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  4. What I sell: Rogue Item 1x Garges Dagger +11 rev 2x ETS +11 2x Sherion +14 rev 2x Eme +3 2x Coca Earrings +3 DRAKI SSS DEX 1x Legio Band +3 SOLD 2x Moonlight +8 SOLD 1x Garges dagger +11 SOLD Mythril set +11 SOLD 2x Eme +3 SOLD 2x Rols +3 SOLD 2x Rof +3 SOLD Iron Belt +3 SOLD Pontus Belt +1 SOLD Elf Belt +3 SOLD Rogue Krowaz Helmet, Pauldron, Pads, Gaunts, +11 rev SOLD Rogue Krowaz Boots +10 rev SOLD Priest Items Priest krowaz set +5 rev Gabs Ada +8 2x SSE +3 What I buy: NOTHING Pm me here, or BooRinG ingame!!
  5. BooRinG

    uppgrade rate????

    Ye i know, broke 6 MLs from +6 to +7 with trina .. But afterall it is possible just really unluckey
  6. BooRinG

    uppgrade rate????

  7. BooRinG

    Funny 2v2 Moment In Colony Zone (Ronark Land)

  8. BooRinG

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Tbh I just want answers like everyone else, and apparently my post helped to get one. After all, it is nice to hear that you are working on some solutions, and I cant wait to see them implanted. BUT when that is said - WE DO STILL NEED SOME CONCRETE ANSWERS REGARDING THE UNDY/RED/BLUE/DURA POTS! This is the most important thing! I know that it may be @Aesteris department, to give us some info about that. But it just starts to feel ridiculous, as we never got any concrete respons on it, even not from Melodys post/poll.. I am pretty sure im not speaking for myself when i say, its not enough to say "maybe we will test it someday" .. We would like to have some real info, like is it weeks, months, years or never??
  9. BooRinG

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Well all i can say is, that there already have been ALOT of posts about all of those things. The posts are eiter deleted, or never gets a respond from a admin / gm.. Like @twostars already did here, he did show his appearance yet not responding on any ideas, other than the ice/stun thing, which is a really small part of this post / list of suggestions. So well, you should really not expect anything, and there is nothing you can do about it. They do not care if you leave the server or not. They made clear earlier in some other bug report posts.
  10. BooRinG

    Well Needed Suggestions

    But they knew that for quite some time already.. But nothing had happened, and i do doubt it even will.
  11. BooRinG

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Yea, but GL waiting for that (If they even add it)
  12. BooRinG

    Well Needed Suggestions

    MAX hp is 14k -- Just letting you know. And something NEEDS to be done, i did not even bother to play the last days because of either lagg, unballence and the cz is totally filled by archers, kurians and mages.. Well they said at some point there will be a testing phase at some point, but yet that takes AGES like everything else..
  13. BooRinG

    Well Needed Suggestions

    You do really forget, that resists DOES NOT WORK AS INTENDED. No matter how much resist you have the dammage is still the same, aswell as the stun/slow rates. Thanks for mentioning it. All the clases in this post are considered "OP" at some kind, execpt of sins. Nothing more to add.