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    exe reacted to vvvv in Chitin Shield   
    Its drop from isilooni is already good no need to change it , Aegis is good for newbies thats fair enough now dont change it.
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    exe reacted to david4244 in New Patch review   
    1. FT:  
    Too much mobs considering the server population and overall activeness at FT.
    AFKers, still afk cuz there is a safe zone at the edge of the room, where monsters aren't rly attacking them
    Monsters can't be attacked at the edge of the room for some reason.
    Suggestion:  Reduce the monsters abit i guess // try to do smth with that safe zone for afkers // the fact monsters can't be attacked there.
    2. Juraid:
    Personally i don't mind this change at all, but overall people are raging, going afk when they get a krowaz material drop instead of gem, which is bad for the server, so
    Suggestion:  Just revert it back how it used to be before the last patch
    3. (and most important imo for plenty of ppl who wanna farm) 17:00 krowaz was deleted:
    Like 80% of the server's population are Europeans.
    Atm at their time zone krowaz times are unreasonable:
    05:00 --> sleeping or waking up for work, school etc.
    09:00 --> working / school
    12:00 --> still working / school
    17:00 DELETED (which was kinda at a perfect time for that zime zone)
    23:00 --> too late for those who gotta wake up early.
    And if you take a look at it, it's like 4x events during 13 hours, and then 0 krowaz event for the rest 11 hours of the day, it's a really bad setup.  Either put the 17:00 back pls, or change the remaining 4 event's time, to smth like 1 at each 6 hours:
    would be way more fair than the current one.
    That's what came to my mind for now, cu.
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    exe reacted to Aziz in Aziz - VS Video   
    Just made a quick VS Video out of boredom.
    Make sure to watch in 1080p60.

    ( Sorry for Black-Screen after 8.30, will fix it asap ! ) --- FIXED !!
    Appreciating every kind of Feedback.
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    exe reacted to blackaq in Aziz - VS Video   
    skip to 8.30
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    exe reacted to Xitam in Mage is useless here   
    there isnt enough ppl in cz for a mage pt annyway
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    exe got a reaction from Zaikooo in Mage is useless here   
    Yea but light mage still can blink so he can eazy escape and stun rate is hugee.Fire mages are for me just not good to play as solo or duo here ,maybe if someone make mage pt with 6 good gear fires.
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    exe reacted to blackaq in Aziz - Crafting Krowaz and some Vs´es