +10/+3 is like out of the question just sets us back to the start. The DF +8 isn't bad but for those who have worked for their gear and isn't better than DF +8 should somehow be compensated. That seems fair enough to me. +1 to Rocket's UTC Expansion.
  9. Yeah that's true but I was just suggesting ideas. I thought of it as if the max upgrade goes down then the % for upgrading goes up so it isn't like there work didn't pay off, but I understand where you're coming from Veni Also I liked your idea of the starters but I think it needs to be more than +7 DF but less than +8 and less then +7 Rosetta otherwise the gap start's getting too big between players(People are beginning to get full Krowaz +7/Rosetta 8 now). That's just my thinking and I know I might most likely be wrong. @Alpha Thank You, Hopefully you guys get more quality filled and helpful posts. Goodluck and Looking forward to the changes you guys will bring
  10. @Xiao That isn't a bad idea but it would be better worked into the NP>Medal System so that you may acquire Cospre Items but at a great value of Medals or make a monthly quest out of it so like 500 Kills = 1 Cospre Item(Lasts 7-14 Days). This way people who pay for KC still have advantage and then this system isn't broken either. I'd really like the Apex Staff Team to consider this. @Nooby You make a good point about people working hard for their gear and all that but pointing out the problem repeatedly and just throwing it in there that you'll quit doesn't help the Staff. As a community we should be pitching idea's on how to solve the issue's at hand which some of us do and then get flamed for it. Build off of other people's ideas. I know @soapman06 got mad about the allegedly new rental items and that @ZeroH was fine with it. It isn't a matter of if people want free items or want to work for them. That's why there is PK Servers/Light Farm/Medium Farm/Hard Farm Servers. You choose a server based on what you want, don't go to a server that doesn't have what you would like and complain there. THESE ARE ALL ROUGH IDEAS DONT GO FLAMING FOR NO REASON, AS I STATED ABOVE BUILD AND FIND A SOLUTION INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING. Now the issue itself, imo the rental item's that Aesteris stated above aren't reasonable atm but that's possible to be changed. I am also on the verge of buying a Rosetta Set +7 but this will just cause me to waste my gold. Instead I propose that Aesteris implement the item's which he thought of and for those who have below that gear are given those items and those who have equivalent or let's say Rosetta 7 get some sort of refund?(Aesteris selects values on market as of now for the price of items and refunds that) or that they replace our armor by upscaling the one's we have. (Im not saying go from +8 to +9 that's just unreasonable but those who have +7 make those to +8 or like +4 rev and those that have +8's get to have +9rev that way the gap between players isn't too large. Obv the people who have +11 get to keep it since they've technically beat the game for that portion and they can't go further. Another idea I saw that wasn't bad was decrease the max to +8 but in doing so everyone's gear get's -1(+9 to +8, +8, to +7, +7 to +6 and then anything below +6-5 can stay the same?) on the scale so things are still balanced and its not blown out of proportion. I'll try to build off other's idea's more if I can. Thanks in advance to all those considered the above and that hopefully we can resolve things like human beings instead of animals. Also a huge thanks to the whole Apex Team for giving us there effort and support. EDIT: Also wondering if it is possible to get an ETA from Apex Team regarding these changes.
  11. Oop's Double Posted by accident.
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    sorry I own that already
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    equivalent to your pedal kanka